Don’t waste your life doing something you hate when you can create your own economy

Life is too short to be stuck in a 9-5 watching the clock and wishing your life away !

You only have to do a couple of things to change your life..

1) Face your fear

2) Self educate

So in other words learn and take massive action..

Your fears are only illusions in your head and the truth is that nobody in business is going to judge you because we have all been in the same place where we had to let go of our ego and just do what we know is necessary regardless of how it makes us feel !

Nervousness is something we can overcome with practice so it’s a right of passage for us to just face up to our fears and realise that it’s really an inward illusion.

Education is important to give us the authority that we need when communicating so there is no excuse as everything we will ever need is at our fingertips ! It’s called google.. the more you know the greater your authority and earning potential!

So don’t waste your life doing something you hate when you can create your own economy by simply educating yourself and facing up to your fears!

If I could do it then anyone can do it..

Many people ask me how to succeed at making money online

There are many key factors that contribute to Success. MINDSET is the first and most important. You MUST have a positive mindset. I found that listening to Motivational speakers helps me to get in, and stay in alignment with staying focused and positive.
Many people ask me how to succeed at making money online. Well, my answer is that with ANY business online or off, it starts with your foundation. Just like building a house, you must have a strong foundation. It starts with YOU, Trust and Believe in yourself and Take Action!
This video made me cry when I first listened 2 years ago. It is powerful! I often listen to it while at the gym. Listen every day for 30 days and begin to see your life change.
Much Love and Abundance To You!

Join A Good Revshare And Get Yourself Some Ad Packs

Join A Good Revshare And Get Yourself Some Ad Packs

What Are Ad Packs? How Do Ad Packs Work? Why Buy Them?

Ad Packs work just like regular internet advertising packages sold on the internet, in that you get a certain number of page views, clicks, or impressions (or a combination of these) to your websites and/or banners.

Ad Packs work “better” than regular internet ads in that, unlike traditional adverts you purchase somewhere – where you aren’t sure about what kind of results you might get and you could totally blow your cash seeing nothing at all – with revshare ad packs you don’t have to worry about that nearly as much.

A “revshare” is a program that shares it’s revenue with you (us).

Buy Ad Packs Because they Offer Cashback Profitshare

Yes, THAT is the reason to actually buy ad packs, because unlike the other forms of advertising you’ll actually get money back from your adspend. Not just some of your money, and not just the exact amount of your money… you’ll get usually between 110%-120% of your adspend, depending on the specific revshare program.

This “cashback profitshare” gets paid back to you, slowly, as you click ads in the system to remain qualified each and every day.

As soon as you reach enough for another ad pack, the best thing you can do is make a repurchase. The continual process of doing this creates a compounding effect. You see, you are earning on an additional ad pack, now.

The momentum you create by doing this can get super-crazy in such a good way for you. It’ll become a powerful “force” for you. It’ll create a sort of “advertising power”.. I like to refer to it as an “Ad Pack Empire”!!

That is what ad packs are and why you buy them. Do you need any more of a reason than that? If you do any kind of business on the internet I think that you will benefit from revshare advertising. I totally feel that revshares and ad packs are the way of the future here on the internet.

RevShare (Ad Pack) Advertising Isn’t The Most Effective Type Of Advertising

I don’t want to mislead anybody, here. I’m definitely telling you that you’ll get the best or even very good results by advertising in a revshare site. In fact, you could get lots and lots of ad packs and still not see much in terms of results for the business you are trying to promote (if you are trying to promote a different business).

The KEY, or SECRET, is to keep repurchasing those ad packs. Even if you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you were hoping for – as long as it doesn’t kill you to spend money or to have money in the revshare system(s) – as build your number of adpacks things will get better and better for you.

By continually doing a repurchase of ad packs in a rev share site you will eventually get to a point where you are seeing results AND making money from the rev share site AT THE SAME TIME!!

So – you’ll go from seeing little or nothing at first – to getting both signups/referrals and sales while actually earning money from those ad packs. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!!

This was just a post to encourage you. Many get discouraged easy, especially with all of the stuff that they see, hear, and are exposed to online.

It doesn’t really matter how bad the advertising is if you know that you are not losing money in the process. Once you get those ad packs built-up you will eventually see good stuff happening.

