All Members That Promote MXR: This Is NOT An Investment

Important to all members that promote MXR: At MXR we are getting an active members discount for advertising packages of up to 110%, when a member watches at least 10 ads of other advertisers per day.’
This is not an investment! The 2.5% are a voluntary DISCOUNT for your purchase of advertising packages. You are qualified for this DISCOUNT by clicking on 10 Millionaire ads.
Don’t tell anyone that adpacks are ‘earning’ money!

This beer is dedicated to all MX WORLD members. Prost!

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Massive Spamming Noticed Of CD Link In FB Groups

I noticed some members spamming massively our CD link in some facebook groups.
If i catch anyone involved in spam, i will ban him permanently from Clikdelivery.

Spamming never was a marketing strategy to get referrals. So please stop spamming and get yourself to work and serious promotion.

Spamming is useless and only helps in banning our link from facebook!

Thank you for your understanding.  –  Ilyas Noukaila

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