One Vision World – Handbook for resellers

Is it worth the 95 EUR – for a membership at the onevision world?
In talks with my partners, this is a question that is often asked. Will deepen. Then the issue is, in most cases, it appears that it is not primarily about the height of the amount, but rather the understanding and the real question is: ” what do I get that’s what and what can I do with it Do?”
This question is legitimate and, of course not only the management but also from the inner circle and we want to ensure that you do not only understands but also recognize the huge potential, which is behind this.
Reduced to a common denominator, it’s super simple. We have a “bank”. this bank is made up of the 22.500 largest affiliate companies, who are ready, commissions for the sale of those products to pay. The Ovh was and is so smart, this in different products to “install” so that both the ovh itself and we as a partner in order to make a lot of money right. By the way, it will improve our lead machine adpackpro playing conditions.
What is “right” a lot of money?
Nielsen corporation, a market research has provided evidence that every year every german federal budget per year for 3.270 EUR,- of basic consumer goods in the internet. This Christmas will be alone in the German retail in this year 90 billion euros in the coffers. Do you remember anything? This is a gigantic cake, on which we can use us like royalty.
Example: the smart shop via you can give as a gift. Just imagine, if you give away the shopper over the course of time, to 1.000 people – no matter what. Social Media, email, acquaintances, friends, or to the clubs (which often alone have over 1.000 members). According to the Nielsen corporation study these 1.000 consumers create an annual turnover of more than 3,27 million. EUR. This gets the ovh commissions in height between 2 % (e.g. Amazon) and 15 %. on the basis of an average of only 5 % are the CA. EUR 163.000 commissions for the ovh. This you get more than 5 levels each 10 %, i.e. 16.350 EUR,- for the 1. Level, 16.350 EUR,- for the 2. Level, etc. Alone for the 1. Level are the EUR 1.362,50 per month totally passive income. You just need the bag to give away. You take care of all community policies. If your partner, then you’ll get this money up to 5 x!!!! Do you remember anything else? At the moment you click on advertising every day from 25 EUR,- after approx. 4-6 months of 30,- to make. Let’s be honest, it’s boring, isn’t it?
The Smart Shop via is only an income model of many other who in the world.
So here is a tip: get in touch about your mentor in the world. You build for 95 EUR,- per month to start their own business. The shop will be fully established in you from the ovh provided. You have to just open the door for you and even the opening hours.
For all of this to run smoothly and you know how everything works, there is now this
One Vision World – Handbook for resellers. It’s gonna be editorial maintained and updated regularly. Much success with the creation of your own business for online marketing and e-Commerce
Frank Winkler
You have to read it, of course – is a lot of stuff
The Navigation through the 100 pages, however, is very comfortable.

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Build A Team In AdPackPro

20 partners, 15 first line (10 active) in AdPackPro that I have from the beginning 6 months ago in AdPackPro never thought as an artist and healer without big list or know how to do that. Let’s go to boost power easily. Who understands and recognizes opportunities, even without money can make a difference, I’ve seen 2 partner with me, just proved the build team finance and everything… it works, if you want to bad enough that I can see clear as day. Merci, just like that, even to the founders team, way to go! Me and my partner are counting on you!

AdPackPro: New Roads In The Area Of “Online Marketing And E-Commerce”

Core competence is the “visibility on the internet” for entrepreneurs and end users.

Let’s go new ways, new roads in the area of “Online Marketing and e-Commerce”

In addition to professional impulses about the opportunities and challenges of the digital and the use of digital media for communication with customers

The digitisation is in the process of our everyday life, bracing, and changed our communication, our products and our services operations. In order to be successful on the market, should remain small also deal with digital innovations and adjust their business strategy.

We’re going to start – the human being is important to us – come in the merit of zone

Date and time

Di. 1. November 2016

19:00 am-22:00 PM CET


Lions Hall
Market Street 2
6845 hohenems

AdPackPro: Very Happy “AdPacker” Shows AdPack Goals – What Are Yours?

