FutureNet Summit 2016 Almost Here, Buy A Ticket Here

FutureNet Summit is coming. We’re glad to present you one of our speakers – Sylwester Suszek.

Sylwester is a proxy of BitBay – the biggest Polish Bitcoin exchange. He also teaches about cryptocurrency and cooperates with financial and state institutions. BitBay is first Polish exchange of cryptocurrency. It offers a safe trade of Bitcoin.

You can’t miss Sylwester’s presentation. You can buy a ticket here: ➡http://www.futurenetsummit.com/

Sylwester Suszek coming to FutureNet Summit 2016
Sylwester Suszek coming to FutureNet Summit 2016

MyPayingAds’ Sister Site Allows You To Grow BTC Without Risk Of Losing Money

To put Uday’s announcement in simpler terms so that more can fully realize the potential being presented please allow me a moment to explain…

How revshares that accept BTC work now :

When you deposit or purchase an adpack your BTC is converted into a value of USD.

For this example let us assume that 0.01 BTC equals to $5 at the time of deposit/purchase of a adpack with %120 return. Once your adpack has run its course you have a total of $6 to withdraw.

Due to the market volatility of BTC with its rising and falling value of BTC versus USD (0.01 = $5), when you initiate a withdraw your $6 may now be worth 0.009 BTC and you have lost out on letting that 0.01 BTC appreciate into a higher USD value.


Even if you hold the funds in your account until the BTC value rises and then initiate a withdraw, there is still going to be a delay in receiving the payout that may result in the same scenario described above.


You have essentially lost money.

With MPA’s new sister site this scenario is eliminated completely as all purchases will be at a value of BTC with payouts being also in BTC. Now you will earn a percentage return that allows you to grow your BTC and take advantage of the fluctuating value of BTC without the risk of losing any money.

This is a win win scenario and a revolutionary idea!

Hope this helps.


Updates, News, And Insights For Get My Ads

We would like to give you some updates about Get My Ads and are happy to share the latest GMA news and insights.

The new competition has started and it is very exciting to see how incredibly fast the Turkish GetMyAds community is growing! We are all really proud of you!

GMA is still growing much faster than expected which requires a lot of time on the administration and management level. We have a priority list of things that are more essential and things that are less essential to ensure a stable and consistent growth of our company. Please bare with us if we can not get everything done right away – we all do our best, hire new staff weekly and run big campaigns to keep the Payback Program running on the highest level.

Payout – Commission payment requests

The biggest issue we have is the number of outgoing commission payments. Get My Ads issues more payment transactions than small private banks – but we are not a bank. At the Moment we work as hard as possible but if we see that we cannot get done every single payment within 14 days, we need to take action and reduce the number of payments.

The only way to get this done is to limit every affiliate to two payouts per month. This will reduce the number of payments by 38% at the moment and allows us to pay you and every member worldwide much faster.

GetMyAds is still the fastest paying Affiliate Program and we want to keep this honorable title. We hope that if we are forced to take this step, you see this decision also as a positive development. We thank you in advance!

Loading time of the Website

GMA is listed as one of the 1.300 most important websites in the world. Not a single Network Marketing Company or any Affiliate Network worldwide is even close to this ranking. You can check this on http://www.similarweb.com or http://www.alexa.com.

We did some changes on the website to optimize the loading speed since it is a real challenge to manage one of the 1.300 most visited websites in the world. Updates in the Payback Program will be done from now on once an hour and not every single minute. You may also notice other small changes but there is no negative effect on your earnings or bonuses.

A new competition has started!

The new competition has started and will run until November 13th. It is very exciting to see how many new members are on top of the list. Check the list and scroll trough it to see your position.

Tips for your new partners when buying Token

You may have noticed that the fees on credit card payments became expensive. We have to charge a 12% fee for every credit card transaction. Without a long explanation why this happened, we like to provide you a simple payment solution that many members are using very successfully these days.

