Using One Revshare Program To Build Another? Yessir!!

If you are already doing revshares then this is great for you because you can grow your business faster than you already are.. the way that you are doing it now.. with revshare programs that you are in.

How often do you find a cool sponsor who will give you cashbacks on the commissions that he or she generates from your purchases and re-purchases? Not every day, I’m guessing.

The only qualification at the current time is that you are a registered member of FutureAdPro.

After you register info FAP (FutureAdPro) we are connected for good. This is where I can offer you the cashbacks from.. no matter what other revshare program we are working with!!

Here is where you can go to join other revshares: – Once you are in FAP and at least 1 other revshare program then we can do business.

Go into your other revshare and buy some adpacks. Buy as many adpacks as you can, comfortably. The sooner I’m earning commissions from your adpack purchases and adpack reputchases the sooner I can send you money (code) through FutureAdPro  for adpacks and membership upgrades in the matrix system.

AdPack Empires: Easier Way To Get RevShare Momentum

We all know how discouraged some people get when they first begin a revshare program not understanding that AdPacks expire. They get these unrealistic expectations based on “adpack earnings” that they might have seen on somebody’s facebook page or wall.

The reality hits them that the person who introduced them actually had something else working in his or her favor. The advantage of referrals. Having a referral will make somebody earn much faster than if they had no referrals.. by far.

Having many referrals will skyrocket your adpack earnings and make them super-impressive to show to others, in the attempt to get more and more people to join them.

Not everybody is good at referring others. In fact, most people suck at it. This is why I created AdPack Empires

Buying adpacks is something that not everybody is accustomed to, yet. It hasn’t hit the mainstream, yet. But I do believe it will. I wouldn’t mind being partially responsible for helping to bring it to the masses.

I want to help people to more easily build-up their adpacks. I’ll just take the content straight from the website:

“Revshare programs are a great way to get traffic to your websites to build your business. We all need to get visitors to our pages if we plan to get business or create sales or generate leads.

Traditional advertising, though, costs you money. Most people don’t like to pay for advertising and this is why they are never able to build an online business. What if there was an easier way to get your business off of the ground?

There is!! It is called “cashback advertising”. Basically here is the process:

1.) Join a cashback program
2.) Purchase advertising (AdPacks) and assign credits to your website(s)
3.) Get hits/visitors to your website(s) while earning whatever it was that you spent on AdPacks BACK… PLUS some profit on top of this
4.) Use your commissions to make a “re-purchase” every time you have enough for another AdPack.
5.) Doing this builds-up BOTH your traffic to your website(s) AND your AdPack earnings inside of that revshare program.
6.) Building a TEAM multiplies your earnings BIG TIME!!!

This – my friend – is the BEST way to leverage yourself into residual traffic & earnings. AdPack Empires was created to make this even SWEETER.

As your sponsor – what if I were use the referral commissions that I earn from you to PAY YOUR WAY into another revshare? Well, this is EXACTLY what I intend to do.. talk to me.”


The above was taken straight from my website AdPack Empires.

I also have a FanPage and a Group for AdPack Empires (AE) if you want to get in touch with me and build your traffic and your earnings at the same time.

Good Revenue Sharing Company Or Just Another Ponzi Scheme?

How To Know If Your Favorite RevShare Is A Ponzi

Learn how the advertising revenue sharing industry came into being, understand the key components of a viable revshare, and learn the key danger signs that an advertising revshare is not viable. Learn what is a ponzi scheme dressed up as a revshare, and how to know which advertising revshare companies are truly legit — Secret: There are no more than 10.

For beginners and for those who have struggled in an online business, revenue sharing programs offer a great way to “earn while you learn.”

Here is practical advice on how to avoid risk, and best use the limited number of quality advertising revshares and why it is important to you using them to build up your online business successfully using advertising Revenue Sharing programs.


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Proving To The People That RevShare Traffic Actually Works

Up til now I’ve been buying adpacks in several different revshare programs (they are all listed within this blog) and basically promoting so that I could build big teams in each of the revshares.

My strategy was ALWAYS to find a way to prove it to the people that rev share traffic actually works and that we aren’t all just buying it to make money on the cashback incentive that these programs offer to us.

Up til now, I hadn’t found a product that I felt strong enough about to make this happen. Because of this, I just kept on promoting the idea of buying adpacks in the various revshare programs and that was it.

This is all changed now. I will be showing to the world that you can use rev share traffic to build a biz other than another rev share program.

(Yes it seems silly to promote revshare programs inside of other revshare programs, but almost everybody is doing it!! Only thing was – I was doing it different than they were. I wasn’t just advertising the actual company replicated sites… like almost every one of the other members was doing in there.)

Now – I have my coffee to see. It is both a product and an opportunity that I’ll be sharing with everybody.

