New FutureAdPro Landing Page System

Hello Curt Miller,

we are proud to present the new FutureAdPro Landing Page System. This innovation provides you with the tools to advertise your FutureAdPro business on the internet.
Prospective partners may fill in the provided form to get automatically access to a second page with the FutureAdPro video clip.

All members holding at least status position III at FutureAdPro have access to the Landing Page System.
We will immediately unlock all new languages upon completion.

You are simply required to log into your FutureAdPro back office and to click the button:
“Book Landing page System”.

You haven’t reached status position III yet, but would like to advertise FutureAdPro? No problem – please upgrade to status position III now.

If you want to actively develop your own business with FutureAdPro, we recommend you to upgrade to status position V. Here, you will get the highest remuneration and participate in the revenues of the AdPacks up to 5 levels.

What to expect in the upcoming days and weeks?

Momentum System:
Still this week we will present the new MOMENTUM SYSTEM.

Payment providers:
In the upcoming days we will grant you access to PAYZA, 2PayforYou and Advcash for commission payments.

Everything is well under way. However, were a currently not yet able to announce a precise kick-off date.
Please look forward to fantastic opportunities and your personal FutureNet master card for commission payments.

Business presentation video:
Our graphic and video production team works on the completion of a professional 12 minutes business presentation video.
The video will be available in Polish in about 5 days. A week later, we will publish it in English, another week later in German.
Step-by-step, we will add all remaining languages:
Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian and others.

We wish you a successful day, Your FutureNet Team

AdPack Purchases Error Fixed, Manually-Enabling Some Of Yesterday’s AdPack Purchases

Dear All,

Just some quick updates at this junction:

[1] The adpack purchases error was fixed and you can now continue to make adpack purchases without any error. A little background information on what has happened. There was some Server configuration that IT team was working on which largely enhance the site loading and while doing so, the adpack purchases got disturbed. Hence, the settings were changed back to earlier version and they will continue their testing on the offversion of the site and when they are ready then will try it again later. The IT team are continuously working to improve the site performance to give best experience to you at MPA.
[2] Some of the adpack purchases made with payment processors were not successful yesterday and we will now work on manually enabling those purchases. Please allow some time for the same.

Please write to us if you experience any error in accessing various services so that we can check and rectify the same. Otherwise, the business is as usual and thanks for your kind support and cooperation.

With Best Regards,
MPA Admin and Support Teams

AdPackPro – Company Rotator, Get Referrals On Automatic

For 49 EUR per year, a person can build their AdPackPro business on automatic. The more level 1 referrals you can get, the better, obviously. Why not speed-up your business-building ability because this way you can get your team to do the same thing, so that your income can explode.

You will be placed in the company rotator – on highly search engine optimized company websites. Corporate website is top-performing, receiving tons of hits every day. Random referrals come from the company website, in rotation, and land on your first level of the compensation plan, where you’ll receive 11% commissions on them. If you get your 1st level referrals to use the rotator and they get sign-ups because of it.. these new people will fall into your second level. From second level you’ll earn 7% on them.

Imagine getting paid on both levels, and having your first level earning from their first level. True compounding, at its finest!!


TSG Official – IP verification update

Official – IP verification update
1. From now on TSG technical team can turn off IP verification on request in case you are not able to receive emails sent from TopShare or you don’t want to use this feature. Please keep in mind that turning off this feature will make your account less secure. Submit a support ticket to turn it off. We might ask for a little info.

2. We have received a couple of Refund requests from some members who are not smart enough to explore and understand the platform. Their funds will be returned by tomorrow EOD.

3. I am sorry I have a super slow internet connection here or else I would have updated the graphs on the Dashboard as well. I will make that all automatic tomorrow itself.

4. All support tickets (258+ and 200+ of them duplicates) will be answered tomorrow.

and that’s all for today!

Todays Situation, The Developing Story With BeonPush Fraud Activity

developing story at Beonpush, with Fraud activity
developing story at Beonpush, with Fraud activity

FROM BEON PUSH CORPORATE: “Today’s situation”
Posted By JhonI 2016-06-21 17:23:17

Dear users,
Today i read so many things on mails, messages and social medias… Don’t know what level of misunderstanding people can create by them self and drag other into it with them.

