Calculating Time Of FutureAdPro AdPacks Extended From 15 To 30 Minutes

Our company is growing at a rapid pace! Due to its huge growth and dynamic sales of Adpack, we have decided to extend the time of performing calculations from 15 to 30 minutes, which will, in fact, improve the whole process for such big users community.
This change will not affect the amount of calculations.

FutureNet Team

Share This FutureNet Presentation With Everybody You Know

“This is how I explain FutureNet to everyone why they should join FutureNet, the next Facebook that pays the people in Bitcoin. Please practice sharing one on one with others this presentation and you will have massive success in FN!” – Ryan Conley

2 More FAP AdPacks: Approaching 100 Packs Slow But Steady

Purchased 2 more for 53 Adpacks total in FutureAdPro 
Approaching 100 slow but steady

“My Results are not Typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.”

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Don’t Get Discouraged When AdPacks Fall-Off


I forgot that i had bought about 36 more packs in the beginning of december, they just matured at $60 today. I was at 329 packs yesterday but 36 dropped off this morning. 😅

NOW this doesn’t mean i lost money or you guy lose money when this happened to you, it just mean that the company finally payed you in FULL for the packs, cuz a $50 will eventually reach $60 (at .50cents rate per day that’s about 120days till it reaches $60 from $0) that means you make $10 profit pretty much 20% of your investment minimum, but the key to double or triple your money is to COMPOUND! which means using the money within the system to buy another pack whenever your account reaches $50.

That’s why my total account balance A.K.A Commissions balance right now is at $16,707.44, from the $5500 i invested 5 months ago that’s not bad of a return….that’s what ULTIMATELY important cuz that’s YOUR money that you earned and can be withdrawn eventually.


Don’t Get Discouraged When AdPacks Fall-Off

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FAP: Upgrading Gives You 15% Commissions On AdPacks 5 Levels Deep

Don’t forget to Upgrade into the highest Membership in FutureAdPro as this gives you 15% commissions on Adpacks purchased over 5 Levels …. even if you do not have a big Team or not many adpacks yourself it can be very benefical for you as example… Purchse the highest Membership for 1 month for $16 or 6 month for $95 or 1 Year for $180 you will earn on every direct Partners purchase 8% commissions and on every 2nd Level Purchase 4% . You can pay for your Membership with the Money that you have sitting in the Advertising account! Go for 5 Level commission trust me its worth it.

PS: If you have no Team or you not building then its ok to upgrade as your adpacks grow 🙂

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$50 As Opposed To $10 FutureAdPro AdPacks

Question: Still actually confused by $10 adpacks in FutureAdPro. What I mean is, is there a point in them and are they truly of any benefit? I could buy 10 a month or 2 $50 adpacks. Your answers would be appreciated.

Answer:  if you could afford $50 adpacks you wouldn’t want to buy the $10 adpacks .$10 adpacks are there for those who can’t afford $50 adpacks

Answer: The purpose of $10 AdPacks was to help the poorer nations who economies are not at the same level as most western economies.. Think about average wages around Asia and India and you will see why they were added

Answer: Just stick with the $50 adpacks even if u max out the $10 ones ur only gonna make $10 per day..

Have at least one $10 one so u can earn commissions on it when ur members buy them but i think ur best of focusing on the $50 ones