GlobalAdShare – Unlimited Multiple Income Streams

1.) Automatic adjustments of profit-sharing. This company will never pay money out to members that is doesn’t have. Any company that does that won’t last too long.

2.) Powerful combination of matrix systems. cyclers, and revenue sharing

3.) Reverse matrix offers ability to retain members and to promote growth.  It allows member who earned little or nothing to earn commissions from existing members – not from new future members who may never come. No other program has been able to do this automatically.

4.) Sponsor bonus. If you are able to sponsor others, you will be rewarded greatly.  Not only from the sponsor bonus but also when your sponsored members earn from different levels in the matrix/cycler system.

5.) 2-wallet system. A main wallet and a purchase wallet. 75% of earnings will go to the main wallet and 25% will go to the purchase wallet and can be used for purchases only.

This is done to ensure that members who are in profit will help others (especially the newest members) by purchasing more ad packs instead of withdrawing all of the profits. Auto-purchase from the purchase wallet may be enforced as necessary. This will give members new ad packs, new positions in the system, and more income potential. This also ensures that the program is indefinitely sustainable. This feature does not benefit program owners or admin as all profits from purchases are distributed to members instantly.

Unlimited multiple income streams is definitely the way to do it. I’m impressed after reading the above, taken off of the main website.

Ad Pack Pro International – Online Advertising platform with added value for entrepreneurs

AdpackPro – Online Advertising platform with added value for entrepreneurs – swiss made for smart consumers, who will find attractive offers in every sector here.

Adpackpro is an advertising venue created by OneVision Holding AG. Offering advertisers cashback on their adpack purchases. Official launch was on April 9th 2016

Company information:
– OneVision Holding AG. Registered holding company in Switzerland. UID: CHE- 351.100.524

>> Adpacks costs 25 € with a cashback of 30 €.
>> You receive 10.000 exposures and 100 clicks on your advertisement.
>> min 1 adpack and max 3000 packs (membership required if you want to earn from more than 10 adpacks).
>> Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club are accepted cards. The company do not deal with e- processors or e-wallets.
>> Withdraw directly to your current bank account or Avoid the banks and order your two OneVision VIP Cards Mastercard and Maestro.
>> Click 10 ads daily to be qualified for the next day.
>> 2 level referral commissions (1st level 11% and 2nd level 7%)
>> referral rotator system (you can get referrals from the company)
>> No Monthly subscription

Dear Members – Payza Funds Frozen

Dear Members,
Mostly Users Invested using Payza. our payza funds is frozen and they ask to us for some Documents. Today we sent required Documents to payza. Hope they will release our funds Very Soon. Kindly bear with us we will process All pending withdrawals very soon.
Sorry for Inconvience.
Arnold Foley (Admin)
Hourly AdsRevenue

FutureAdPro Landing Page Video (English)

Are you interested in making money online: without having to sponsor a single person? without having to sell anything to anyone? If you like to participate in the company’s total success and turnover starting from day 1.. well look at you!!  You are EXACTLY at the right place at the right time!!

CI Champions – 35 Days To 200 Silver Packs?

CI congrats
CI Champions Rajeev & Suchithra

Hey CI champions,

Please help me congratulate the fastest 3 Star leader rank achievers in my team (hit 200 silver packs in 35 days) Rajeev Kanumarath and Suchithra(Rajeev’s Better half)..!!

Rajeev and Suchithra, you are leading by example..well done..! Wish you all the best for your journey to 4 Star leader..!! I am proud of you..!!!

News And Updates From Beon Push

Official news from today’s (BEON PUSH) webinar with Ferki and German leaders
1.) There is 250 000 active Accounts with BOP and only around 53 000 Payza/Payeer accounts connected to them – which means 5:1 ratio, which is unacceptable to company. YOU MUST CONNECT PAYZA AND/OR PAYEER ACCOUNT TO YOUR BOP ACCOUNT IN SETTINGS. So this is priority for all members now!!!
2) Payeer API problem is still not fixed, it will be done in next 7-10 days.
3) BeonCard establishment- as we voted, Beonpush decided to introduce its own prepaid card, which will be only for withdrawal purposes! Date of releasing is still not known.
4) Future of Beonpush:
Beonpush is no longer startup Company, it achieved great growth and with it comes more obligations, therefore company has established some goals- first of them is to maintain RTB development and to have Big role in selling of smartphones- 3 million phones by the end of 2017. All this and more will be discussed on new leaders meeting in Macedonia, at the end of July.
5) Premium + memberships will be activated after Macedonia meeting.
6) there is still some minor bugs to be fixed in some Accounts, if you see them, don’t worry, they will be solved.

BeonPush News & Updates
BeonPush News & Updates

How To Build Your BeonPush Business? Use A Marketing System

Here is a free marketing system that people can use to build the BeonPush Business, or any OTHER business they want.. or ALL of their different programs at the same time. (yes, i know, good stuff.. right?)

Click here. (it’ll open in a new window or tab)

You can create unlimited pages like this or for any company.. or NO company.. just a generic page to gather some opt-ins for whatever it is that you do.