Join A Good Revshare And Get Yourself Some Ad Packs

Join A Good Revshare And Get Yourself Some Ad Packs

What Are Ad Packs? How Do Ad Packs Work? Why Buy Them?

Ad Packs work just like regular internet advertising packages sold on the internet, in that you get a certain number of page views, clicks, or impressions (or a combination of these) to your websites and/or banners.

Ad Packs work “better” than regular internet ads in that, unlike traditional adverts you purchase somewhere – where you aren’t sure about what kind of results you might get and you could totally blow your cash seeing nothing at all – with revshare ad packs you don’t have to worry about that nearly as much.

A “revshare” is a program that shares it’s revenue with you (us).

Buy Ad Packs Because they Offer Cashback Profitshare

Yes, THAT is the reason to actually buy ad packs, because unlike the other forms of advertising you’ll actually get money back from your adspend. Not just some of your money, and not just the exact amount of your money… you’ll get usually between 110%-120% of your adspend, depending on the specific revshare program.

This “cashback profitshare” gets paid back to you, slowly, as you click ads in the system to remain qualified each and every day.

As soon as you reach enough for another ad pack, the best thing you can do is make a repurchase. The continual process of doing this creates a compounding effect. You see, you are earning on an additional ad pack, now.

The momentum you create by doing this can get super-crazy in such a good way for you. It’ll become a powerful “force” for you. It’ll create a sort of “advertising power”.. I like to refer to it as an “Ad Pack Empire”!!

That is what ad packs are and why you buy them. Do you need any more of a reason than that? If you do any kind of business on the internet I think that you will benefit from revshare advertising. I totally feel that revshares and ad packs are the way of the future here on the internet.

RevShare (Ad Pack) Advertising Isn’t The Most Effective Type Of Advertising

I don’t want to mislead anybody, here. I’m definitely telling you that you’ll get the best or even very good results by advertising in a revshare site. In fact, you could get lots and lots of ad packs and still not see much in terms of results for the business you are trying to promote (if you are trying to promote a different business).

The KEY, or SECRET, is to keep repurchasing those ad packs. Even if you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you were hoping for – as long as it doesn’t kill you to spend money or to have money in the revshare system(s) – as build your number of adpacks things will get better and better for you.

By continually doing a repurchase of ad packs in a rev share site you will eventually get to a point where you are seeing results AND making money from the rev share site AT THE SAME TIME!!

So – you’ll go from seeing little or nothing at first – to getting both signups/referrals and sales while actually earning money from those ad packs. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!!

This was just a post to encourage you. Many get discouraged easy, especially with all of the stuff that they see, hear, and are exposed to online.

It doesn’t really matter how bad the advertising is if you know that you are not losing money in the process. Once you get those ad packs built-up you will eventually see good stuff happening.

Most people are just afraid to lose money, which is quite understandable. I feel ya.

Members Are Promoting MXR On MXR

“No more tolerance for stupid things. Even though everyone can read the sentence “Don’t promote MXREVSHARE here!” there are hundreds of Millionaire and Bannerads daily that steal my time, because members are promoting MXR on MXR! How idiotic is that?
Other members just post stupid links into the Banner-URL field or other senseless REALLY ANNOYING stuff. So now – if a member wants to buy an adpack – he/she must first have a VALID Millionaire ad (not only posting shit) to be able to buy adpacks.
On Youtube I found a good video about banners and 2 webpages where even newbies can . Here it is:
Image Hosting (upload your pictures):”   — Janus  

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APP: My AdPackPro Progress

This is a short post created to go over my progress I’m seeing in AdPackPro. (What is AdPackPro (APP) ?) There are actually GREAT AdPackPro videos that you should take a look at – on top of just reading my post, here.

APP is not the only rev share program I participate in – in fact, I plan to be involved to some capacity in ALL of the great rev share programs. The reason for this, is, I believe that rev shares are the way of the future on the internet. It only makes sense that there is “internet power” in advertising and nobody want to give-up all of that power to a select few out there that aren’t willing to share it.

