Ads.Cash Coins Will Be Sold With Bitcoins

Purchase of coins on launch day and beyond will be using bitcoins
Some of the sites from where you can pick up bitcoins and get yourself funded so you are ready are :

For USA , Canada , UK –
For Australia,Newzealand – Cointree.Com
For India – ,
For Philippines –
For Singapore –
For Malaysia –
For Nigeria And Africa –
For Dubai and rest of UAE –
9.For Rest of the world –

After you set this up you need to move your bitcoins to Adscash so you can purchase the coins.

2 Ways To Get Paid Through Ads.Cash

***** Ads.Cash Compensation Plan Rough Preview *****

Hey Folks – I know many of you have been asking about the compensation plan document and while the content team is still working on it , I managed to get a quick screenshot for your reference

There will be primarily 2 ways to earn through Ads Cash

1) Buying AdsCash For A X Price And Then Selling It Later At A Higher Price

Example : you pick up 100,000 coins at launch ICO price of 2.5 cents for $2500 and later sell it at $2.5 when we go on our own blockchain and exchange

You just made about $250,000 and hence a profit of $247,500

If you sell when we hit $25 , you just made $2,500,000 and so on

2) By Building Teams And getting Paid Up to 7 Levels Deep And Infinite Width At Each Level

You Can Earn Flat 10 % On level 1 , 4 % On Level 2 , 3 % On Level 3 , 2 % on Level 4 And So On ( Refer To The Chart below )

The Levels Will Open Up Based on # Of Coins You own !

This Creates A Self Moving Downline And Duplication On Autopilot

You Will Really Need To Focus On Your Level #1 And Keep Buying As Many Coins As You Can !

Then Tell Your Level #1 People To Do The Same And you Will Start Expierencing Duplication Throughout Your Entire Organization

Keep It Simple 🙂

We will be adding more bells and whistles to the comp plan in form of ranks and rewards and recognition based on X amount of Volume in sales , ranks reached etc and they are being worked on as we speak
but this is the crux of it….

Some of the leaders here already have 1000’s and 1000’s of people at each level and I can easily see people making $1k/day to upto $100k/day or more on launch and beyond !

We are crossing over 3,000 Signups A Day Now and shortly will hit 5,000 signups a day and beyond !

Presentation Languages coming shortly in a lot of languages and prospecting videos

Get focussed , take massive action and get busy building massive teams

And Before we launch , make sure you have enough bitcoins to purchase coins on launch day

Tell your teams to do the same

Keep it simple

See you on top

Thanks And Regards

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Keep It Simple: Grab AdsCash Affiliate Link And Share With Everyone You Know

Welcome to the Team,
Read all post from CEO Nick Johnson
to get updated on the Fast Moving Train. During Pre-Launch keep it simple grab your affiliate link and share with everyone. Super easy promotion they can signup FREE & They are getting 100 FREE AdCash coins which will start off being worth 2.5 cents. It will be the only Cryptocurrency coin dedicated the online advertising a Trillion Dollar Industry. The higher the circulation the stronger the coin will be which also means the value increases. So it’s up to us 😀
Bitcoin didn’t start with such a team as the team we have here.
And Bitcoin started off being worth pennies per coin now look at it
like $1200 a coin. So lets build this like our financial lives depend on it because it could. Again Welcome, NO NEGATIVITY, NO WEBSITE LINKS, TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT. And last but not least have fun and build a dream income.

Great AdsCash News: New Investor Board Absorbs Pending Withdrawals

Our new investor board after repeated requests have decided to absorb the pending withdrawals also !

So very shortly your pending withdrawls will start getting cancelled and you will be able to purchase coins using your gold coins balance once we launch in about 3 weeks….

Its time for all of you to reach out to every one in your CI downline , get them pumped about the vision of Ads.Cash and tell them what we have coming

Ads Cash is now at 3000 signups a day and in next few days we will start crossing 5000 signups a day and then 10000 signups a day

People are loving the vision ,the concept , the idealogy behind it , the marketing side of entire company and grabbing on to the chance of 10xing to 100xing their wealth in the next 12 months using as a platform as the coin goes from ICO launch price of 2.5 cents to $2.5 and beyond…..

Get focussed , take massive action and lets make 2017 your best financial year ever

Nick Johnson

Ads.Cash: The Whole World Is Waking-Up To The Potential Of CryptoCurrency

Which All Languages You Guys Would Like To See Ads.Cash Power Point Presentation Translated Into ?

