First Version Of FuturoCoin Commercial Video

“Today i saw the first version of the FuturoCoin Commercial Video. I can`t wait to share it with you next week.
The FUTURO will be the best Coin on the Market. We as FutureNet will start it with about 2 Million Member. It will have an own Blockchain from the first day. It will be on exchanger platforms from the first day. It will have many accepting points from the first day.
We will have the first Marketing plan with own Blockchain!!!
AND we as FutureNet will create for you the BEST MARKETING MATERIAL ever!!!” – Stephan Morgenstern

FuturoCoin: The FUTURO will be the best Coin on the Market
FuturoCoin: The FUTURO will be the best Coin on the Market

To Create A Successful Revshare Platform Where All Can Benefit Financially


My responsibility to the members and to the company always was and always will be to create a successful revshare platform where every person can benefit financially (despite our cashflow crisis of December 2016, I am still working for MX World every day looking for ways to increase the revenues and sharing for the old adpacks) and for the personal empowerment of our members!

This is why we set up the free resource center of MX WORLD so the members can learn how to change their mindset to attract prosperity into their lives even when all around seems like chaos! I feel a bit cheated because the members blame me for everything, when they could become empowered in ALL areas of their life and learn to become more successful no matter what happens to MX World!

My advice to most members is learn to look at the totality of the universe (and our world) not just be myopic and look only at the financial… and if people are going to look just at the financial then open up your mind and soul to attract more prosperity, don’t be closed off from the abundance all around us.

May you all have a blessed day… every day!

Post Your MXWorld Bitcoin Landing Page Onto Facebook

Check out our new BITCOIN landing page:

(after r= you may use YOUR username!)
Please ALL of you: Post this link including YOUR usernames on facebook (private pages, advertising groups and public pages/groups) within the next 2 hours. Let us show the world, that WE have a REAL revenue share BITCOIN program!

Miracles Are Like Freshly-Squeezed Orange Juice


Miracles are like freshly squeezed orange juice.

To get fresh juice from an orange… just squeeze it!

Should you ever need a miracle, think not of the miracle, but instead of its intended result.

Remember this and you will soon find that squeezing miracles from the ether is like squeezing juice from an orange.

A Few Good Members Can Push EUR, BTC Revshares To Success


Our EUR Revshare needs $550 profits to share this day to let every running adpack have 0.4% in Free memberships, 0.8% in Bronze-Gold and 1% in Millionaire membership.
Our BTC Revshare needs to reach the caps BTC 0.38 only.
So you can see that the EUR and BTC are “virgin businesses” and we need only the POWER and COMMITMENT of a few members to ignite the fire and push the Revshares to success.