Hottest Program, BeonPush, Continues To Move Upwards

There is no doubt that BeonPush is the hottest ticket I’ve witnessed this year, by far.. and it isn’t done yet, in making its move towards the top of the Alexa ranking charts. This positioning this early on in the company’s career is mindblowing, to say the least.
I joined BeonPush a few months ago and did nothing with it, besides upgrade to the minimum dollar amount just to secure my place in the binary. Now I feel it’s time to make some money with this binary.
My left leg already has maybe 50 people in it so far and I haven’t told a soul yet. Now I think I will. Join Beonpush today on my team.
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Too Many People Have “Double Accounts” In BeonPush, Binary Revision

When a company pays out in a network marketing fashin – whether it be a rev share or a binary or anything else.. it can get really messy when people cheat the system because the company actually pays-out earnings upline not too long after the purchases/sales are made.

In other words, if fraud is found to be happening.. the company would “eat” the losses because that money is probably already paid-out the the reps.  This is happening right now, in BeonPush.


“Double Accounts and Frauds”
Posted 2016-06-21 09:16:55

As you know there are too many users having more than one account or managing someone’s else account, which is considered as a “fraud”.
Amnesty of last weekend was a failure since only 50 users had the courage to ask for a pardon.

The CEO yesterday made a decision, together with the main leaders, NOT to ban 50,000 accounts, but to give time for a regulation of all people who “didn’t understand” that you can’t manage someone else’s account.

They still have to discuss for a general agreement in order to pass those important steps and to avoid punishing the honest people by the binary revision and other recalculation of the frauds.

Until this recalculation, the withdrawals will be pending and internal transfers not available by that avoiding the frauds to try to save their accounts as they did this weekend.

In order, to facilitate all regions of the world to have possibility to manage its own account Beonpush plans to integrate its own debit card as main withdrawal channel. And will be working on it.

CEO should announce the decisions soon in agreement with the leaders and the network.

Have a good day.

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Don’t Miss Your Ad Pack Re-Purchases, Even If In Middle Of Night

 If you have any kind of idea of what adpacks can do for your lifestyle – you’d be doing the same thing as this lady. Who needs sleep when you could be doing another re-purchase?

“ha ha some times we are crazy but still funny…i had to keep alarm and get up in the midnight and buy the 54th Ad Pack with sleepy eyes and half consciousness ..but i did it rightly..I could have got up in the morning and bought, but the committment and the zeal towards the work we are doing never gets us to sleep …HAVE A HAPPY TUESDAY GUYS”

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OneVision Master and / or Maestro Card – Now Available

OneVision Master and / or Maestro Card – Now Available
Only for people who lives in Sepa Countries!

Get it here.

Only for Adpack Member you can use Voucher Codes to order the cards.
For Mastercard : Voucher-Code : onevision-20 and for
Maestro Card: Voucher-Code: onevision-50

The KYC Verification will be on this Website – the Fee’s you can see at this Ordersite ! Both cards – you have Limits twice !

Put the Cardnumber and the Bank into you acoount in AdpackPro and we can cash out to this cards.

Have fun with it !
One Vision Holding AG – Member of the Board

If your are serious about building your CI business

If your are serious about building your CI business then help me create momentum of our first London Meeting, Leaders, Sponsors bring your prospects tell your team to do the same.
Share ideas, create a buzz pass on experiences.
Exact date and venue TBC..
Message me if you are interested…..‪#‎FOCUSED‬

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How high is the risk?

How high is the risk?
Every morning when you rise and survive the night, did you start the day with risks, whether in business, road traffic or picking mushrooms.
But it’s up to us, good or bad, to share with others or to renounce it.
This responsibility takes us nobody.
We are an advertising platform with a real business in the background.
We are with adpackpro since December 2015 without server downtime online. Starting with the first partner we are now in the next few days, the number of 10.000 and the now on all continents. The pool runs now run very stable and there will be a week for week 5 digit commissions to very many partners, paid a few months ago, it still did not even exist. These are just a few reasons to all of us together very proud and grateful to be able to be.
Well, there are also things that are unsatisfactory and we also see the subject as we can see all the advertisements. Here we are intensively intelligent solutions with the technology to implement and updates to install. The small interventions are carried out in live operation. For the big update, but we will announce in due time, we will be in the main entrance to the server the lock in the short term, so that no new data coming in.
The updates will include the following measures:
– the possibility for any user, ads and banners to be able to evaluate a points system.
– who’s advertising is assessed and evaluated the advertising is also points accordingly. Points you can redeem again in free advertising spaces.
– Introduction of variable view and click rates
– Introduction of timed advertising
– identical advertising on the screen will no longer be able to see side by side, but will be running in a row
– and much more.
In this sense, have a nice weekend, thank you for everything we do together on the market and have led to a successful new week.
The management

Payeer deposit , Payza deposit , Payza withdrawal are totally operational

We started work on Payeer update and missing elements.
For those who did deposit and were not credited in your e-wallet : You can from now use the link in your Ewallet < payeer
You have to introduce the ORDER ID received by payeer in order to be credited.

Now we start to work on all withdrawal request that were lost with Payeer and will we proceed them manually.
Payeer withdrawal not accessible until we find all.
Payeer deposit , Payza deposit , Payza withdrawal are totally operational

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