A Look Inside Of Your MultiBuyWorld (MBW) Revshare Back Office

A Look Inside Of Your MultiBuyWorld (MBW) Revshare Back Office

Just a short look into a Camilla Bro’s Multibuyworld profile review. Platform launched 20th of February 2017 therefore it has only been around for about 2 weeks when this video was made. Updates and new features are on their way so lots will happen in the following weeks and month.

Sorry for the annoying noise of the computer in the background!” – Camilla Bro


Here is my transcription of Camilla’s MBW revshare profile review video into words – but be sure to watch the video above:

Hello you guys, this is Camilla Bro from Denmark and I am a happy MultiBuyWorld Revshare Member. So – I would just like to show you a view of how the profile looks like. If you haven’t yet registered I’ll put information about presentation video, registration link and my contact details below.

So, I’m just going to log-in to my account and now I get to my dashboard. Over here, you see the big clock ticking and it’s changing every 24 hours and this means that you have to watch your ads before the clock runs out.

Down here, you see, for example, your sponsor link if you want to sponsor another person and then they will appear in your downline. And your downline overview you can see here.. there are six levels and the first two are always free – the last four you can decide to buy if you want to for an annual fee of 175 EUR.

And here – I already watched my 15 ads today so – you can see that here – and then my advertising provision is active for today – and, I can see that the next revshare update is in 10 minutes so that will be when I will get paid again and we’ll get get paid every 1/2 hour.

But, I can just show you and example: you see here I can actually decide to watch the next ad in 20 seconds.

So, and when I watch 15 ads then my account will go up every half hour and we have provision account and promotion account.

Provision account is money that I can actually withdraw or decide to repurchase packages with.

Promotion account is five percent of your earnings which you can use to buy things on the website such as membership fee, downline fee, converting to eurocredits or more advertising paying the system to watch your ads if you’re going to go to holiday and stuff like that.

So – if you are new to this website – you can click here to buy packages – and for example, if you want to start with 20 packages it’s 1000 EUR and you can choose either manual bank transfer or Bitcoins or card payments.

Here (Dashboard –> PR Packages Fee Levels) you can see the different downline fees the first thirty days are free and then you have to choose a membership fee in regard to how many packages you have.

Up here (Downline) – you can click here to see information about your downline and if you click here, the names will appear and here you can see the total amount of packages that your downline has bought.

(My Data) Here you can click to see your personal data and change it if you need to.

And, here you can click on “My Ads” because every package contains 1000 views on an ad of your choice – so you can either choose a YouTube video OR a website to be shown.

So guys, this was just a quick preview on my profile and I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions feel free to contact me and I just hope that you guys will have a nice day and I’ll see you on MultiBuy World… bye” – Camilla Bro




English presentation video of MultiBuyWorld Revshare:

Free MultiBuyWorld registration:

Contact details
Mail: curt@buyadpacks.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kickyourjob
Twitter: https://twitter.com/buyadpacks

Feel free to get in touch for further information – Camilla Bro is my sponsor and you’ll get her guidance when you join my MultiBuyWorld team.

Join our MultiBuyWorld revshare team
Join our MultiBuyWorld revshare team


Looking for serious, active, motivated partners, engaged in MyAdStory

Hello everyone
As you know, our group packs are the most rewarding way in MyAdStory. higher daily gains, bonus key etc.
All group infos here >> https://www.myadstory.com/faq.aspx
(Click on “GROUPS”)

It’s a real way to win more and faster, all together, as a team.
Many groups are already open and others will open again and again.

We are looking for serious, active, motivated partners, engaged in MyAdStory, to join us and carry out a “CLOSE ALL GROUPS” operation! (y) You will win and MAS too!

You know, we are very numerous, it would suffice only a small number, which buys even 1 or 2 pack, you can buy more of course … and in a few times, we would close all the groups, or many groups.

Who is a “committed MyAdStory partner” and is ready to follow us?
Comment only “me”.

Let’s grow MAS to the top!

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I would take MASSIVE action now while the markets are still wide open

Dear AdpackPro partners,

2016 was a year for PIONEERS. And I mean pioneers with big P. Let me walk you through some important facts.

