FuturNet’s VIP Tickets For Futuro Coin Launch Almost Gone

You won’t be able to land yourself any great tickets to the FutureNet Event in Macau this November.. in fact, there might not be any regular seats by the time you read this.

Somebody swooped-in and pretty much took them all.

The guy in pic below has team of 700 that will be there. This is crazy! He has a powerful organization.

The Futuro coin will be launched on November 25 at the event. I, myself, am happy to be sitting at home in front of my computer while the event takes place!

All Best Futuro Event Seats Taken Now
700 Seats To Futuro Event Taken By This Man

Excited About FUTURO, Branded FN Card

Some Interesting NEWS !

News from One of the top leaders and the news that is happening is unbelievable
for 1 the branded future net card 💳 is on test for the next two weeks
And a further two weeks after 
That Another trial so by September it
Will be ready for 🚀 for future net card with this card you will be able to do anything as long as you have money 💰
On the card you
Can transfer money onto it
Spend it anywhere where MasterCard is accepted I know lots of people have being waiting for this and it will very shortly
Happen .

2. Futuro is coming at the end of November in Macau 🇲🇴 the coin alone they
Are saying will
Bring in a further
2 million people
As it will be on 3 different public exchanges and you as you know if you are a royal member
Get 50 coins and a coin for every day that you are a member but what is also happening is
You will be able to buy lots of 100 packs 500
Packs and 1000
All the way up to 25,000 coins
Keep them trade them exchange them
For euro or bit coin it’s a whole
New ball play here and it’s fantastic .

Yes the severs
We’re down and
Our income was
Down with that
So because everything was
Down income across the board was down because
People were not buying ad packs etc that is now fixed
They have to have separate servers for China 🇨🇳 the Chinese people are on fire 🔥 you think we are busy in Europe they are producing 5000 royal 👑
Members a DAY
Yes I know hard to believe so
I wonder who is getting commission on that one 
Anyway there is lots happening
And to be honest there servers are doing
Very well but
When we go over 2/3 million
They will go down again purely to take the numbers
Future net will have 100 million people in time as it works and changes people’s life’s
Webinar tonight
From owner Stephen and Hugh Paul ward .

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FutureNet ROYAL: Getting Yourself To ROYAL In FN Is Quickest Route To Success

Published on Jul 21, 2017
FutureNet Global webinar with Hugh Paul and Stephan Morgenstern

Getting yourself to the ROYAL position is the best way for you to maximize your potential in the FutureNet opportunity, especially now that we have our FuturoCoin coming-out in November!

The additional income stream with the coin will bring users that wouldn’t necessarily care about a lot of the other things that this company offers. This coin should multiply the interest in this program by 10, 20, 50 or even 100 times what it is right now.

No matter what, though – get yourself registered for FREE if you are not even in the program yet. Introduce others (using your referral link) and begin to build a community over in FutureNet.

FutureNet Languages: Groups To Join

FutureNet Languages

FutureNet Languages: I plan to be able to direct people to a group no matter what language they speak. This is an ongoing process.

Engilsh (USA)
Urdu (not supported yet in FutureNet)

FutureNet Languages

Futuro Launch 2017: Start Your Own CryptoCurrency Business

What does it means, to start own business in the Crypto Currency Industry?
I will explaine you in a training Video very soon.
Start today learning about Crypto Currencys, Bitcoin, Blockchain and of course about the FutureNet Coin FUTURO.
Many people ask about the FUTURO. We will give you all answeres step by step.
We will launch the FUTURO end of 2017. But you can start NOW to build your Business with FutureNet!
Learn everything about FutureNet in our next webinar.
2017-05-25 / 7pm UK time

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Yesterday We Had Fantastic FutureNet Meeting In Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas, Viva FutureNet!!!
Yesterday we had a fantastic meeting with 35 Partners from the USA, China and South Korea here in Las Vegas. It was a pleasure to meet all of you.
I hope everybody enjoy the evening in the Four Seasons Restaurant too.
Today we will meet at 2pm in the Stratosphere Hotel Conference Center for another Meeting.
Can`t wait to see all of you again.
We will discuss with Roman and the US Leader bigger Event in the USA in the near Future! In July, Roman and me, we will fly to Hong Kong. In November, we will launch the FUTURO COIN in MACAO.
MUCH MORE will come!!!

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Image may contain: 13 people, people smiling, people standing, people sitting and indoor
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Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
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A Lot Of New Traffic Forces FutureAdPro To Upgrade Servers, Dubai

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Stephan LIVE here from Dubai. I want to give you a quick update for our new situation here in Dubai and I wanted to tell you a little bit about our challenges in FutureAdPro and our new servers.

Let me start with Dubai: I was here for a few days, together with Roman, we opened a few companies, opened here bank accounts we are still looking for different offices here in Dubai and we want to share these informations all about Dubai very soon with you in all details.

Maybe you saw it or maybe you get the information about we have some challenges with FutureAdPro server and the reason for this very easy we have so much new traffic that means that our old server was too small and we are switching now to new servers our IT team is hard working on that our server specialists are working hard on that and be patient it’s no problem, everything is fine in a few hours you will see that everything is working well fantastic like you expect it all the time. Yeah? So don’t worry about it! This was Stephan from Dubai. See you soon!  Buy-Bye!!




A Lot Of My FN Team Freaked-Out When Giant Revshare Got Shut Down

One of the reasons I’m doing quite well in FutureNet is because I didn’t give up.
When the other giant revshare got shut down everyone started freaking out and a lot of my team left FN but I honestly I didn’t really give a damn because I knew FN was different then most of the crap out there.
Also after the fallout of that major Revshare this group was also becoming very quiet and everyone started promoting something else. But I kept pushing with FutureNet and didn’t jump ship I just kept my focus in FutureNet because I already saw from miles away that this will become a Solid Giant.
Im really glad that Steve and I kept pushing Futurenet as if there was no tomorrow while others quit.
So don’t get side tracked and KEEP PUSHING. FutureNet is the real deal. If you want to build a real long term business you are in the right place.. IF you are here to look for a quick hit and run then you wont make it and might as well just quit once and for all.” – Mike