We Can Still Promote Our Other Websites In MPA/MPCA TE

QUESTION: should we still surf?
YES !! We will keep our website credits, we purchased with adpacks, we can still promote our other websites in MPA/MPCA TE. When we surf, we earn more credits as well. When we keep surfing, our ALEXA ranking will stay at the top and improve further. YES, keep surfing 🙂

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#MPA and #MPCA Announcement (15th May 2017)

#MPA and #MPCA Announcement (15th May 2017):

Dear MPA/MPCA Members,

Firstly, we would like to thank all the members and team leaders who have offered their valuable suggestions to continue our journey. We have carefully gone through each and every suggestion before arriving at the possible options to find the solution for the current stalling at MPA and MPCA, respectively.

We have also carefully analyzed the revenue generation in the last one week and possible future revenue generation with the current stalling. The revenue generation has been very less but it is also due to the disabling of the withdrawal requests.

There are some serious concerns in terms of the continuity of the business wherein the revenue generation will be good enough to deliver the satisfactory daily earnings. If the daily earnings are not satisfactory, then the stalling may occur again.

Hence, after careful consideration of all possibilities, we came up to the below two options to choose from:

Plan A:

Reset all ad packs and earning balances to zero in every account
Reduce referral commission to 5%
The daily earnings will be set between 0.0% to 2.0% which is variable everyday and which strictly depends on the daily revenue generation
The maximum worth of adpacks that one can buy is of $10,000.
The maximum withdrawal limit per day is: $200. Will vary also depending on the revenue generation.
The minimum withdrawal limit per day is: $5
The maximum withdrawal limit is 3 times to the processor purchase.

Members will be required to complete 16 promotional tasks per day to earn daily;
profit share will start at 0% and then go up based only on daily sales.
These tasks will include posting to Facebook, posting to Twitter, posting to a Blog site, posting text messages to traffic exchanges etc.
Each task of 4 completed, then the members will qualify for that daily set of earnings (25% of the daily earnings for the completion of each task).

More emphasis will be placed on members to promote the business to sustain sales and long term growth.

Below are some important points to note regarding this Plan:

(a) Though the members have bought the advertising services from our programs while revenue sharing rewards are non-guaranteed, we still want to generate the revenue through the sales of other advertising services and through other partner programs and return the amount that was spent on the advertising and hence if we choose this option, we have the defeciet of that amount to begin with. So, this defeciet will have severe effect on the successful continuion of the programs.

(b) There will still be a possibility of stalling if the revenue generation stops, through members not supporting the re-launch etc.
When the revenue is low and if earnings are like 0.1% or 0.5% per day,
new people making purchases will stop and want to wait until earnings get picked up.
But, earnings percentage cannot be increased unless the revenue generation picks up.
So, such situation may lead to stalling again.

(c) Members who lose adpacks now may disappoint and stop supporting the business.
Members who are waiting to receive the seed money may not support the system immediately with dedication and focus.

Plan B:

Stop Adpack sales until further notice and run MPA and MPCA as non-revenue sharing Traffic Exchange platforms.
We see enormous growth in this sector to increase our member base in the new traffic exchanges,
with thousands of online marketers looking to spend their advertising money on a well run modern platforms like ours.
This will generate income for the platforms straight away.
Income generated will be directed to paying members seed money.

There will be one upgrade membership offered at each platform as follows:

$10 or 0.01 btc per month upgrade membership 10000 Banner views per month
50% referral commissions on every purchase to the sponsor

All revenue generated through the continuition of MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange platforms and our other two upcoming partner programs, CC and the ‘dream product’ as we have outlined, a local business directory index product,
which will start generating income within 3 weeks from now, hopefully,
will be used to refund to the members who have not withdrawn their seed money balance. This does not affect the partner programs in any way. We are here stating that any revenue generated that would normally go to the admin fund will be used to return to the members.

All Adpacks and current account balances will be made to zero.

The revenue sharing platform will resume operation in early 2018 after building our external revenue generation streams. These external revenue generation streams will help the programs to sustain longer without the possibility of any stalling, hopefully.

The Management’s Decision in moving forward:

The majority of leaders and members that we approached, preferred a long term approach to the business and have indicated Plan B as their preferred option.

The management team have agreed with their reasoning for long term stability and growth.

The key points being:

1. 80% of the member base are non marketers and have no wish to promote or
recruit, believing the business model is clicking the adverts and withdrawing the earnings.

2. Only 2% of the active members chose to purchase the suggested $5 booster packs to generate sales
We sold 5000 ad packs which is $25,000. Our sales target every day is $100,000 minimum to pay the minimum withdrawal request amount per day to each eligible member.
Most believed the site would stall again in a short while, making Plan A a short term option,
to be back in the same situation and still having the burden of the seed money to be paid to members.

3. Traffic Exchanges, as a business model, have operated for over 10-15 years and are proven.
Traffic generated will bring in sales to stabilize the business and pay seed money to members.

4. With immediate funds coming from the Traffic Exchanges and the new partner programs starting within 2-3 weeks, the clear profit generated could be given to the member’s seed money fund straight away, to start payments to the members.

5. Once the seed money debt is finalised, the business would be stable and in profit, when relaunching with the improved revenue share model in early 2018.

Therefore our decision is to adopt Plan B and move forward.