“My 1st month in AdPackPro. My goals for the end of the year:
– 200 Adpacks
– 100 Direct Referrals

What are your goals?”  — Very happy AdPacker  (Join AdPackPro)

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AdPackPro: Direct Referrals Have Direct Impact On AdPack Growth
Do you see, above, where the “happy AdPacker” has 100 direct referrals? This is simply incredible!! This person is a serious go-getter!! This all happened in his or her very first month of being in APP
This person’s AdPack count is going to shoot up through the roof towards the moon very quickly. I’m actually surprised that there is only 56 adpacks so far.
If we were to come back and look at this person’s results next month – EVEN IF no more people were sponsored into the program – the number of adpacks will definitely be 200 or 300 or so. Yes, it will grow that fast!!
This is because of the massive leverage that you get from referring others that come in and buy adpacks. It is so strong that it doesn’t do it justice to just say it “speeds things up”.
Those that can sponsor others into AdPackPro or any other rev share program get the luxury of not having to put very much money of their own into the system. I mean, they can, if they like.. they just don’t NEED to to see it grow like wildfire.
If you don’t sponsor anybody or sponsor only people that don’t even make an adpack purchase, you are limited to just your own compounding in your own account. This is the slow motion game, unless you buy a ton of adpacks.. and not too many people can or like to do this.
In revshare programs it really pays to get out there and be vocal. Those that create YouTube videos and get out there and help others or at least show others that they are there to help… THOSE are the ones who prosper the most.
Each time somebody in your team makes an adpack purchase – you get a direct commission that can be immediately applied to your next adpack or withdrawn into your pocket.
If you’ve done any reading around this blog yet – or any of my blogs – you’ll notice that there is 1 common theme or thread to practically everything that I write or post about. Whether stuff I’m making-up or stuff I’m copying and pasting into here directly out of the FaceBook groups for all of these different revshares.
First and foremost, your adpack goal shouldn’t be limited in scope to one particular rev share company. This is just a reality based on what we’ve all seen in the industry over the last few years.
No matter how much you love or trust the company that you are in.. you never know what can happen down the road that can affect you in a heartbeat. Your entire income could disappear in one split second, for reasons that you know nothing about or can do anything about.
Any time you are working with a program that you don’t have 100% complete control over.. you are risking your income. There is no reason to ever do this to yourself. You have every right in the world to create as many income streams as you like. Nobody owns you, especially not a company. If you are in a company that wants you to do nothing else but them, get out of that company. They are wrong for you, if you like the idea of multiple streams of income.
I urge you to go to and look at a few different rev share programs. It certainly won’t hurt you to understand that AdPackPro isn’t the ONLY good one out there. They are all free to join and you’ll have a good sponsor no matter which links you register with.


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Latest statistics for website:
Estimated summary traffic is 490 Thousand visits per month, estimated number of visits from desktop computers – 230 Thousand sessions. As of October 01, 2016, Alexa rank is 38853.

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FutureNet Fan Page Created For AdPackPro (APP) – My APP Fan Page

I was definitely surprised today to discover that nobody in FutureNet had thought to create a fan page for APP (AdPackPro)!

I am an affiliate for AdPackPro International and as an affiliate, I look for new ways to promote my unique replicated referral url so that I can get sign-ups and build my network in this program.

AdPackPro is a revshare program that has much to offer, especially compared to many of the other revshares out there that are cookie-cutter types. AdPackPro delivers lots of great traffic with a “better than cashback” model that makes it somewhat irresistible.

I created a fan page in FutureNet to help me sponsor more people into my AdPackPro business. Here is my AdPackPro fan page. Please go there and hit “like” so that you can get notified when I put new info up there!

This APP page isn’t to be confused with the company’s FaceBook fan page. That is their own and used differently than mine is. I’m just a member trying to build an AdPackPro team.

Internet Academy Europe flat rate training in nobility ried (Augsburg) from 04-06 November

Internet Academy Europe flat rate training in nobility ried (Augsburg) from 04-06 November. Info: only 25 spaces. (Join AdPackPro here)

Why Is AdPackPro Or OneVision A Reason For You?

Do you know your why? Love adpackpro friends, from my own experience, I know how essential it is to be very aware of why you’re doing something you can. It’s not so much about the what, or how I do it, but why I’m on my way to have made this way or am. So, why is adpackpro or the onevision a reason for you? Try the question for you to answer and the fully from your heart, without the head to want to turn it on now. I’d take the start. I’m on this path, because I have my hiking boots to fasten your seat belt and again, without having to think about whether i still me tomorrow it can afford it, because I love with heart, as well as the members of the executive board do it, would like to create something The substance and sustainability, because life (which you do not exist separately) does exactly what it is love at this very moment, if you don’t mind. My why is also reflected in this short 2 sets down.” in physical exercise to be manifested, the people with the ability to his God-given resources, the interior of his being a language to give. It reflects back what his higher his, his belly, his heart, his whole existence on earth is already aware of. Trust your inner guidance…”
So, what are your big why?  (APP)
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