Most people are just afraid to lose money, which is quite understandable. I feel ya.

Get Your RevShare Team To Join CoinMama Affiliate Program


Coinmama offers an easy, fast & secure way of purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Join our new affiliate program and get paid in Bitcoins! Better yet – Get Your RevShare Team To Join CoinMama Affiliate Program

With the Coinmama affiliate program, affiliates earn Bitcoins, while helping us gain new satisfied customers.

How does our affiliate program for Coinmama work?

  • Earn 15% of Coinmama’s commission on ALL of your referrals purchases including all their future purchases – forever!
  • Bitcoins will be transferred to your wallet address every two weeks or on demand.
  • Our affiliate program has NO LIMITATIONS! The more customers you refer, the more Bitcoins you earn.
  • Payouts will be paid only after 3 successful orders made by at least 3 different users.

The process is fast and easy:

  1. Register
  2. Send customers to our website with your customized referral link:
    (Looks like this:
  3. At the end of the week, we will send your commissions to your Bitcoin wallet!

Using Bitcoin To Get Your AdPacks – The Easy Way To Begin Your Rev Share Earnings

Using Bitcoin To Get Your AdPacks – The Easy Way To Begin Your Rev Share Earnings

It is no secret that Bitcoin is the way to make your online purchases nowadays. If you’ve been using, and putting-up with payment processors up til now, you will truly the evolution of the bitcoin purchase ability that exists out there today.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t know didly-squat about Bitcoin, yet, myself. I’ve only been watching it dominate the internet, now, for like the last 12 months. They are even creating business opportunities based around buying and selling Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoins With Credit Card Or Cash, In Minutes – Then Buy Your AdPacks? Yep.. it is THAT easy

You can buy your bitcoins here. This will make it really easy for you if you are looking to buy ad packs for that revshare program you are dying to get started with. Or any other biz opp – many of them now accept bitcoin and before long, they all will. It’ll be a requirement to use bitcoin or you’ll be out of business, pretty much.

The website that I’m referring you to buy your bitcoin is called  You will need yourself a wallet to place your bitcoin into, though.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Having the ability to purchase this bitcoin by cc or cash makes it so much easier for the business person to implement his or her decisions. It is so confusing, sometimes, trying to move money around online. I try to avoid it at almost all costs. (Pun was intended)

In case you don’t have a wallet to hold your bitcoin, you can get a free bitcoin wallet here:

So there you have it. Buy your bitcoin and send it to your wallet. Then you can log-in to your favorite rev share programs and start to work your business. Most revshares accept bitcoin and pay commissions in bitcoin now. Those that still don’t, won’t be in business much longer.

Sign-Up To FutureAdPro RevShare: I Reached 100 AdPacks, Myself

YES! Reached 100 adpacks in FutureAdPro RevShare in 6 months! I set myself targets, got my plan in place, and have stuck to it! I’ve added cash in, I’ve taken payments out, but I’ve made sure at the end of each month the number I set myself was where it should be. I’m growing it at my own pace, and enjoying the flexibility of Futurenet. The only pressure in this business, is what you put on yourself. And only you can make it succeed for you. Grow it fast, grow it slow, .. it’s up to you!

What ISN’T up to you, though, is the fact that you can’t earn money with the company unless you sign-up into it first.

Upon sign-up to FAP RevShare with the links here on this page you’ll be instantly placed onto my team and your sponsor will be notified by email.

You’ll also have contact with your sponsor and further upline, when you log in and look around inside of the FutureNet site.

Here is the direct URL, as well:

Amanda Bakewell's photo.
Amanda Bakewell's photo.

Then finally it comes and you can purchase the newest ad pack

You know it wonderful day when you are only minutes or even a couple hours away from getting a new ad pack.

But it also a hard wait sometime waiting for that dollar or 5 cents you need to advance to a new adpack when it comes down to under an hour especially in the wee hours in the morning when you want to go to sleep but can’t because you have to wait to get that new ad pack or else. You do everything to stay awake and you are trying so hard. Then finally it comes and you can purchase the newest ad pack and go to sleep with a smile on your face.

Luckily for me today I will be just hours from getting my newest ad pack while it still sunny outside. Less than 6 dollars to go, yippee.