More details will be shared through a hangout tomorrow. We thank everyone for your great support for our two platforms. Let us continue working as a team so that we can re-launch the revenue sharing platforms soon after building the necessary external revenue generation streams.u


MPA and MPCA Management

MPA – MPCA Striving To Deliver Stronger Platform Almost Ready

Spoke to Shaf and the Programmers just now.

1. MPA is running at 99%
Surfing adverts in the Traffic Exchange is STILL DISABLED.
It is the last thing on the list to solve – Working on it now.
Will advise in BIG LETTERS when you can surf again. 🙂

2. MPCA is running at 100%

3. Support is working through all the tickets from members as fast as they can. You will be looked after.


Thank you for the positive support you have shown to the team,
as they strive to deliver a strong platform for the
long term success of all our members, new and old.

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New Updates In MPA Will Make It Last Much Longer

I think am beginning to see some senses in the new updates in MPA. I was like crazy at first when I saw the updates but after making a close reviews about the good impact it will create on MPA. I had to make a rethink. That’s my own point of view and my choice . Uday Nara has always been a fair and transparent person. And I believe you all know that. MPA has grown big in the Revshare industry and I believe you know how much withdrawal is being made from the system every week. Withdrawals that are made are more than the fresh funds being put to the system by new members. So therefore no fresh funds is coming from old members anymore. What we all do basically of which you all know is just to compound earnings , get referrals commission and withdraw. 😃😃😃😃. No more fresh fund going to the system and if this continues definitely the system will go down. And you start seeing post across the social media that MPA is dead and series of negative comments. So let’s just come together and make MPA great as it has always been.” – Member

MyPayingAds Making Move Closer Towards Sustainability

No need to surf as the maintenance is going on. It won’t affect the earnings as there are no sales.

And to all the whining members, have you forgotten the time when you were all thanking and praising the man “Uday Nara” for creating such wonderful business? Have you people forgotten the time when he was the one who got back the fund seized by paypal, you were praising even then? Have you forgotten your praise and happiness when the Leadership Commission was introduced? Are you people this much ungrateful that MPA is standing strong for the past Two Years and introducing new things for the benefit of the members?

If you think, this is a money making machine and you should take it as a primary source of income, you all are the dumbest people ever.

If you people can’t support and only think about themselves selfishly, then you can move out any time taking 200% of your seed, no one is forcing you to stay but don’t whine in here, suggesting do this do that or creating chaos by illogical assumption marking Uday a scammer for no reason.

I’ve read the comments and all posts for the past two days and felt sad for Human Psychology to get such 180° turn in just a flick of second.

One suggestion, its a great move for the sustainability, So, adapt, embrace and stand supportive to the man who is working hard for hours to make the system stand again with proper functionality.

Yeahh, the transition could have been smooth and slow but a pessimist person will always whine, no matter whatever good be done.

As one of the post says, “When the Strong Wind blow, Some People build Walls and Others build Windmills”.

#SupportUdayNara #MPAVision

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Another MPA Question And Answer About Referral Commissions

MPA Question: I get only 5% referral commission these days ! It is observed that it is happening after 12th February/2017 . Why it is so happening ? When my downline buy $10 adpacks i get only $ 0.5 ! Please help me.

Answer from MPA member: Feb 11, 2017, the commission structure changed for MPA:
Commissions offered in internal purchases is 5%
and can only be used for internal purchases and the commissions, on payment processors purchases is 10% (goes to cash balance) and it is fully withdrawable,
if needed. Also, this is additional to regular $200 per day withdrawals from Adpack earnings.

Uday Hasn’t Enjoyed A Real Day Off In Last Two Years

We forcibly took Uday Nara out for short break and I am sure he enjoyed it as well. He is dedicated to his business and haven’t had a real day off in last two years. This was a well deserved treat for him.

Salute to Uday Nara and Shaf Memon for all their hard work for#MyPayingAds, #MyPayingCryptoAds and upcoming project.

MPA Revshare Reaches 300000 Members Within 2 Years

Congratulations to our MyPayingAds revshare family!!

We have reached 300,000 members!!! All before our 2 year anniversary!!

This has been an incredible journey and is possible because of you!

Our business is growing from strength to strength and we have some huge announcements to make over the coming months.

For those of you that will be attending the 2nd anniversary event, you’ll have the first sneak peak into some of these announcements! We will also stream this live on Facebook.

We are excited about the future of MyPayingAds!! In truth we are only getting started…expect big things in 2017!

Best regards,

MPA Admin Team

MPA/MPCA: Less Than 1000 Members To Reach 110k FB Members

We are less than 1000 members to reach 100k Face Book group members. Very incredible. We are among very few FB groups having such large member base. Can we all display the following message on our walls so that we can reach that milestone today and it helps to share our achievement to with all your internet marketing contacts.

Are you part of #MPA and/or #MPCA? If not, we welcome you to join and start using the services that they offer. MPA has been serving the industry since Mar 2015 while MPCA has been in existence since Nov 2016.

#MPA and #MPCA have a great active FaceBook support group with large number of member base, reaching to 100K+ group members today. The support from admins and other group members is incredible and it gives a chance to build new contacts too. Join the group and start connecting to other potential marketers and leaders of the industry and know the developments at MPA and MPCA on daily basis.

Follow the hash tag to reach the group: #MyPayingAdsandMyPayingCryptoAdsFBGroup