“FaceBook Shares” Will Rewards Users With Gold Coins

Major Updates

1.We are hardly few days away from launching our second Gold product – FaceBook Shares which will also reward users with gold coins…….

I.e in other words imagine you getting paid gold coins to share someone else FB post, fanpage etc and imagine you as a advertiser getting 1000’s of shares in few $$$ and imagine 7 levels of payout being generated with the sale of the product….Also the kind of viral effect it can generate is insane and overnight people’s page can have 100’s and 1000’s and 10’s of thousands of shares making them look like a overnight celebrity…..

This one product alone will be a industry game changer and will take click intensity to next level.

Stay tuned on this …

2.Also We have been working very hard behind the scenes on optimizing our revenue share module…..

The daily revenue which you see right now is a constant and has been taken as an average figure based on our estimated profits for first 90 days…

But now our tech team is done with integration of highly complex algorithms which will calculate daily actual revenues of the company and based on that revenue share will be given and hence it will vary everyday…..

This makes your business look even more legit , even more powerful and will help you sell Click Intensity to the market place in a much more authentic manner..

Always remember and make sure to mention this in your videos , sales materials , sales presentations that we are a revenue share company and not a investment company and the profits we pay out to members are based on actual profits of the company which can vary always on hourly , daily and monthly basis…….

3. On the financial side , Automation of Bitcoin payouts like Advcash has taken a bit longer than expected due to issue’s at COinbase end but it’s almost being sorted as I type and we should be good to go with that in next 24-48 hours…

STP automated withdrawls are also coming

Paying in through Neteller also coming…..

Paypal limits have been revised back to $100/day/user as anything more than that puts our paypal account in Jeopardy and we are very careful on that……..

4. We finally managed to complete first 90 days Since Click Intensity was launched and what an awesome amazing ride it was….

We for sure had our challenges but thanks to our awesome leadership here in all departments , we survived the tough waters where 80 % of the companies started in our space in last 90 days closed doors …

At this point in time , all I can say is that we are just getting started and you have seen nothing yet..

The best is yet to come 🙂

Keep hustling , keep making it happen and keep doing that one thing which is most important i.e sharing the message of Click Intensity with the world…..

The bigger the team you will build now , in next 90 days , 180 days , 360 days – more money you will make and potentially retire for life here……

See you on top

Nick Johnson

Over the last three months we have been watching the Virtual Referral system closely

Dear Members

This is a very important update so please take the time to read it. 

First of all, many of you will know that we recently introduced the Virtual Referral system on a trial basis in Mo Brabus V2.0. This system was introduced to help our less experienced Affiliates to progress within the business.

Over the last three months we have been watching the Virtual Referral system closely. Virtual Referrals are becoming VERY popular, in fact one could say they are becoming too popular and not being used for the purpose they were initially intended.  

We have come to the realization that changes have to be made to the Virtual Referral system in the interest of all members and the company combined. 

These changes are being made to avoid what you could call aggressive buyers taking advantage of the system.

There is an increasing “Trend” of members making VERY SUBSTANTIAL deposits and using the Virtual Referral system to leverage their own financial gain with no interest or regard for the growth of the community as a whole.

With this in mind and whilst still wanting to help our less experienced members we have decided that Virtual Referrals must offer less incentives than can be achieved by our members actively building a team.  

Allowing a member to buy their way to the highest level of qualification is simply not fair to our average active team building Affiliates. After looking at the stats we are confident that allowing this to continue could possibly contribute to self inflicted stagnation in the future. 

The following will be effective immediately:


In the early days of Mo Brabus there was a maximum wallet deposit that was relaxed due to member feedback. Due to recent events we have decided to reinstate this maximum monthly deposit to discourage this trend of aggressive buying. The Maximum that you can now deposit into your wallet in a 30-day period is $9,900.


The maximum number of Virtual referrals that you can now own has been reduced to 3. Those of you with more than three virtual referrals will be refunded $50 for each of the Virtual referrals being deducted, minus total revenue share earned from all.  Remaining VR’S for those effected by the change will be re-set to 0 earnings meaning they will each earn you $50 over time.  Refunds will take place over the next 72 hours.


Virtual referrals are designed to help members less experienced at marketing to get started, they are not supposed to be an indefinite solution to qualification. Moving forward anyone with active Virtual Referrals will earn at a 20% reduced rate compared to those with “real” active referrals. 

EXAMPLE:  If you are a Pro Member with 3 Virtual Referrals and two real referrals you will be qualified to earn cashback and revenue share at level 5 with a 20% reduction. The maximum cashback possible will be 32% cash back and $0.04 revenue share per pack per day.


The daily withdrawal limits will now be tied to a member’s qualification level.


LEVEL 1.   $50

LEVEL 2.  $100

LEVEL 3.  $150

LEVEL 4.  $200

LEVEL 5.  $250


LEVEL 1   $100

LEVEL 2.  $200

LEVEL 3.  $300

LEVEL 4.  $400

LEVEL 5. $ 500

Please note that holding the new maximum number of 3 Virtual Referrals will instantly qualify you for level three withdrawal limits.

We appreciate that a number of you will be quite disappointed by these changes but we assure you that these changes are being made with the best interest of ALL members and the platform in mind.

 As Company Directors If we see something that could potentially have a negative effect on the platform and do not act accordingly to protect the community and its member’s interests we would be incompetent.

The Power-Point presentations will be updated accordingly to reflect these changes over the next 72 hours.  Anyone in excess of their maximum packs due to these changes will not be able to buy until their packs fall below the maximum level. 


