What makes LikesXL unique?

LikesXL stands for security, stability, integrity and longevity

  • Advertisers are large well-known international companies
  • Funding/withdrawal directly via bank wire or debit/credit card
  • There are 5 levels on which referral commissions are paid
  • Financial management and handling of all transactions are done by a Swiss trustee
  • LikesXL is based in Europe and the website is multilingual – in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Czech and Chinese

Special Offer To Those Who Join And Buy AdPacks In AdPack Pro

Some people will want to just go with the regular deal, maybe.. but those that want to earn BIG will definitely take the NEW offer. If you aren’t in AdPack Pro yet.. definitely read the entire blog about AdPack Pro and register for free and least. This offer might last a while but the sooner you jump in and get started the sooner you’ll be earning money on a regular basis.

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FutureNet – New Technical Support Platform

FutureNet offers a unique opportunity to partner up with a brand new social media company and make a significant amount of money along the way. FutureNet offers a fantastic compensation plan as well as spillover. This commission plan has 5-levels deep RevShare element, 10 levels deep 6 Friends Tree Matrixes as well as Social Media compensation plan.

Now, also with Futurenet Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Authentication, they also keeps our money secured.

Also, Futurenet gives us a chance to earn bitcoins as the money can be then withdrawn using bitcoin. To earn bitcoin is something many people are searching for and Futurenet compensation plan allows everyone to achieve that.

Also, you can earn money with Perfect Money. You can deposit or withdraw using Perfect Money payment processor.
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As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, desire and motivation. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.

Don’t Let This Simple Formula In Revshares Kill Your Work Ethic

Watching your revenue share grow daily is not success. Clicking 10 ads per day is not success either. Nor is watching your account build on autopilot.

Success is a relentless WORK ETHIC to WANT MORE, DO MORE and TAKE ACTION every second of every day!

I mean, lets be honest, anyone can click 10 ads per day and anyone can compound profits into more adpacks. Takes around 5 minutes per day. LMAO. But…

“CAN you grow your team with relentless action?”

Its so important for you to understand that, HARD work is about you taking action every day of every minute. DO NOT let this simple to do formula in revshares kill your WORK ETHIC. Because it does.

I found the revshare industry and seen how easy it is to make money. I lost thousands because of that. And while I love the simplicity of it, I can also see how it can kill your work ethic super fast. Much of the time, I saw my self sitting on my butt, compounding, watching ads, then saying, wow, I am working so hard. LOL

I was lying to my self. I got sick of mediocrity. I wanted to be the best and be around the best. Whether people notice me or not, I dont care, I just keep working. And for me its about showing my team an leading by example. I dont want to be pretend to be successful just because my revenue share is growing. I want to them to see me on the leaderboards with a big big downline and want the same for themselves because it pays HEAVILY.

So, even if you have NO experience, dont let that hold you back from building your team in click intensity. If everyone just got 1 person, thats 200k, if those 200k just got 1 to 2 people, thats 400k. Build your team, it pays to build and grow.

If you dont know how to market, I call BS. Tara Mish has outdone her self big time with the training’s she offers. I posted some seo guides. Other people in here are sharing sales closing techniques for facebook, there is so much value in this company to help you grow that its just about you DOING IT. So do it! please. I beg you.

Your success is not clicking 10 ads per day, its not compounding profits, its not watching your revenue share grow throughout the day and complaining when it slows down lol ITS ABOUT you working harder then everyone else because you WANT IT MORE!

My sponsor is a millionaire, and hes sponsored his network about 50% of this company lol. I have to work harder than Ankur Agarwal to make ankur money. I have to work 10x harder because I want ankur type money too. Thing is though, I know I can. I know I can because its just about me taking action, and doing 10x that process.

I am not trying to be more than him, I actually use that income he makes and know that its possible. ESPECIALLY with a comp plan like this. So, knowing that this company is gonna be around for a long long time, I AM GONNA work my ass off to brand this company around my self and build it to 6 figure per month proportions. YOU NEED TO WANT THE SAME thing! Because IT IS POSSIBLE!

