Making The Decision To Invest In Your FutureNet Business

10X Your Business by Building The matrix !

There are people in FutureNet that are making $1000 dollars everyday from the matrix because they pushed their team to upgrade and take advantage of the FutureNet Matrix..

Just making that decision to invest into your business and working closely with your team will make a massive difference to your earnings.

Upgrading To Royal Position In FN Matrix Is Great Idea

Yoohoooo! Congratulations to Anis Khan for upgrading to the ROYAL Position in the MATRIX of FutureNet. B|👏💪👌

This will allow this member to earn in all 6 matrices from people that he or she will probably never ever meet in their lifetime.

Many take too long to upgrade.. leaving lots of money on the table. Not this member!! Not to mention he extra FN coins Anis will get getting when the FutureNet (FN) Crypto coin is released to the people!!

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The Power of The Amazing FutureNet Business Opportunity

Was my decision to go for the Royal Position in the FutureNet Matrix good enough?
Hell Yeah!
Those who understand the power of this Amazing business opportunity must take Action. The time is Now! FutureNet

*Income Disclaimer:
All figures are presented for illustrative purposes only and are not to be taken as a guarantee of income. Your results will depend upon a number of factors including experience and work ethic.

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My FutureNet Revenue-Sharing Team Members Building THEIR OWN Teams

So I’ve just hit a couple of small targets, numbers ending in zero seem to be where we aim for. I’ve been with FutureNet 3 months yesterday having started on 3rd October. As of today I have 87 Frontliners, 10 of which are actively building their own teams both in FN and FAP and a few people about to jump on board which will take it up further, the overall team being 402 (those last 2 nipped in before I could post)

So far I’m really happy with how things are going I know it’s a numbers game and many will take little or no action but you’ve got to keep up the momentum because you never know who is going to take it by the horns and run with it. So far I have a great team and we are all working like crazy and are super excited about what we’re achieving.

Creating a Facebook Support Group where the team could learn and bring prospects has seen numbers jump dramatically. Since we have a lot of people interested that are new to on-line marketing myself and Sheridan are building a dedicated website with training not only on FutureNet and FutureAdPro but also on how to market on-line.

So lots of work but we are all excited to see what the next 3 months will hold. I should set new targets shouldn’t I so I’ll commit to 30 frontliners and 1000 overall by June 2017, not sure that’s realistic or now but I’ll give it a shot 🙂

Each FutureNet referral that you get you will match in the matrix portion, as they build their own matrices underneath yours!!

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Having People Who Join FutureNet But Have Not Taken Any Action

So this is a post I wrote for my team and meant to post in my group but posted here by mistake, Oops a bit blonde 👱 I quickly deleted it but Mike felt it may have value so I have reposted. Many will already know all about this but I hope it will help some that may not.

I was chatting with one our team members earlier this week about having people who join FutureNet but have not taken any action to build a team yet. So I thought it would be good to make a post on your expectations with FutureNet and also how others who have had great success with FutureNet have built their teams.

So what you have to realise is that there will likely be far more people who will join and do nothing than join and do something. Some will see the opportunity and jump on it straight away, brilliant the soon you act the sooner you will have results. Some will wait a while and take action after watching others have success, this is partly what this group is for to help people come to a decision after gaining knowledge and growing their belief.


FutureNet as a company is growing fast and opening physical offices around the world, launching new products and services and coming to the attention of some big companies such as BMW who approached FutureNet to partner with them.

Soon more and more people will learn about FutureNet. RIGHT NOW FutureNet has taken their company to the on-line marketers and entrepreneurs who they know have vision and run with an opportunity when they see it and help to grow the company at a massive rate, and we are seeing that now. But soon the everyday Joe Mo in the street will hear about this and ALL those people who signed up and did nothing will wake up and will start using the platform. So don’t worry about the sleeping partners in your team.


That when people use the FutureNet Platform to chat, like, share and post they get paid in dollars and they also get media points. When the media points reach $10 in value the system will automatically upgrade them into the Matrix. When this happens and you have a position in the Matrix YOU get a commission.