As you are all aware unlike other platforms we do not restrict you to one account per household and this is another thing that is being taken advantage of by the same members taking advantage of the Virtual Referral System, because of this we are now going to restrict the number of accounts possible per household to 3.  Existing accounts will remain unaffected.  This change will only affect new members.  Data has been logged of all accounts being run from the same IP addresses so we will know if any additional accounts are created.


After a number of meetings with our Legal and Accounting Teams we now need to introduce Value Added Tax to the platform. As every new business grows there is a legal requirement to charge VAT. 

Within the next 72 hours we will begin charging 20% VAT on all Membership Subscriptions, for this reason all membership fees will have to be paid from spendable balance or from external funds.  We will be introducing a “Pay Membership” button on the site so basic Members will not have to deposit the minimum of $20 in order to pay their Membership fee of $5 + VAT.

There will be no VAT on Standard Ad Packs as our cash back and revenue share credits system makes our standard ad packs exempt from VAT. 

Our VAT Registration Number is. 241 1806 40 for more information on the new legislation that forces us to charge vat on digital services please see the following link. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-supplying-digital-services-to-private-consumers/vat-businesses-supplying-digital-services-to-private-consumers.

Please do not send any support tickets protesting to these changes, unfortunately our decision is final and once again these changes are being made in the best interest of all of our Members.

Kind Regards

Pearse Donnelly & Trevor Fuggle

Co Directors 

Mo Brabus Limited

Fluctuation in Revenue Share payments is perfectly normal

Dear Members

It has been brought to our attention that last nights slight decrease in Revenue Share has created a very small circle of chinese whispers amongst members, with this in mind we felt it important to clarify a few things.

Fluctuation in Revenue Share payments is perfectly normal.

When starting with Mo Brabus V2 mid February it was announced that the revenue share would be set to a fixed rate for a period of time, this was because of the transitional period.

Over the re-development period/launch of Version 2.0 we have managed the revenue share and always paid the top amounts possible, meaning on a number of occasions revenue share slightly exceeded incoming revenue.

For your information here are just a few things that contribute to the fluctuation of revenue share: Weekends, Bank Holidays, Pay Days, End of calendar month etc.

Moving forward revenue share payments will fluctuate from time to time and be more reflective of external factors.
Kind Regards


Last Two Days, Ad Packs From Old System Already Expired

Dear Members,

The last two days, packs from the old system already expired. Some users already saw a decrease in the account overview and we also made some manual corrections, because some got too much money and some to little money. This was manually corrected and some bugs on the calculation of packs expiring will be fixed very soon. Also there will be a synchronization run between the packs history and account overview. Some of you might have seen that the data are out of sync, this is still because of some odd data when importing everything from Mobrabus version 1. The only accurate data is in packs history, this is also the source for calculation. A synchronization run will be performed this night to have all data in sync and increase transparency

Kind regards

Real Time Bidding (RTB) is very profitable and a growing market which was started by Google in 2008

Financial Freedom with Real Time Bidding??  Yep!!

We live in the year 2016. The internet is ever-present. Isn’t it obvious to also earn money with it?

On this page you will find a guide on how set up a profitable internet business within a few weeks that allows you to generate serious money. The company BeonPush offers a brilliant opportunity to achieve just that.

BeonPush is an kinda new, innovative company registered in the United Kingdom which specializes in trading real-time advertisements online. This so-called Real Time Bidding (RTB) is  very profitable and a growing market which was started by Google in 2008 and now is also open to private investors, as well. This is great news to me and you!!

BeonPush entered the market in 2011 and has started a very interesting crowd-funding concept in August of 2015. This offers you a REAL chance to participate in that billion-market of RTB. In addition, the setup of a network of investors offers you high commissions.

What, exactly, are BeonPush’s objectives?

  • To become the world leader in this branch by 2018 (wow!!)
  • To increase in capital to make the RTB process more lucrative and to accelerate growth. More available cash allows for more favorable buying prices with increase profit margins. Since August 2015 you as a private investor are able to invest and profit from these gains.
  • Coming soon a smartphone app will improve and streamline the networking of partners and investors and will therefore accelerate the company’s growth.

Please watch this short intro video now and, afterwards, tell me that you won’t have a hard time sleeping tonight!!

Does this sound interesting to you? Imagine earning money online today and every hour of every day from now on – completely passive!! The next presentation just might thrill you even more.

A True Reflection Of Honesty/Commitments Towards Delivering World Class Service


TSG has been setting a new benchmark everyday!!!

Today’s announcement is a true reflection of our honesty and commitments towards delivering world class service to our TSG members.

==Have you heard from any other rev share before – A promise to not loose any of your seed money??
==Have you experienced from any other rev share before – Not changing payment plans down the line when things get unsettled??
==Have you felt from any other rev share before – Honesty and Openness about everything and not hiding progress with members ??

Would you rather trust a program who don’t promise to recover any of your seed money or TSG who is writing new history in revshare industry??

Ask yourself and you will find an answer!!!

We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you have supported the business so far.

We recommended you to keep calm and help achieve ‪#‎TSGSuccess‬, let’s go for ‪#‎wealthyTSG‬

We look forward to continue doing business with you for years to come 🙂

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9 Laws of Conscious Creation Video Series

The 9 Laws of Conscious Creation are the other pieces…

In this series of video’s we will cover these laws and what
they mean for you and how to create your own masterpiece life.

Tara Mish
Head Of Communications – Click Intensity