In December 2015 OneVision Holding AG opened up selling advertising space. The advertising product was called AdpackPro and was open for German speaking countries only.

In February 2016 we started to sign up international partners, but OneVision had not planned or was ready for any international expansion yet. The management saw however the huge interest for this advertising product and decided to translate the German site into English, resulting in adpackpro-international.com.

At this point the international pioneer year started. We stressed to the new partners two things when joining that they had to know nothing was completely ready and they had to accept the pain being in a pioneer year with all the tests and errors that would include.

The management however did a marvelous job and enabled us to buy the advertising packages so international partners could enjoy the opportunity. But it was not perfect. The payment page was still in German due to technicalities on the Concardis payment gateway side. The database info is also in German, but quite everything else is in English and working. So, everyone can enjoy the system, even in the pioneer year. By the way, it’s up to everyone, who want to become a partner this early or wait until everything is complete.

In my opinion everyone should be happy that we could even sign up in 2016 and start building our business, even if the international focus is not started yet.

And there will be some partners complaining about why the website is 85% in English. I had actually no problems explaining to NON-German partners how they should buy adpacks. I also made some step by step videos that could be duplicated in the teams to make building easier. The management had many BIG projects going on in 2016. AdpackPro was so-to-speak 100% working for German speaking countries and their priority was not to perfect the international site. That will come in 2017.

Their projects are big. Remember AdpackPro is just ONE of many products and there are even products that you don’t know about yet coming to the market in the next few years. OneVision World is one of the big projects and was launched this autumn enabling us to tap into a unique Business-In-A-Box with 13+ massive 5 levels affiliate products. This ensure you and the company multiple income streams and not only one. Most of us are looking for diversifying our markets and that’s what you get with OneVision World.

Imagine if you try to sponsor a marketer but not interested in one product but perhaps he is interested in one or two others YOU HAVE in your OneVision World business suite!

With AdpackPro you have a business that EVERYONE can do and step by step building up. When you have come to a certain level you can also afford joining OneVision World. And what happens then? You multiply your earning potentials and you can enjoy alot more income opportunities than only AdpackPro. I will make some more info about this on the new year, so you will understand this is a “no brainer”. You should really look at it but OneVision let you start with AdpackPro and you can go the steps to a more serious and bigger business when you are ready.

Now, back to AdpackPro.. In this online business niche many sign up because of the money. I sincerely hope you don’t think this is a get-rich-quick scheme or an investment. Because it’s not. Many mis-understand this. I often get complaints that the earnings are too low and the adpacks last too long etc. If you come from the revshare industry you need to change your mindset here. In AdpackPro the advertising credits are incentives as an extra attraction to use OUR products over others. And we are not dependent on sales on adpacks. We have many external products with residual income to the company and a part of the marketing budget is spent to cover all the expenses in AdpackPro. The management also sees AdpackPro as their way of getting leads to the other products, now worldwide, so this product is important to them, also long term of course.

Talking about “making money” niche. Many are precoccupied how to get their payouts. In Europe, there are many options, bankwires, OneVision VIP Master and Maestro card. Outside Europe there are also bankwires but bank fees can be high and also transaction times can vary (very much) from country to country. Therefore we had an amazing deal with HSBC and the ewallet PAYAP connected.

Now, this is a new product so we need to show a bit patience. You can now sign up with Payap http://ewallet.adpackproteam.com and you can connect your bank account and excisting card. During Q1/2017 there will be possible to order Payap debitcard and virtual card. (Virtual card is specially interesting for Indian partners as the Indian government doesnt accept foreign debit cards).

So we had some issues partners waiting for their payouts but these are all individual cases. You never know how long time it will take from Europe to another local bank. It’s actually not in our control but that’s a bank-issue. Hopefully Payap will be better to use with international transactions. By the way, the fee from AdpackPro to Payap is only 0.09 Eurocent. I think when we meet the spring of 2017 we will be very happy with this international solution. For now, I ask everyone to be a bit patient, as this is a developing product.