SOOOO this is why it’s ok to have 100’s and even 1000’s of people in your Matrix who don’t take action right away or maybe never. But more importantly is that you as an action taker make sure you position yourself in the Matrix so when all those people suddenly realize the potential of FutureNet YOU will reap the rewards.

The people who are having good and huge results have massive teams and only a relatively small team that actually took action. They say if you can get 3 people who take action and show them how to show 3 others and they do the same your Matrix will grow. Of course if you can just keep going and have more Front liners then everything speeds up even faster.   — Michelle Young

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No Need to Look Any Further for a FutureNet Sponsor! Join HERE

No Need to Look Any Further for a FutureNet Sponsor! Join HERE.

All day long you see others telling how “Our team is the TOP Earning Team in and we have EVERYTHING you’ll EVER Need to be Successful with this Program” but at the end of the day they might leave you on your own

“All Support, Marketing Tools, Webinars, Hangouts and a Proven Lead Co-op System to Build your Business FAST!” — yeah yeah.. anyways.. most of the time they charge you for this stuff. The point is they want to be able to say that they can help you. The make themselves “the top team” by suckering people into the idea that they will get more help.

All I’m saying is.. it shouldn’t matter WHOSE TEAM you join. Just be responsible for your own success. That’s all.

Launched in 2014, this social media platform pays its members who register free and spend time to do usual things that they would do on Facebook.

Over the last 2 years this platform has made many improvements, and now set to go global. It includes 15 very lucrative income streams and also an advertising revenue share platform!

1. A Social Network That Pays YOU! (Login, Sharing, Like & other
2. Ad Packs Produce a 20% Profit
3. Direct Sales Commissions
4. Matrix Income, Company Forced Fill Matrix ( 3 x 10)
5. Matching Bonus
6. Generation Bonus Up to 5 Levels
7. Career & Achievements Awards
8. Weekly Payouts

So – what are YOU waiting for? Join FutureNet/FutureAdPro NOW and begin to share

FutureNet FutureAdPro Earnings over $100,000 withdrawn in less than 9 months

This is a real solid business opportunity this doesn’t promise high percentages like a lot of the other revshare programs out there.

Built for sustainability YET it can pay you BIG TIME if you build a team of others who buy adpacks and build their teams, as well.

Most powerful comp plan in the industry, hands-down. No competition, whatsoever.

So – what are YOU waiting for? Join FutureNet/FutureAdPro NOW and begin to share this with all of your friends.

Anthony fell into all of my FN matrices, EXCEPT the $100 one

FutureNet Matrix Upgrades – Not Losing Commissions

I sponsored Anthony into FutureNet in April or May and I was only at the $50 level when he came along and upgraded to the $100 level before I did. I then upgraded to the higher levels up to $1000 before he did.

So Anthony fell into all of my FN matrices, EXCEPT the $100 one.

A month or so ago, we had Michelle Young spill over into our group. Michelle is a friend of mine who I met inside of the Futurenet International Group. Michelle is a worker.

Today, Michelle had a personally-sponsored member, with the username “martinag”, upgrade into the $50 and the $100 matrices (she was already in the $10 and the $25)

I got paid 3 times.

1.) $2.50 because martinag fell into my 50$ matrix and I get 5% of what was spent.
2.) $1.25 because of same 50 matrix because i MATCHED Anthony – as he earned HIS $2.50 in the 50$ matrix (I get 50%)
3.) $2.50 because I MATCHED Anthony as martinag fell into HIS $100 matrix and he earned $5.00 (I get 50%)

The reason for this post is to show the power of the MATCH, again. Michelle Young is spillover. She is building her team underneath both ME and ANTHONY and we are getting paid from it.. forever.

The even COOLER thing is.. notice that I did NOT earn a direct matrix commission from martinag for the 100$ matrix. This is because she is NOT in my 100$ matrix.


But – since I sponsored Anthony I am able to match him no matter where he falls.. this is SUPER powerful.


Don’t worry about having to upgrade in the futurenet matrix before your people do.. you’ll MATCH them anyways, once you are qualified to.

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