Withdrawing Lump Sum In AdPackPro Reduces Earnings Amount

“Im still at 1000 adpacks. I believe the best way to maximize your profit with Futureadpro is to maintain it at 1000 adpacks while giving no more than 10 adpacks wiggle room.

Withdrawing a lump sum will actually reduce the amount of earnings while trying to build it back up. Think long term~

Will be withdrawing $3000 Monday or Tuesday which will put my total withdrawals to over $10000 while still maintaining my 1000 adpacks. I started withdrawing about 40 days ago.

RESULTS NOT TYPICAL. Please do not ask how much do I make a month exactly or whatever since it’s different day by day since it depends on the daily earnings for that day plus how many adpacks expire that day as well. Just know that Im doing good~~ lol”  – Mike

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MXWorld: Thanks Janus Nowak for past, my 11 months in mx

My things are in my hands shedule ‼ ️ ‼ ️
Thanks Janus Nowak for past, my 11 months in mx 👍👍👍
All assembled by me capital in quantity packages
356 Millionaire Adpacks
61 mini adpacks please delete shedule ‼ ️
My username: Stawicki
And we go from the start 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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MXWorld Euro AdPacks: Micro, Mini, Medium, Large, Mega AdPacks

NEW Adpack Types

November 10, 2016, 10:40 am

We (at MxWorld) have 5 Euro Adpacks now:

Micro = €5, Mini = €10, Medium = €25, Large = €50, Mega = €100
All Adpacks run until 110% Activity Discount at 2.5% per day.
Have Fun!

New Menu Point Called “History” In Your MXWorld Back Office

New Menu Point: History

November 13, 2016, 9:40 pm

NOTE: There is a new menu point called “History” in your MXWorld back office. Now you don’t need to write tickets regarding commissions, purchases, deposits and other time-wasting things any more.

🙂 (Euro and Bitcoin History follows as well)

Example: ONLY if you see a transaction number and there are no Adpacks or the deposit is REALLY not on the specific list you write a ticket about it. DON’T write tickets without having checked and compared tables. ONLY when there are REALLY errors.

And now say it loud and think about IMPORTANT things that you may do (or I could do, when I didn’t had to reply to hundreds of – most unnecessary – tickets per day): “CARPE DIEM!” -> Seize the day” -> PL: “Chwytaj dzień” -> DE: “Nutze den Tag!” -> HU: “Élj a mának!”

Getting Started With FutureNet And FutureAdPro

Now that you know that reading a FutureNet / FutureAdPro review is a waste of time, pretty much.. there isn’t anything really standing in your way from getting started and seeing success.

Success means different things to different people. For us affiliates, here in FN and FAP, success means having adpacks earning for us, getting the traffic that we pay for and using that traffic to build our other businesses, positioning ourselves in the matrices as good as we can comfortably afford, and building our teams.

Having a FutureNet team (and a FutureAdPro team) is the quickest way to get to where you can actually withdraw money without having to worry about everything going backwards into the wrong direction.

You’ll be able to tell how much you can pull-out based on how much you earn per day in referral commissions. This is “gravy money” that has nothing to do with your own account’s performance. Of course it’ll really speed up your progress, but taking it away WON’T hurt you if you don’t mind slowing down your potential growth.

Getting Started With FutureNet And FutureAdPro

Buy yourself a few adpacks. The more you can get, the better. It is easier to build your team then because others will see your results. Even though it isn’t actually accurate to count “earnings” as “actual profits”, it is up to you to explain how the money is earned. Once they understand, they WILL be excited and out there trying to build THEIR teams.

MyPayingAds AdPack Expiration: Here’s The Email That You Get

Every time an ad pack expires, at MyPayingAds, you’ll get an email like this:

“Congratulations! you have received all the earnings

Hello Curt Miller, Your 1 position(s) from plan 1 have received all the earnings and they are complete now.

You may want to buy more adpacks to get the traffic that you need and keep earning higher. We wish you good luck.


MPA Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mypayingads123/
MPA Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8JVnDnjxvjJfunzROTRX9g

Nobody Lost ANY AdPacks In MXRevShare Last Night

INFO: Some of you think that they have lost adpacks last night in MxRevShare. But this is not true. In fact there was a little, unimportant bug in the new fast sharing script: Adpacks with 110% were still shown as ‘active’ the 2 days before. Now it is fixed, so it (only) SEEMS to be lost. But those adpacks were expired already. I will not reply to any postings and tickets regarding this bug any more.
Another fixed bug: Some adpack purchases in the night from 21.10. were approved, but without encoding the adpacks. In those cases please send a ticket. I will solve it tomorrow. As always: no panic. Shit happens!

Don't worry You didn't lose any ad packs! :-)
Don’t worry You didn’t lose any ad packs! 🙂