MyPayingAds Making Move Closer Towards Sustainability

No need to surf as the maintenance is going on. It won’t affect the earnings as there are no sales.

And to all the whining members, have you forgotten the time when you were all thanking and praising the man “Uday Nara” for creating such wonderful business? Have you people forgotten the time when he was the one who got back the fund seized by paypal, you were praising even then? Have you forgotten your praise and happiness when the Leadership Commission was introduced? Are you people this much ungrateful that MPA is standing strong for the past Two Years and introducing new things for the benefit of the members?

If you think, this is a money making machine and you should take it as a primary source of income, you all are the dumbest people ever.

If you people can’t support and only think about themselves selfishly, then you can move out any time taking 200% of your seed, no one is forcing you to stay but don’t whine in here, suggesting do this do that or creating chaos by illogical assumption marking Uday a scammer for no reason.

I’ve read the comments and all posts for the past two days and felt sad for Human Psychology to get such 180° turn in just a flick of second.

One suggestion, its a great move for the sustainability, So, adapt, embrace and stand supportive to the man who is working hard for hours to make the system stand again with proper functionality.

Yeahh, the transition could have been smooth and slow but a pessimist person will always whine, no matter whatever good be done.

As one of the post says, “When the Strong Wind blow, Some People build Walls and Others build Windmills”.

#SupportUdayNara #MPAVision

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TheAdsTeam TeamBuilding Has Just Become More Lucrative

TheAdsTeam TeamBuilding Has Just Become More Lucrative – New Features in TAT:

Launched in October 2016 with a concept and a vision of making this industry better and today with the help of all of you we are standing strong at more than 75,000 users worldwide. Members base increasing at 400-600 members per day and sales are going strong.
We wanted to make a change in the industry by building a Solid Long-Term platform and we are very proud to say that we have achieved it. TAT is one of the best in the industry and now its time to take TAT to a whole new level and make it the best in the industry.
In order for us to achieve it we need to innovate, anticipate and plan for next 1-2 years right now. We have been in discussions with our consultants, Leaders and industry experts on different options of how to achieve our long-term goals. We were presented with few recommendations and suggestions, we analyzed them and are now ready to implement these new features which we all believe that will not only make this company the best in the industry but also make this platform long term and stable which people can promote with full confidence.

Following new features will be implemented in coming few days;

1- Unlimited Withdrawals on Commissions:
You will be able to withdraw your commissions on all new purchases happening in your Level 1 & Level 2 with no daily limit.
Note: You need to have minimum 10 packs ($50 packs) to benefit from this feature.
This feature will help Team builders to benefit even more from the program. People will never stop promoting the plan and company will keep on growing at a fast pace. We do not want a situation where all our top promoters have maxed out and lost interest in promoting because it does not make any financial sense to them. We do not want them stop encouraging, motivating and guiding people on the platform. With this new feature we will never have this scenario and Leaders and promoters will always be promoting and pushing this program which is a really powerful news.

2- Commission Levels:
Commission on Fresh sales will be paid on 2 levels. 8% on Level 1 & 2% on Level 2.
Repurchase will be only paid on 1 level i.e, 8%.
It makes more sense for business, less burden on our system and will bring our company in line with the standard industry practice.

3- Withdrawal Limits:
You will be able to withdraw maximum 2 times of your own purchases. Once you have withdrawn 2 times your purchase, your Adpacks will be paused (not made 0 or frozen, there is big difference). As soon as you make a new purchases using your processor or using commissions from Fresh sales, all the Adpacks including new and paused will start giving you revenue share again and you will be able to withdraw 2 times of that purchase. Lets look at 3 scenarios to understand how it will work;

a) Lets say You start with $1000 (20 Adpacks) with no Team and kept on building your account to a certain level and then started withdrawing untill you have withdrawn $2000. Your remaining Adpacks will be paused. Lets say you buy another $500 worth of Adpacks, now all your packs including the new ones and paused ones will start giving your revenue share and you can start withdrawing again and repeat the process.
b) Lets say you have already withdrawn 2 Times your purchase amount, in this case your Adpacks will be paused, you can either buy new packs using processor or get New Sales commissions from downline to buy new packs and start withdrawing again.

This new feature combined with existing Leadership position withdrawal Limits will help you make more than what you are making right now. All your team will be making new purchases and you will keep on making new sales commissions. Sky is the Limit.

4- Processor Fees:
a) We managed to get 1% reductions on purchased made with Payza because of our excellent track record with them. New fees will be reduced from 4.99% to 3.99%.
b) There will be 2% fees on purchases made via BTC to cover the costs and fluctuations in daily price.

Our programmers are working on these features and we will let all of you know when we are ready to implement this.

Dont forget to watch our updates video;

TheAdsTEAM Project

Another MPA Question And Answer About Referral Commissions

MPA Question: I get only 5% referral commission these days ! It is observed that it is happening after 12th February/2017 . Why it is so happening ? When my downline buy $10 adpacks i get only $ 0.5 ! Please help me.

