Soft Teddy Bear Is Official Mascot Of FutureNet Foundation, Buy It From FNStore Now!

Soft teddy bear is the official mascot of the FutureNet Foundation. 

Do you remember that you will find FutureNet Foundation teddy bear in FNStore? 👉…/futurenet-foundation-teddy-…/

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Soft teddy bear is the official mascot of the FutureNet Foundation. This is a nice gadget for your collection and a great cuddly toy for the little ones. A well-exposed logo guarantees everyone’s interest. Do you want to change the world with FutureNet? Encourage others to join your network and help with us! By supporting the Foundation, you are changing the world for the better.

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Kacper Was Born With Innate Defect Of The Right Hand

Kacper is 3 years old. He was born with an innate defect of the right hand – lack of a hand. FutureNet Foundation donated funds for the prosthesis, which was put on the boy yesterday. Mama Kacpra reported that she is very happy with the new handle <3 We wish him a lot of baking!

You can become the hero of the Foundation >

Check Out Latest Top Donors Of FutureNet Foundation

Check out the latest TOP 5 Donors Ranking of the FutureNet Foundation! The list looks the same as a month ago. Thank you for being with us

1. 527610
3. PINE81216
4. KCO6287

You can also join the group of Heroes of FutureNet Foundation! Make any donation to the Foundation’s account: #NetworkThatHelps #FutureNet#FutureNetFoundation

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Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny Now Partnered With FutureNet Foundation

We reveal the secret! 🎉 FutureNet Foundation starts cooperation with the next University – Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny in Katowice.

The Foundation donated funds for specialist equipment – portable ultrasound apparatus. It will be used by students during classes.

You can also support scientific initiatives. Make any donation >

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Cooperation With Fundacja “Serca dla Maluszka” Foundation

Another Foundation we cooperate with is Fundacja “Serca dla Maluszka”.

The Foundation deals with many initiatives. Among other things, it collects funds for the rehabilitation of children, organizes food collections and supports Child Care Homes.

Another FutureNet Foundation partnership! We are happy to have such a successful cooperation!

Genesis Working With Underprivileged Children Suffering From Congenital Heart Defects

Great news! 📢 FutureNet Foundation (FF) started cooperation with another Foundation>

Genesis Foundation is based in India. They work with underprivileged children suffering from Congenital Heart Defects. Together we want to save as many little hearts as possible!

Meet The Children These Foundations Are Helping

Dolnośląska Fundacja Rozwoju Ochrony Zdrowia Dolfroz is another foundation, which cooperates with us. Meet the children, we are helping to – Lena, Alicja, Natalka, and Milosz. Together we can do more

You can help too. Donate any amount ->

#NetworkThatHelps #FutureNet #FutureNetFoundation

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Fundacja Mam serce – FutureNet Foundation Creating Smiles

Fundacja Mam serce – FutureNet Foundation Creating Smiles

Together with Fundacja Mam serce – FutureNet Foundation has been helping children for over one year now! We are happy to have such a successful cooperation!

You can read more about the pupils whom we help together here 👉

You too can help. Donate any amount >

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Kawa City Child Getting FN Foundation Help Now

We present you the first child that we are going to help in Asia!

Myat Phone Thinkha is only one year old. He comes from Kawa City in Burma. He is suffering from two congenital heart conditions.

Shortly after his birth he seemed healthy. But over time he did not gain weight and his skin was blue. His parents started looking for help. The diagnosis of the doctors was a serious heart disease. The boy is frequently tired. His lips, face and finger tips also turn blue whenever he cries.

“I want him to be a doctor someday. We did not get the chance to study at a good school and that’s why we didn’t notice Myat’s health problem. We hope he will grow up to be able to help others” – said his father.

You too can help. Donate any amount>>

#NetworkThatHelps #FutureNet #FutureNetFoundation

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FN Foundation Working With Child’s Dream Foundation

FutureNet Foundation expands its activity to another continent! We are starting to help in Asia.

We (FN Foundation) will work with Child’s Dream Foundation! Foundation supports live-saving operations and medical interventions for infants and children, aged 0-12, from Laos and Myanmar who have been born with critical congenital birth defects.

You, too, can help>

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