At this point in time we are getting them translated into Arabic , Chinese , Spanish , Italian , German , French , Japanese , Tagalog , Hindi , Greek

Let me know if we are missing out here on any languages where you guys will like to see presentation material translated into

Unlike Other companies who focus on one country and then expand , we want to do this at speed of light

I know its going to be complex and will take way more efforts but looking at the global momentum in the crypto currency world, we just want to play this game fast and create wealth for everyone involved here beyond their wildest imagination

Imagine each one of you getting 100k coins for about $2500 at ICO pricing and each coin hitting $10 in next 6 months when we will go to exchange with our own blockchain , thats right there a million $$$ for each one of you with just $2500 investment

As leaders if you want to start local meetings in your area and need them to be listed on company’s website , let us know

We will be shortly creating a meeting calendar section where we would be adding global meetings country by country

We are also working towards opening 5 global offices to begin with and keep adding more every month

Most probably we will start with Singapore , Dubai , India , UK And USA and expand from there

If you want to see our office in your country and you have a big team already starting to build up , let me know in the comments below and the country name will be added in consideration list….

The whole world is waking up to the potential of cryptocurrency

Whether it’s UK , HK , India ,Dubai , Singapore , USA , anywhere and everywhere – everyone is talking about bitcoins , altcoins , the fortunes being made etc etc

This is the opportunity folks

Lets get focussed like we have never been before , work like we have never worked before in our lifes and create wealth like we have never done before

Opportunties don’t come for ever and now once you have got one , make the best use of it

Spread your links everywhere , tell your teams mates to do the same and get ready to pick as many coins as you can on launch day

Lets do this

Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

P.S Tag everyone in your post so they are in loop with developments

India , USA , Nigeria , Spain , Pakistan On Fire And Many More Countries Joining The List

Love The Global Momentum

India , USA , Nigeria , Spain , Pakistan On Fire And Many More Countries Joining The List !

We will make this the biggest prelaunch of 2017

We are just getting warmed up here

Lineups this week – Comp Plan Docs , Presentation Material Being Translated In Multiple Languages Around The World , New Video Coming …
Answering Few Questions Here

1) When will you be able to purchase ads cash ?

From the day we start the launch at ICO price of 2.5 cents which
will increase gradually based on the circulation and applications

2) Payment processor’s being used ?

100 % bitcoin purchase and all commissions
will be payed out using Bitcoins

3) Compensation Plan Document ?

Document coming out this week but in nutshell the plan will pay you
7 levels deep in matrix structure and the levels will open up based
on # of ads cash coins you have with maximum commissions on
level 1 and then increase as you go deep

4) Global Events For Ads Cash ?

Once we are done with the launch , in about 90 days we
will start having corporate teams travelling around the
world conducting global events

5) The Vision ?

To Become #1 Crypto currency in the world in online advertising space

What bitcoin is to the world of investing ,
we will become to the world of online advertising

6) Target Price Point ?

We are hopeful to reach atleast $1 to $5 in about 90-120
days from now and $10-$30 in 12 to 24 months

Our ultimate target price in next 3 years will be $100 per coin
and we are already building a corproate team of techies ,
corporate relationship executives and so on……

As far as all of you affiliates are concerned ,
here is what I will say in simple words

There could not be an easier way than this to all of you to
become millionaires

All you really got to be doing is Buying the coin cheap in launch at ICO prices ,
holding it and then selling it off at your target price
This is the way many of you will easily 10x to 100x your investment
in next 12 months

So the more number of coins you pick in ICO stage ,
better it is for you

Think Bitcoins – people who picked bitcoins when it was less than a $1
and sold it at $1000 have already made 1000x their money
History can always repeat itself

Also the effort which you put right now in building your teams massively
will make you residual massive commissions for life….

Its easiest in prelaunch to build massive teams and it is that phase in a company
which only happens once

This is the time to work 12 hour days , send as many clicks as you can ,
do the maximum you can and not the minimum and just basically telling
everyone and anyone in the world about Ads Cash!

Time to get that time and financial freedom

Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

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More And More New Countries Opening Up – Ads.Cash

2,600+ Signups For The Day And Counting !

More And More New Countries Opening Up

Alexa rankings shooting through the roof

Leaders Sitting On The Sidelines Are Joining In Now !

They Can clearly see the power behind this concept !

