Money Withdrawn Illegally From MxWorld

We just opened the USD and EURO and BTC cashouts one hour ago as we launched PROJECT: PHOENIX. But we had many devious members who exploited loopholes in the software to withdraw USD66K (sixty six thousand dollars) and EUR15K (fifteen thousand euros) in only ONE HOUR!

This money was withdrawn ILLEGALLY as these members now have MINUS balances. So we have suspended PROJECT: PHOENIX while we investigate these multiple cashouts (more than 1300 cashouts from around 40 members) and plug the loopholes in our software to stop this from ever happening again.

Here are the main 20 MX members who have done illegal cashouts within the past one hour (the other 20 were smaller amounts):

322.00 ArturJ
476.00 Lagowski1974
725.00 FastPayments
935.00 Maciej749
945.00 GATACA
1250.00 Sobieraj
1320.00 mbartosik
1344.00 najmlodszy
1610.00 Mecamino
2774.00 polak7
3049.00 miky
4470.00 PablooP
5125.00 olaf3301
5880.00 Umberto2323
6525.00 andrewwola
10200.00 cavels
10575.00 iwetakreweta
10676.00 swierzy92
14268.00 mikolaj92paw

We must have these members return these funds voluntarily or face Payza disputes as this is CLEAR FRAUD (stealing of our money)… so we will delay the launch of PHOENIX: PROJECT by several days while we plug the software leaks and chase these criminal members (we counted 40 so far) who used illegal ways to withdraw minus 78K EUROS from us.

Sorry for this very bad news… and Janus or I will give you regular updates during the next hours and days as we get this money returned to MX and we launch PHOENIX: PROJECT with no more software loopholes.

My God, we already lost quarter million USD to fraud withdrawals from September to December, and we do not need to start the new year in the same way. Rest assured that Janus will work hard to fix this NEW problem and have PHOENIX: PROJECT launched within the next few days.

Important GetMyAds Update – Activate Your Tokens!!

Today we have an important Update and we need you to read it and take action!

As we mentioned, it´s important that you activate your Tokens.
The bad news is, that even if we asked our customers many times to activate the Tokens, most oft he customers never did.

GetMyAds must make sure, people don´t join the Programm because of the PayBack program like an Investment and so we must make sure, Tokens get used for advertising – the real reason, why you bought the Tokens.

If our call of action does not work, GetMyAds would come into the situaiton that we would need to force you to do it by taking out the inactive Tokens from the PayBack Program. We don´t want to do this step and count now on you, the leaders and all affiliates who communicate this to all customers – as soon as possible!

Here a description, how to activate your Tokens:

1. Login to your GetMyAds Backoffice

2. Click on: „My Tokens“ on the left side in the Menu

3. Click on: “Activate Traffic“ to the right of the Tokens

4. Choose your Product – Cicks or Banner views

5. Destination URL is your Website or your personal (your Refaral link) starting with http://www…….

6. Select Category – Business or MLM or Make money

7. Select your language – the Language of your Website

8. Choose, how many Tokens you like to activate. You can activate up to 1000 Tokens in one step

9. Click on: “Validate“

GetMyAds will check your Domain and start sending Traffic after a few days. It might take a few days more in the moment till you receive Traffic but we are catching up fast in the moment.

Please forward this Info to your Team partners as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

Have a wonderful day


GetMyAds Team