If you like to use your credit card to buy Token, we suggest you to buy BitCoins on the big platforms on the Internet. Most of them are almost free of charge. So you can buy BitCoins for example for 500,- USD and then pay on Get My Ads with your BitCoins. This will safe you at least 15% of transaction fees and currency exchange fees etc. We got this idea from our partners in Turkey and members around the globe are appreciating this new method to save expensive transaction fees! It ?s a win-win situation for anybody!

Latest Get My Ads Numbers

We are very excited to announce that about 140.000 GetMyAds members bought a total of 1.493.000 Token until today. We are happy to welcome over 1000 new members every single day. GetMyAds is processing commissions to more than 65 countries in the world and this month we will process more than 13.000 payments to our members with an expected payout volume of 6.8 Million US Dollar. We are very proud to say that thousands of people worldwide have a substantially growing income with GetMyAds and we will do our best to ensure that your GMA income grows with every week that passes by.

Premium Partner Program

We are making progress and moving forward but it is not as easy as expected so we need to ask again to bear with us. We are working hard

and we are convinced that it will run perfectly soon. We faced some unexpected challenges that cost us a lot of time to sort out.

We will keep you updated!

We wish you a great week and a lot of success with your GetMyAds Business!

GMA Team

MyPayingAds AdPack Expiration: Here’s The Email That You Get

Every time an ad pack expires, at MyPayingAds, you’ll get an email like this:

“Congratulations! you have received all the earnings

Hello Curt Miller, Your 1 position(s) from plan 1 have received all the earnings and they are complete now.

You may want to buy more adpacks to get the traffic that you need and keep earning higher. We wish you good luck.


MPA Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mypayingads123/
MPA Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8JVnDnjxvjJfunzROTRX9g

Purchase Massive Traffic In TrafficHurriane

It is worth it to purchase the massive traffic in TrafficHurricane. My website that I promote does not require anyone to make a purchase but rather I earn from Google Adsense Ads on it. My traffic to the ads increased and that means more money in my pocket. You all should take advantage of all the different ways TH has to offer to gain traffic to your sites! It works!

Generate MASSIVE Site Traffic
Generate MASSIVE Site Traffic

Nobody Lost ANY AdPacks In MXRevShare Last Night

INFO: Some of you think that they have lost adpacks last night in MxRevShare. But this is not true. In fact there was a little, unimportant bug in the new fast sharing script: Adpacks with 110% were still shown as ‘active’ the 2 days before. Now it is fixed, so it (only) SEEMS to be lost. But those adpacks were expired already. I will not reply to any postings and tickets regarding this bug any more.
Another fixed bug: Some adpack purchases in the night from 21.10. were approved, but without encoding the adpacks. In those cases please send a ticket. I will solve it tomorrow. As always: no panic. Shit happens!

Don't worry You didn't lose any ad packs! :-)
Don’t worry You didn’t lose any ad packs! 🙂

50 Minutes Ago I Could Finally Start The Cronjobs

Notice: The cronjobs didn’t start tonight because of a technical problem. Abd in my village there is no internet due to a technical problem at ‘Telekom’. Murphy’s law! 😂
50 minutes ago I could finally start the cronjobs (scripts for counting and resetting clicks and make the shares) from my cellphone. All is finished now.
BUT: Too many members DEMAND the voluntary profit sharings and think that it is a MUST BE thing. NO! The company shares the profit fully voluntary. No right to demand them or to ask for them. Your reactions:
All runs perfectly = “Oh, how boring.” (50 postings per day)
No sharings (due to any reasons) =”Run! The company steals our money. What’s wrong? Company is broke?” (10.000 postings)
Wtf is wrong with people of the world? Change your mind and focus on good things. Bad thinking causes bad acting. Negative mind causes negative results in your life. Hopefully the books, videos and audios at MX.WORLD will change some peoples view on the world… Don’t worry, be HAPPY!

MXWorld: Commission Structure

MX. World Commission Structure:
Adpack purchase from Processor or Main balance: 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 5% on level 3.
Adpack purchase from Advertising Budget: 5% on level 1, 2.5% on level 2, 2.5% on level 3.
Qualification for Commissions: Watch at least 10 Millionaire ads the day before.