Now another thing which is important, the support tickets. Unfortunately it has not been working as we expected. So the management will build a brand new SUPPORT department with a new ticket software during January/February. They have even employed a couple of persons who will be responsible to answer in German and ENGLISH. This support site will be categorized and hopefully this will be a immense improvement from our pioneer year.

I know there have been many frustrating hours when our webserver has been down or being upgraded. In fact it’s been up while many upgrades have been done without you noticing it. Now I think the webserver and the software will be even more upgraded and security is taken care of. The pioneer year has given us some lessons that will be improved in 2017.

There are still some issues about adpacks given as gifts being returned to the sponsor who has given the adpacks. We still wait for some information on this in the coming days. We know about this.. No NEED to comment or ask about this.

And for the French and Spanish communities. We told you last spring something would happen but it didnt. There is a plan now for multilingual website! Thanks for your patience.

So, let me tell what I think the roadmap is…

January/February – NEW Support department installed
February/March/ – Multilingual website
February/March – Completion of Payap features
April/May – International event (You need to be there!)
June – Building momentum
September/October – International momentum
December – Many happy partners

We make a positive change to many peoples life all around the world.

So the choice is yours, if you are a person who doesnt understand this step by step long term plan and expect this to happen yesterday, then maybe you should wait.

But.. if you now start seeing the big picture with OneVision Holding, I would highly recommend you to consider becoming an active and loyal partner and I would gladly personally include you to my new “leader team 2017” which is a team going “all in”.

So, as you can see 2017 is the big year for international expansion. It was not 2016 which was a PIONEER YEAR. We will improve so many things you will be amazed over the next 6 months. This is a business for life!

In closing, OneVision Holding is a serious company. They have long term vision and desire to benefit everyone.

If I were you, I would take MASSIVE action now while the markets are still wide open, worldwide.

After new year I will update you even more. Stay tuned!

Have a great new years weekend !

Marius Pedersen

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Nobody Lost ANY AdPacks In MXRevShare Last Night

INFO: Some of you think that they have lost adpacks last night in MxRevShare. But this is not true. In fact there was a little, unimportant bug in the new fast sharing script: Adpacks with 110% were still shown as ‘active’ the 2 days before. Now it is fixed, so it (only) SEEMS to be lost. But those adpacks were expired already. I will not reply to any postings and tickets regarding this bug any more.
Another fixed bug: Some adpack purchases in the night from 21.10. were approved, but without encoding the adpacks. In those cases please send a ticket. I will solve it tomorrow. As always: no panic. Shit happens!

Don't worry You didn't lose any ad packs! :-)
Don’t worry You didn’t lose any ad packs! 🙂

Taking Action Since Jun 16th With Initial 10 AdPacks

Taking action since June 16th 2016 with initial 10 adpacks, my journey with Click Intensity has been of tremendous benefits and quite massive learning experience delving into a different business space but I was blessed with a very passionate sponsor Upasana Dewangan who schooled me with one-on-one and direct live chats and calls all the way India. I must say am blessed for her decision to initiate the live changing business opportunity chat with me on that blessed evening of 30th May 2016.

Once again massive thanks to her and Tara Mish who gave me a good landing by linking me appropriately with the CI Nigeria Support Group under the leadership of Ifeanyi Simon and Oke Babatunde Moses and others. A very big and massive thanks to my leader, mentor and coach Daniel Elliot, thanks for all the selfless sharing, and one-on-one technical supports, you are indeed a blessing. Lastly thanks to the entire CI management under the leadership the CEO Nick Johnson

Am grateful to God most especially! And to you all, you made the journey smooth.

#Next eyes on 500, then 800, then 1000 and finally on 4000 Active Silver Packs. God bless Click Intensity and Long lived.

Taiwo Adedeji's photo.
Taiwo Adedeji's photo.

See Your AdPacks Now: Purchased, Active, Earnings, Plan Name Breakdown

Hey Everyone!
Check out the new features in your back office!
On the Overview page, under your “Adpack Earnings”, You will see a breakdown of all of your Adpacks earnings!
Showing you The Plan name…..The Earnings you have made…Adpacks that are active and all the Adpacks you have purchased in displayed inside ( ). This is an awesome new feature!

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