They can see the vision of creating world’s first ethereum block chain based crypto currency to bring transparency in the online advertising world

They can see our honest intentions to help bring time and financial freedom to everyone involved here by leveraging the massive power of crypto currency industry

It’s time to help masses have a serious chance in this pursuit of wealth

Till now wealth was reserved for super talented or super rich who created wealth in industrial age and IT age

Now In the crypto currency age , more and more every day people like you and me are becoming millionaires and billionaires

Think about all those people who bought bitcoins at 0.0008 cents and sold at 8 cents or 0.80 cents to $8 or $80 or $800

They ended up making 100x to 1000x to 10000x to 1 million times of their money

I see a similar chance here

With our ICO price of 2.5 cents , the worst case scenario I see is we hitting $2.5 price in next 12 months and hitting exchanges and our own blockchain – best case scenario will be $25 or even $250

That’s potentially 100x to 1000x to 10,000 x of your investment

To lay it out in perspective and numbers

A Investment of $1000 = 40,000 coins at ICO price can potentially lead to $100,000 worst case to $1 million to $10 milllion in next 12 months

You can accordingly do your numbers

Yesterday I was chatting with a high profile businessman in Kuwait and they are planning to take 4 million coins on launch day = $100,00 as they can clearly see the potential

We have many people lined up already to pick a millions coins on launch day

And so many more to pick up 100,000 coins to half a million coins

Looking at the vision we have , looking at the dream corporate team which we are buidling , looking at the leaders we have coming on board – I am getting goose bumps to even think about what’s about to happen in next 12 months

To all my friends and family here , I would request you to focus and focus and focus like you have never before in your life

Starting now till we launch and after that also , Only focus on 2 things everyday

1) Picking up as many coins as you can and waiting for the right time to sell them off for potential 100x to 1000x to 10,000 x returns

To buy coins on launch day , you will need to have bitcoins ready

Some of the sites from where you can pick up bitcoins and get yourself funded so you are ready are :

For USA , Canada , UK –
For Australia,Newzealand – Cointree.Com
For India – ,
For Philippines –
For Singapore –
For Malaysia –
For Nigeria And Africa –
For Dubai and rest of UAE –
9.For Rest of the world –
Purchase bitcoins using credit card/debit card – , ,

2) Sharing your referral links everywhere , talking about this to everyone you can , messaging everyone you can , posting as many online ads as you can and so much more

The bigger the teams you will create now , more will be the profits you will accumulate in the next 12 months

Lets do this

You Guys / Gals With Me ?

Comment below if you are 🙂

Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

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How It Looks When You Sponsor People Into AdsCash Coin

Dear  Curt Miller,

You have just sponsored a new AdsCash coin member, personally!!!

Please find more details of your referral-

Email :

Phone Number : +1-8145555436

Name : Heavy Hitter

Kindly contact them and make sure they are able to verify their email address to assure authenticity.

Once verified you can give them a walkthrough with the process of Buying Adscash >Utilizing them in the system> Clicking Their Ads With Overall Understanding Of The System! Also Share your Adscash story and offer your support.

Some people need more specific directions than others, so the only way to know what they need is to ask and assist them on every step!

The more support you offer, the more successful you will be as a leader.

Keep up the great work and whatever you do, keep driving traffic to your Adscash referral links so you can grow your referral commissions!

With each person you introduce to Adscash, you are also indirectly introducing their circle of influence, which means more eyes on your advertisements, and potentially more money in your pocket!

You are doing great!


Team Adscash

Adscash Foundation is a Non Profit entity for maintaining and improving the AdsCash protocol

Adscash Foundation is a Non Profit entity for maintaining and improving the AdsCash protocol.

AdsCash cryptocurrency is mined on the same platform where Ethereum is mined.It is a programmable blockchain in which smart contract can be made and implemented.

Ethereum node runs the EVM in order to maintain consensus across the blockchain. The blockchain transfers value and information between accounts. Users must pay small transaction fees to the network. These “miners” are nodes in the network that receive, propagate, verify, and execute transactions and group them in a “blocks”, and miners then compete with one another for their block to be the next one to be added to the blockchain.

Miners are rewarded with ether for each successful block they mine. Every 12 seconds, on average, a new block is added to the blockchain with the latest transactions processed by the network. Adscash uses Dagger-Hashimoto hashing algorithm using Proof Of Work.Reward for mining will become half in every 0.25 years that is 3 months.Estimated Total Adscash coin that will be mined is 168150937.5 coins in span of 3 years. 3 million coins are premined and reserved for Adscash Foundation.

You Have Been Awarded 100 Free ADS Cash Coins

Congrats – You Have Been Awarded 100 Free ADS Cash Coins

As A Note Of Saying Thank You For Participating In This Mega Pre- Launch of World’s First Ethereum Blockchain Based Smart Contract ( Ads Cash Coin) Dedicated For The Online Advertising World

You Can See Your ADS Cash Coin Balance In The Wallet Section On Left Hand Side

Soon You Will Be Able To Purchase More Ads Cash Coins At Staging ICO Price

Stay Tuned For More Details

Till Then Get Busy Building Your Teams In This Prelaunch

Your Referral Links Are Ready And Also Done For You Email Copies/SMS / Message Copies Which You Can Start Blasting All Over The Internet