Support For Mo Brabus Will Now Be Closed Midnight Friday Until Midnight Sunday

Support will close now at weekends (midnight Friday until midnight Sunday) so you will not be able to send support tickets during this time. Verification documents can still be uploaded 24/7 but please allow extra time for these to be approved at weekends.

Massive Spamming Noticed Of CD Link In FB Groups

I noticed some members spamming massively our CD link in some facebook groups.
If i catch anyone involved in spam, i will ban him permanently from Clikdelivery.

Spamming never was a marketing strategy to get referrals. So please stop spamming and get yourself to work and serious promotion.

Spamming is useless and only helps in banning our link from facebook!

Thank you for your understanding.  –  Ilyas Noukaila

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Is Click Intensity Going To Be Around In The Future? Legitimate Question

“Is CI going to be around in the future?”

Thought I should go ahead and share this with you…. It came as a response to the question about CI’s longevity, which is a legitimate question for anyone who is serious about sticking with us for long term results. So here is my answer to “Is CI going to be around in the future?”
“A successful business is built on 2 things, innovation and exploitation.
A business has got to be able to take the knowledge of the industry and use it to it’s advantage. CI has this very well cornered in that we have the knowledge and years of experience in advertising, revenue shares, and network marketing and we know very well how to operate those 3 key aspects of the business.
Innovation is very important as well because a business has to change and grow with the times and the ever changing needs of the customer and e-commerce landscape. CI has planned out new and innovative products and services for 24 months at a time, always growing and expanding to 2 years ahead. This ensures that we always have something new for the marketplace and that we are always standing on a firm foundation. We anticipate that within a very short time we will be a household name in advertising and be on par with the likes of Google adsense and adwords.
As a company we do not see ourselves as competing with other revshare companies because we know with what we have in the works we will very quickly dominate the industry and others will be trying to compete with us. That may sound bold but truly it is the design of this company to dominate, not compete.
We will, without a doubt, be seeing CI well into a very prosperous future!”

No Easier Way To Make Money Online Than FutureAdPro?

“There quite simply is no easier way to make money online than with FutureADPro!

You make money every 15 minutes when you purchase an AdPack..

Yes you have to purchase AdPacks in order to earn but just like any company you have to purchase something..

But here is the BIG DIFFERENCE !!

See this example:

If you purchased a marketing training product for let’s say $250 and that then gave you the opportunity to resell that product and make a 50% commission then you would make $125.. Of course you would be happy to make that money.

But what happens if you don’t make a sale do you still get paid ? Well the answer is NO !

Now If you purchased $250 of AdPacks and clicked on your 10 ads every day then your AdPacks will earn you a % of the companies revenue every 15 minutes until your $250 becomes $300 making you a $50 profit..

But if you went and sold the business to someone and they purchased $250 of AdPacks too then you would also make an additional commission on that persons purchase.

So in my 4 years of experience working online there is simply no easier way to make money.

So buy AdPacks and start growing a passive income for only 10 minutes per day on the site..

It’s a no brainer”

— Steve Lawson

TM Revenues Up From About 1.5 Million Per Day, To 2.1 Million Per Day

I didn’t expect such amazing response! – With the announcement of 50 ads per day, we actually have seen a significant jump in revenues from the average (above $1.5 Million per day) it went up to $2.1 million. I thought you might all be happy to see these statistics!

If you think it will be harder to click or introduce people to TM now because of 50 ad click requirement, others are finding it easier because it brings greater strength to the business, adds even more confidence, helps us deliver visitors faster, and potential to share even more revenues with members.
Best Regards,
Charles Scoville
Owner – Traffic Monsoon

On FB – Visit And “LIKE” Us If You Want To Earn Money With Ad Packs

Maybe you’ve never heard of an adpack yet or just maybe saw somebody posting about how much they are earning from their adpacks onto their FB page. This is because it is very real and they are very excited about it.

Maybe you already have adpacks in a program but you don’t know how to make it grow faster or how to build a team. That is what we are for. To help others to see that buying adpacks at a good rev share site – or several of them at one time – is a great way to build an income.

Anybody can earn money with ad packs. If you aren’t, yet.. ride along with us.

If you are serious about your ad packs then you don’t want to be missing-out on what we are going to be doing on our APP FB Profile. This is our team business page. Of course it’ll cover any and all rev share programs.. even though the initials and even the name our or group looks and sounds a LOT like AdPackPro International.

With us.. it is Ad Pack Pros, as in “Advertising Package Professionals” – It would be so cool and we want to become a “one-stop-shop” for people that want to join a particular program and don’t have a sponsor yet OR you are already in several of them already but you want to join others and you know that with us you’ll get some of that referral commission returned to you.

The FaceBook APP FanPage, of all of our media spots – will probably be the most engaging because it allows others to message us right there in real time and/or put comments onto our posts. Not to mention we can make special offers in real-time for everybody to see and do something about.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you find us by using FB or not. FaceBook fan pages get indexed in the search engines. What we want to see is for people to land on our page (from the top of their search results) when they are searching for “Ad Pack Pro on FB” as a search query in any search engine ad well as “Ad Pack Pros on FaceBook” because there just happens to be a great rev share that we are promoting called AdPackPro.

Everybody is still on FB all day every day so we anticipate this to be a heavily trafficked page. That means we can build some pretty big teams in as many of the different rev share programs as we like.

How About If You Could See Your Competitors Results?


We inform you that a leaderboard of Top 100 referrers, adpacks earners and commission earners, has been added to the desktop version of the site.

It’s very motivating for every serious promoter to see his competitors results!

—Enjoy and try to rank first!—
Ilyas Noukaila

FutureNet International Team Hangout

FutureNet International Team Hangout

Each week we have a time and a place for people to come and watch/listen or even join in on the conversation of FutureNet and FutureAdPro. Of course.. you can get access to them from here on this blog.

Great tool for building a big team of not only fans, but raging customers.  You can share this video with others by my link or if you want to make sure that YOU get the referral.. take the video and put your own link under it and share it with others. 🙂



Backend Tech Optimization, Developments Updates

Backend tech optimizations and development…

1) We were expecting to launch FB share product earlier this week but just when we were ready to go live , there were few last minute updates from Facebook on their API’s and hence the whole thing got delayed…

We are closed to integrating those updates and I am hopeful of the release this coming week….

2) We also started integration of live chat support inside your backoffice this week and should be live in this coming week anytime….

Imagine having the ability to simply drive traffic to your CI links , getting signups and then having the corporate chat support team answer all their questions and close sales for you 🙂

once fully implemented , it will take us about 30 days to optimize it from technology perspective and training of agents and you will have a lean mean selling machine 🙂

Drive traffic , get signups and let us do the rest for you !

3) STP withdrawls also going live coming week

4) We have been getting very awesome feedback regarding instant bitcoin withdrawls which were implemented last week and It just goes to show the level of transparency we want to maintain here so you can be confident of your future here with CI….

5) More stats coming in your backoffice in my wallet so you can see your total commissions and how much is that from profit sharing and how much is from referrals..

Its all done – tech team just needs to make it live…

Will get implemented earlier in this coming week..

I can already see successful CI meetings slowly and slowly starting all around the world ( ex : Singapore , London , India , Vietnam etc) and as leaders I highly encourage all of you to take the initiative and start weekly/monthly presentation and training events in your area..

For any help on format and how to conduct them in best possible way , connect with Tara Mish and some of our top leaders like Mr. Ankur Agarwal, Trevor Miller, Daniel Elliot and others and they will be able to give useful tips..

Have a great weekend – work hard and party harder 🙂

Exciting week ahead..

See you all on top

Nick Johnson