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Cash-back Kina
Cashback Kina

Cashback Kina (haha had to think of something)

I’m offering this to the Yacht Club ELITE members first. But you have to respond pretty quickly because – if I remember correctly – we all want to be making money sooner, rather than later. A few days from now this offer will go into the more general chats and groups and onto the fan pages and these blogs (I have 2 of these: and

Do you see how this link is ??  Do you also see how if you go to ANY page within this blog you’ll find a link with Kina’s name on it pointing right back to this page?? (I’m re-working the site structure and will probably get some new themes for these 2 blogs down the road here)

On this page Kina will have her link to whatever programs she is in charge of. This is the important part. When I say “in charge of” it means she will OWN the referral link for the company, here on this site (and my other one, because these 2 blogs are doing the same thing, with just different domains/keywords)

This means that if Kina decides she wants to run with  TrafficMonsson, AdPackPro or WHATEVER rev share (or more than 1, so long as she can handle it) – nobody else will ever get the referrals for those companies besides HER… from either of my 2 sites… unless… of course, I have a built-in rotator system so that Kina can be nice to her prospects while using this as LEVERAGE to offer referrals to them.

You’ll notice that there is a “categories” section where I blog about each rev share, individually. Whatever programs are “yours”.. any referral links from that section about that company will be yours. Site-wide. Because the deal is that the link they join from has to be somebody who I have an arrangement with, because you have to give that person back your first commission that you earned from them. Believe me, that is a small price to pay for the attention that we can generate. The RESIDUALS, the re-purchases, THAT is where the real money is.

What I’m offering everybody is THEIR OWN set-up like this. Heck, I even created Kina her own WordPress sub-domain that she can blog from (which she will be doing a lot of.. creating demonstrations of back-office stuff and short motivational videos or whatever) (she hasn’t seen this til now)

I can make the individual pages for everybody more unique as we go.. right now I’m focused on getting somewhere as a team.

I have the FaceBook fanpage, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, LinkedIn,  and Tumblr (“buyadpacks” username) that we can use to syndicate our written (these blogs) and video content from our YouTube channel. We can BLOW UP with this team.. because will offer the general public 100% of the sponsor’s FIRST referral commission to people.. no matter WHICH program they join into.

Do you know why behindmlm and taratalks and patrickpretty get so much attention? They blog negative things about all of the mlm’s and rev shares. Both, their opinions of why any of them aren’t legit AND the legal proceedings against all of the companies that face them.  I’ll be using the same idea with these 2 blogs. Only I’m not talking about anything negative, of course.

There are enough different rev share companies out there that will allow me to NEVER run out of content. I get stuff straight from the fb groups. I have access to much more content than those hater sites becuause I can create posts about anything that comes up from something as simple as somebody showing their successes or maybe there is a problem with a payment processor.. anything is news for what I’m doing!!  🙂

These 2 blogs will bring a lot of attention. No wasting time on HTML I can create content on the fly. This means traffic, traffic, traffic. To my 2 blogs.  Plus whoever I give sub-domains to.

Think about it:  and

Once YOU are locked-in and we work out arrangement your page will always be there.. no matter which rev share company or companies you get assigned (choose)

There are as many openings as there are rev share companies. I plan to blog about ALL of them. WHY? Well, ummmmm, more traffic!!!! Timing is critical to a degree because some of these companies are much more preferred than some of the others.

FutureAdPro has a 5-level structure on the rev share and ClickIntensity has a 7-level structure.. because of this we will probably make these 2 programs mandatory and we can all be in the rotator for them, so long as you are active and have ad packs running.

This idea enables ALL OF US to succeed. If you think this’ll pull you away from something else,  it won’t.. unless whatever else you are doing demands that you NOT get traffic to a web site.  In other words, whatever you are doing – if it is online and you want people to see it – rev shares are the way to go.

You see – rev share traffic isn’t just “free”, it is “better than free”.  Yes, ad packs cost money but it isn’t like you aren’t getting it all back, plus an extra 10% to 20% PLUS the traffic that you were able to send to your offer/website.

Most people don’t purchase enough traffic in a rev share site to see any real results. That is the key with what we are about to do. Kina is about to get some results. It doesn’t matter what her primary program is (although we know that she is doing ItWorks Global)

Combine “cash back (plus more)” – with the ability to compound it as it grows (if you don’t understand THAT part let me know).. and the ability to refer others who are getting cash back and compounding… and compounding your commissions that you are earning from THEM.. 5 (or 7) levels down.. every single time they re-purchase (in FutureAdPro that can be up to every 15 minutes). It simply doesn’t get better than that  🙂

Everything at this stage is still flexible and I’ve been brainstorming for enough time now and I had to find my vision and my BIG PICTURE before I could begin to put it together. Most of that flexibility will dwindle as I need to make decisions to see progress and to get this thing going.

I’m at the stage now of assigning people to companies. In the early days you might think it isn’t worth the time but I’m offering you more leverage than I’m sure you’ve ever been offered anywhere else. EVERY page on my blogs will have a link to YOU and your rev shares and whatever else you want to promote. The more of my inner circle that I take along with me the better I’ll feel.

Paul Burks talked about how loyal I was, when Dawn Olivares was down there in the Zeek home office before the company even launched. I watched them start.. actually watched them since 2006. It doesn’t matter how long I have to go to get my ideas lined-up and ready.. I’m stubborn to do things my way and differently and to rise above the masses. That is why when I saw they had the same kind of vision as me, I waited them out.

There is no sense in doing something if you can’t stand-out, above all of the “noise” out there. You have to have a good reason for people to join YOU and not the other 50 thousand reps out there promoting the same things that you are.

Traffic Monsoon proved to the world that rev shares can be both LUCRATIVE and LEGAL that the same time.  I’m not saying that all of these rev shares are legal and sustainable but they don’t all have to be. We cover them all. Some will stick around, some won’t. It won’t matter to us. All I can say for certain is there will be many legal rev shares down the road and I want to be at the forefront of them as they come along.

The term “buy adpacks” will be a new household term, as this happens. Every single one of them offers ad packs that people can earn off of – it is the cornerstone of how they operate.

The generousness of my offer can only last for as long as there are rev shares without a NAME and a FACE attached to them here on my blogs. And remember.. some of them suck.. You people want to get the good ones before somebody else does.

Don’t take me up on this offer if you aren’t willing to put effort into it. There will be a few qualifications. I am quite certain that I will fill every single company slot. I just want to be sure that each of them pulling their own weight because if not, it’ll reflect back on everybody else involved.

I’ll give it a few days before I put this offer elsewhere. The rev share industry is already a multi-billion dollar industry (between TM and MAPS, alone) and I believe I found a way to tap into that. For me and my people.

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