MultiBuy Leaders Already Organizing Events In London

MultiBuy Leaders in UK are already organizing MultiBuy World events in London. This is crazy. We have momentum before we have even officially started.

Site will be online soon. Maybe not exactly at 00:00 but real soon. Programmers are putting in last codes and testing everything !!!

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Hackers Attack Multibuy But No Data Was Lost

This is the final information guys. They had a hackers attack when they tried to launch the site last night.


They are better prepared now and hope to launch the site early next week. We don`t know the exact time but you guys will be updated.

Tonight they will open up preregistration site so that we can continue to sponsor new people until the launch.

If you have questions we are here for you.

Revsharing And Getting Almost Free Traveling?

To be honest I am really really excited. I think most of us even if we have experience can`t grasp what we have here… Revsharing and receiving almost free traveling deals when purchasing packages…

When people start traveling and start taking photos with MultiBuyWorld logo everywhere this company will skyrocket…

Everyone will want to be a part of it. And for you guys who are here already this means big big money and great exposure if you commit to this now !!!” – Nebojsa

Some Mistakes Could Show Up With Package Calculations, Etc

Info from the office:
Because we have about 25 – 35 inactive accounts in the system we will run a tool that will show us why they are not activated. For this reason, today :
The site will be disabled shortly – please inform Your partners.

2. Because of these action some mistakes could show up with package’s calculations etc. Dont worry, please- in the background all work and no one loses. After all these activities will be restored to what it should be.
3. All newly registered and paid people are ok. Errors shows up with those previously registered and prepaid only.

Now, a little explanation that you may know what we have here and we have to be prepared for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are dealing with EUROKREDITS and 850,000 rooms and 20,000 products and 159,000 clients, which must be integrated because all of you will benefit from Eurocredits and get paid for old customers Multibuy too. That is why everything has to be here prepared in a perfect way and this will be. There are mistakes and this is normal. But think about what we are: a company with 159,000 satisfied customers, 850,000 rooms plus Eurocredits. We can use the same amount of EUROKREDITS what we pay for packages and spend it at the shop or to pay for holidays. You can also meet us in Italy if you want . We are not anonymous, somewhere in Internet. So for all those who are afraid about us and Multibuy World. Look here what we preparing. The best of the best. Just give everything what You can from Your side and we will reward it for sure 🙂

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MultiBuyWorld.EU – Who Doesn’t Like To Travel Or Shop?

I like to travel more than shop.. but shopping isn’t totally out of the question!

MultiBuy World Travel & Shopping RevShare

I think it is safe to say that pretty much everybody that you know likes to travel and/or shop. Most would be lying to you if they suggested otherwise.

There is now a way to earn money and earn travel/shopping euro credits towards traveling and to shop!!

Getting a discount on your travels is ONE thing.. but earning euro credits to buy travel and shop is a ball game that is out of this world. This will become massive!!

This really hasn’t been done yet – at least, I should say – hasn’t been done CORRECTLY yet. 🙂 plans to change this… and make it easier for people to dream again about being able to travel and buy things in real life all of the time. – join free now to lock-in your position and get your referral link to begin to build your MultiBuy World Team.