Answer from MPA member: Feb 11, 2017, the commission structure changed for MPA:
Commissions offered in internal purchases is 5%
and can only be used for internal purchases and the commissions, on payment processors purchases is 10% (goes to cash balance) and it is fully withdrawable,
if needed. Also, this is additional to regular $200 per day withdrawals from Adpack earnings.

Users Rewarded Both In Skill Improvement And Monetary Gain

Hello 10AdsPay family…

Meanwhile our technical team fix all the glitches and issues to bring back the system back on track, earn some extra rewards by participating in these small tasks…

Not only this benefit our company, but also rewards the user both by skill improvement and monetary gain 🙂

Don’t miss it.. Already few members got rewarded 😀

It’s your turn… 😉


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10AP Addressing Issues So Rewards Sharing Model Brings Parity

Dear 10AdsPay Family,

As you are aware that we have recently upgraded our site with major enhancements to improve our ad-network and content deliveries. Though the implementation was seamless but our members are experiencing some technical teething issues with this upgrade which is being taken care by our team and all the issues reported so far is targeted to be resolved shortly.

We also understand that this upgrade was done with short notice which has understandably caused some inconvenience and trouble to our members and without proper training videos in place this upgrade has caused a level of dissatisfaction amongst our valued user community.

We are accepting the fact that our planning has not gone well and it has impacted our business and we will take utmost care in planning such upgrades going forward, however, this upgrade was highly demanded and required to make our business strong and much more compliant.

This enhancement was aimed to improve the delivery of our digital products and to keep a tap on fraudulent activities to safeguard our rewards sharing model.

Due to several issues reported after this major enhancement, there has been an impact on our sales across various ad-packs and at the same time sales are moving fast to our newly launched product called ‘Cloud Crypto Mining Booster’ due to high demand and members support towards the sustainability of company (as net earnings from the sales of this product will be used to procure third party cloud mining services and this will add to the company’s external revenue source stream).

The sales on other digital products are experiencing sluggishness and this is the reason the rewards sharing from those ad-packs are low as well. We are working with our core team of consultants to address these issues so that rewards sharing model will bring parity amongst digital products.

Meanwhile, we are trying to revisit our technical and business approach we urge our loyal members to be patient and supportive as always. You have always supported and loved 10AdsPay at every stage, we at 10AdsPay are sure that you will extend the same level of support while we work tirelessly on various suitable solutions, troubleshooting, clearing heavy ticket numbers as well as withdrawal backlogs.

Few speculative people are always witnessed around the business and none of the business is un-touched from them, the only suggestion from us is to avoid such speculations, our business is highly dependent on the trust and support of members, if members start to question business integrity then unknowingly or knowingly it will cause a severe damage to business and ultimately things will not go in anyone’s favour.

We have constantly delivered flawless service during the last 10 months and during this current phase of business we need patience and support from all our members, we have always overcome the challenges and stiff competitions in the business due to our business integrity and honest approach but we cannot do this without your support. We request each one of you to use your wisdom and experiences rather than be speculative, we are committed to provide you with top rewarding business and we will strive never to let our members down.

Let’s be supportive to each other and be positive all the time to overcome this temporary dullness.

On the other note, where we are seeing many support tickets and messages on pay-out processing time. To clarify once again we have 72 business hours processing time which means non-business working hours and Sat/Sun does not count in 72 hours processing time. Usually the requests processing time is well within this time frame but sometimes due to excessive backlog, availability of our team and high bitcoin price fluctuations this may get delayed further. So we requests our members to be patient and DO NOT create multiple support tickets regarding this questions as it creates huge backlog in our support queue and it also reduces our overall efficiency. We are also working on automating smaller payments upto 5$ so the withdrawal processing time can be balanced evenly.

Also we do fraudulent checks at a greater level while making pay-outs and this also adds up to the time, however we always try to deliver on time and improve our efficiency to bring higher satisfaction on-board. In line with this approach and when business is scaling up faster we are expediting smaller payment under 10$ much faster. We are changing our internal compliance and audit procedures to expedite smaller payments.

We hope this update will clarify many doubts and your constant support and patience is key to success. We are working on many things in a parallel and due to the size of our team vs business we will be moving accordingly however we are constantly ramping up our infrastructure, resources and staff to meet the ever-growing needs of our business.

We will keep you posted on new initiatives where 10AdsPay is involved. Your feedback is always and much appreciated so please do not forget to share your ideas.

Please stay tuned for some exciting updates on our new venture which we are working in parallel to keep business abreast with digital/crypto currencies, we will share more updates shortly.

Many Thanks

Don’t Make Money Your Goal – Pursue Things That You Love Instead

You can only become truly successful at something you love
Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love ..
Do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you

Its Really Awesome Guys..
Thanks to Uday Nara, Shaf Memon, Tanzeel Zia and Others in Admin and Support Team for Best Management and Support.
Long Live revshare program for giving such a awesome platform to us.

I Still Have A Long Way to go, but I’m Already So far from where I Used to Be and I’m proud of that.
Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make It Happen! 😀 💖 💙 💚

My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic

#MyPayingAds 🎼 🎵 🎶🎙 🎧 🎸

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