I came from poor poor beginnings. I was raised off welfare with the cockroaches and an empty fridge by a single mother. I was forced to start taking care of my self at the age 15 because my mother was a addicted to drugs and alcohol which eventually led to her dieing when I was 18. If I can run a full time business from home with ZERO experience, so can you!


Gene Wolff's photo.
Gene Wolff's photo.
Gene Wolff's photo.

Getting And Staying Qualified In Click Intensity

Getting and staying qualified in Click Intensity might seem a bit confusing compared to other rev share platforms.

Some people get confused because there is a “remaining time” clock there in the back office where you are to click your ads to stay qualified to earn in the revshare (which pays-out every 1/2 hour).

Do you have a watch or a clock? If so then you dont need to worry about the “remaining time” clock. ALL you need to do is click your 10 ads within 24 hours of each time. What I do and what i encourage my team and others in the group to do is wake up and do 10 clicks while having your morning coffee, then when you have had dinner in the evening, sit back and do 10 more. This ensures that you have ALWAYS completed 10 ad views within 24 hours and you will never miss your revenue share due to failure to watch your 10 ads.

Fasten Your Seatbelts For This AMAZING Journey

Are you investing your time and money at the right place?
Have a look around at other online business and compare them with FutureNet & FutureAdPro.

Firstly, there might be plenty of Revenue Sharing programs around, but you can see the difference with FutureNet.
It is a Multimedia rich company which has the Next Generation cutting edge technology to help its members utilize the combined power of Social Media and Revenue sharing platform.

Here, you can interact with your team members; help them with their queries; talk about your other businesses online; or you can simply chat to make new friends worldwide. The best part is, you don’t need to send an email to transfer files. You can share images, pdf files, music in chat as well, unlike Facebook. This one feature alone destroys the competition.

With FutureAdPro, you can get paid 5 levels deep on your downlines with a total of up to 15%. (how fast can you grow your income and buy new ad packs with this extra commissions*?)
Another cool feature is that, you can check your daily earnings and see which team member is motivated to build the business with you. Work together and take your earnings to the next level or check who is not active and show them the path to success.

Second, a powerful Forced Matrix system, where one can not only earn* from their personal referrals, but also on the spillovers from their uplines. (It just takes $10 to get started)

Third, If you are not one of those tech savvy people, your worry ends here. Coming soon the Momentum Landing page System with auto-responder. You can use this tool to promote and grow your FutureNet business online in no time.

And last but not least, Do you love to be pampered with gifts?
Get rewarded with smart phone, laptop, Foreign trip, luxury cars when you grow your business team in FutureNet. (Check how to qualify in the Marketing plan presentation)

Something good happens everyday at FutureNet. If you are still sitting on the fence and waiting for the right time, the Time has come!

Fasten your seat belts for this amazing journey…

*** Income Disclaimer ***
“Results Not Typical” – the proof of income is not a guarantee you would earn the same, but would be possible to earn this and more, with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

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Video Of LIVE Withdrawal (Proof) From CI Into Bitcoin Account In Minutes

For those of you who are New or still unsure, then I have just completed a LIVE withdrawal from CI into my Bitcoin account and it took literally minutes. Click Intensity – Part 1 My First ClickIntensity Withdrawal PROOF
Some of you may well be asking the question…. “Does ClickIntensity REALLY payout?” Well, allow me to answer that question with this video.

Money taken from ClickIntensity into AdvCash within 10 seconds, then into my BlockChain account and into my Circle.com account and on its way to my bank card within 25 minutes.

First London Click Intensity Business Opportunity Meeting

I would like to invite you to our first London Click Intensity Business opportunity meeting. This is going to be a regular free event to learn about our fantastic business.

If you are already a part of the CI family feel free to bring along your prospects.

This is an informal meeting so grab a drink from the bar before we sit down and go through a power point presentation,
hopefully here from real people, and their CI journey.
Learn from each other and share valuable tip and tricks.

With some luck we might get a few words from Tara Mish, Daniel Elliot via and Ankur Agarwal video link.

The time is 7pm to 9pm on the Monday 18th 2 minutes walk from south Bromley station

Henrys cafe Bar

Not to be missed, space is limited so be on time….
Reply below if you are coming

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