I’m all for sharing it and showing others how they can get a piece of the action. You want your piece? Here, come and take it!! Better you and me than people we don’t know who make money from our content and our time spent online interacting with our friends and families.

My Actual AdPackPro Results

I’m getting tons of impressions to my banners and hits to my website – which is Well-into the hundreds of thousands.. close to a million now.

The truth is – I don’t know enough about the average banner impression ratio to website hits/clicks. All I can for sure tell you is that AdPackPro is driving more traffic to my website than anything else is. Much more.

I don’t have a whole lot of adpacks, either. In fact, I only have a few of them. AdPackPro adpacks cost 25EUR and mature at 30EUR. Their tracking system wasn’t correctly showing us the results of clicks and impression for the longest time. It does show results, now, but I’m not sure if they are accurate or not, yet.

My results are tiny but definitely I can see it going into the right direction. Especially since my money in the system is building up, which allows me to repurchase adpacks faster and faster… getting me more and more traffic to my website.

My AdPackPro Team

I have a tiny AdPackPro team. This means that I referred people with my AdPackPro referral link and they might have sponsored people with theirs. I sponsored 2 people that sponsored a couple of their own, each, I believe. These people all get their own affiliate links, too, so that they can share the program with others.

Each day I get impressions, clicks, commissions from my own adpack purchases (until they max-out at 30EUR), and possible referral commissions from my team. You see, each of the people on my first two levels are also playing the same game that I am. They know that the more adpacks they buy, the more they earn. Each time anybody in my top two levels buys another adpack, I earn a direct commission. If first-level then my commission is 2.75 EUR. If second-level, I’d get 1.75 EUR.

These referral commissions make a huge difference in a person’s ability to build up their own account more quickly. Remember, each time you get another 25EUR you can get another new adpack!! It gets addictive, for both you and your AdPackPro team.

10 Ads Pay Products And Services Line Offerings

Our products and services line offerings consists of the following, we have a planned roadmap to increase our products and services offerings in the next 3 to 6 months. We are yet to reveal some of our exciting partner products which you will surely appreciate and pursue.

PPC Banners
PPC Advertisements
PTC Advertisements
Text Ads
Login Ads
Traffic Exchange

Minimum Withdraw per day $5
Maximum withdraw per day $250
Withdrawals are enabled 7 days a week and paid within 24-48 hours.
10% referral commissions
No membership fees
No requirement to maintain adpacks
No blocking to hop on other plans, you can buy any plan within their maximum limits

How high is the risk?

How high is the risk?
Every morning when you rise and survive the night, did you start the day with risks, whether in business, road traffic or picking mushrooms.
But it’s up to us, good or bad, to share with others or to renounce it.
This responsibility takes us nobody.
We are an advertising platform with a real business in the background.
We are with adpackpro since December 2015 without server downtime online. Starting with the first partner we are now in the next few days, the number of 10.000 and the now on all continents. The pool runs now run very stable and there will be a week for week 5 digit commissions to very many partners, paid a few months ago, it still did not even exist. These are just a few reasons to all of us together very proud and grateful to be able to be.
Well, there are also things that are unsatisfactory and we also see the subject as we can see all the advertisements. Here we are intensively intelligent solutions with the technology to implement and updates to install. The small interventions are carried out in live operation. For the big update, but we will announce in due time, we will be in the main entrance to the server the lock in the short term, so that no new data coming in.
The updates will include the following measures:
– the possibility for any user, ads and banners to be able to evaluate a points system.
– who’s advertising is assessed and evaluated the advertising is also points accordingly. Points you can redeem again in free advertising spaces.
– Introduction of variable view and click rates
– Introduction of timed advertising
– identical advertising on the screen will no longer be able to see side by side, but will be running in a row
– and much more.
In this sense, have a nice weekend, thank you for everything we do together on the market and have led to a successful new week.
The management