PAYMENT REQUESTS AR IN PENDING STATUS since few hours, is it dramatic? after 10 months fast payments?? and some speak like it will be the case for years even more…

so quick summary of situation :

. Many many people abused system with multiple accounts and they have to be punished.

. In order for the company to avoid withdrawal to those people , i’ve decided to put a pending until I analyse best way to solve this WITH the objectif to protect the honest users…
to punish the bad ones, to think about those being as a “fraud” but good reasons like in Africa and most important to secure a bright future for the company : because the company is what links us all

This solution should come fast (probably tomorow or couple of days maximum) …revisions will be made very soon after that and all will be like before.

I want to be careful with how we deal with this because as you all know the Beontel is almost ready and this project will be the project of the decade… certainly over 100 times bigger than Beonpush… but both are linked. So its not the moment to lose concentration.

And thanx to this situation I have now a good idea of who deserve really my trust and rewards of coming project!

just all relax. let me deal with this as the CEO of Beonpush and then we go on as we always did

have a good day to you all

CI – Making Progress Every Single Day

Making Progress Every Single Day
Making Progress Every Single Day

Tons of behind the scenes tasks and optimizations like making your referral links shorter , message notification bugs , server optimizations for faster data load etc happening CI Family 🙂

Hang tight..

Also We are working on automating the bitcoin payments right now like Advcash and make them faster ….

Should be done hopefully in next 24-48 hours

Future looks so bright with Click Intensity that you all might soon need Sunglasses 🙂

Keep hustling and making it happen

Super proud of all you awesome leaders here

I am seeing so many leaders now averaging over $500/day and over $1000/day in daily withdrawls and many many new people averaging $100/day , $200/day and beyond in payouts..

Exciting to see that we are instrumental in changing some lifes here…..

Our ultimate vision is to help 1 million people become financially free with Click Intensity and in the process take this baby to a billion $$$$……

Avoid Get Rich Quick Scams, Go With Sustainable Long-Term AdPackPro

Wow!!!!! ADPACKPRO just passed 8,800+ members Worldwide…..
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Are You Ready To Avoid Get Rich Quick Scams & Want To Do Serious Long Term, Sustainable Business With ADPACKPRO. Then definitely find my AdPackPro banner on this blog or better yet, opt-in to my form on this page and have a connection with me through email and social media.

Gurappa C Lamani's photo.

Long-Term Advertising Cashback You Can Build For The Future

A True Long Term Advertising Cashback Platform From Real Business

* Adpack 25 Euro, 100 clicks
* Matures at 30 Euro.
5 Euro Profit on each Ad Packs.
* 3000 Ad Packs max limit
* Daily profits fluctuate depending on sales
* CLick 10 ads daily (15 seconds to 29 seconds each) to qualify
* Earn 400 Euro To 500 Euro Everyday without referring anyone.

* 2 levels referral commissions, 11% and 7%

* Many real external income streams: JobBooster, Internet Academy Europe (used by government in Germany), OneVision Card, AdpackproBooster,+ Many more to come.

* AdPackPro is one of many high performing online marketing products made by OneVision Holding AG, Swiss holding company registered in the national holding company registrar Moneyhouse. Only legitimate companies will show there.

FINALLY… you have found a true long term Advertising Cashback you can build for the future….


From: Great India.

Peter Woerz's photo.
Peter Woerz's photo.
Peter Woerz's photo.

Join The Club –

Registered this domain yesterday, figured it would come in handy as this is my brand.. “buy ad packs”, right?  🙂

Yea I think it is crazy, too, how nobody thought to register or claim the term “buy adpacks” in a url for a brand.. it is only SOOO obvious that revshares are here to stay and that ad packs are the main utility that makes them what they are.

There will come a day when buying adpacks will be as necessary as going to work for many people. But definitely a whole lot funner. Ad packs signify freedom. The sooner you see this the sooner you’ll have yours.

This blog is all about freedom. Sure, I’m only talking about rev shares and ad packs but that is just your vehicle to get you there.