I secured 4 coffee domains, so far, to get started:

and these two:

I’ll be promoting the Lean Java Bean Coffee.  So basically this blog and my other blogs will be sharing with people how I am promoting my coffee biz and what kinds of results I am seeing while doing so.

Believe me.. if the traffic from a revshare doesn’t work.. the last thing I want to do is promote it. Right? Why the heck would I do that? That wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.

We don’t want these useless revshares to continue to operate if they are just a money game. You agree, I’m sure.

Vitae Global Coffee Company Mixed With RevShare Traffic?

No matter what you are doing on the internet to make money – if you need to get people to your website in order to build your business – buying adpacks from rev share programs is a great way to get your word out there.

You need advertising to get your things seen. This is a requirement towards building a business whether online or offline.

I will probably be joining a coffee mlm soon and will be using revshare traffic to build my business. Traffic from revshares is the absolute best way to advertise things on the internet. Why? How can I say this? Because it is free. No.. it is BETTER than free!!

Yes – I will of course be using different social media sites to promote my coffee deal with everybody, as well – because this is, um, normal still. Here are some of them, the company is called Vitae Global.

But my focus will be to get them to my main coffee website which I have yet to create. There, I will have an opt-in form with a funnel for people to begin to get my emails.

I joined this coffee mlm so that I can prove to people that revshare views are not meaningless. For way too many people seem to think this.

When Your Revshare Program Isn’t Paying You Fast Enough

If your revshare program isn’t paying you fast enough then there are a few options that you have to change all of that. This is in general, but probably does apply to whichever revshare program or programs that you are in right now.

1.) First off, to increase your earnings in your program you can always buy more adpacks. I know it sounds simple but the very nature of every revshare program is to keep repurchasing more and more adpacks so that you get more advertising for your sites and to earn more money at the same time. The more “out-of-pocket” money you can throw in the better-off you’ll be in terms of speed in compounding your earnings withing the system.

2.) Secondly – you can get some referrals! Yes, this is actually the only good way to avoid the slow path to being in good situation in a rev share program. Relying on your own repurchases, alone, can take forever – especially if you don’t put-in too much money to begin with. You’d be surprised of the difference between having no referrals and having just 1 referral who works the business. It is like night and day.

3.) Join a program with a sponsor who will offer you cashback on your adpacks that you purchase. Yes, This is happens out there!! Ok, maybe they are had to find but if you are reading this, here, now.. then you just found somebody.   Me. I can hook you up. Yes there are rules and stipulations that I had to create to make it work right but you will appreciate what I have put together for people who want to build their AdPack Empires.

This group is within FaceBook, for the time being. But by the time you read this blogpost.. just in case we moved the group into FutureNet, this will be the AdPack Empire FutureNet Group.

Here is the direct URL:

This idea can remain into the future no matter which revshare companies are still in existance. We don’t rely on any 1 program. I learned that lesson a few years back. You never know what can happen inside of a program so you want to leverage yourself into multiple streams of revshare money.

All of these revshare programs are practically the same with different ways of trying to be different. Almost none have enough external revenue sources to sustain but they are all in the mode of looking for new avenues of money to flow in.

The bottom line is this: The more adpacks that are being bought/sold by you and your organization (levels-deep will vary from program to program) – the more money you will be making in that particular revshare company.

I have the plural version.. but what about the non-plural version:

If you are looking to build a brand around something, the last thing you want is to have other people owning domain names that would benefit you to have.. or more importantly, hurt you NOT to have.

My “brand” is build around “adpacks”, specifically “buying adpacks” or to “buy adpacks”.

Sure – I have the domain – and this blog here is plus I have the .biz and maybe another one, too. But I left a valuable idea on the table that I can’t afford to leave behind.

I have the plural version.. but what about the non-plural version: This is a biggie that I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t get that one for myself, as well.

Now, I didn’t forget about the or the or the or any of the others.. I was just guessing that nobody would come along and “take it” from me before I was able to snag it up.

The reason I thought this? Well, nobody even thought of so why the heck would they go for one that I figure is much less valuable? Right? is now mine. For now, it simply re-directs to I have it masked so that you don’t see the “s”.

Stay Focused On Your Revenue Sharing Team

The easiest thing in the world is to be distracted…Life is full of distractions, billions of them, every day. Being successful is often deciding that you are not going to fall for the distractions. Focus on what ever is important for you to achieve your goal. Stay focused no matter how hard it gets….Where your focus goes, your energy flows! YOU are the ONLY ONE who can make your life what you want it to be.
Never give up! Hold onto your vision and TAKE ACTION every day!

Focus on helping out your revenue sharing team. There, you KNOW that you are getting progress into the right direction!!

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