Don’t Be Fooled By FutureNet Imitators – And Don’t Promote Them, Either

For the sake of security of our users, we warn against programs that try to imitate FutureNet and therefore misleading our users. Please pay special attention to the address in the browser, which should start with https: // and target domains such as and Promoting and encouraging participation in programs imitating FutureNet which are a threat to financial losses of our users will result in permanent ban of the FutureNet, FutureAdPro and FuturoNetwork accounts.

Activities that will be considered as incompatible with our terms of services are:
Encouraging participation in the above-mentioned programs;
Promotion of links and content related to the programs on FutureNet and FutureAdPro platforms;
Logging in and having accounts with usernames similar to the usernames on the FutureNet platform;
Promotion of mentioned programs on the web (websites, personal blogs, profiles and groups Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc);

Best regards

New Email About FutureNet’s Partnership With BMW

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Yes BMW and FutureNet formed a partnership/deal and we will now have FutureNet Leasing division added into the company and feeding-into our profitshare that we, the affiliates, get to share in.

I created a new email about BMW partnership with FutureNet and I like to have links pointing to this email from my blogs, this way the online version of my email can be more searchable to the search engines.

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Four Important GetMyAds Updates To Share With Your Teams

Hello Member Of GetMyAds,

today we have some important news for you and we would like to ask you to read this email very carefully and also inform your customers and affiliates about these recent updates.

1. Technical update this week

2. Premium Partner Program basic info

3. Content on the internet about GetMyAds

4. Credit Card Payments

1. Technical Update this and next week

We will have an important technical update in the background this and next week and it might cause small, temporary issues in the back office. There will be no data lost, even if you see numbers or information that are not accurate inside your dashboard. Please don´t contact our support. We will update the accurate details and numbers as fast as possible if the update has any affect on the numbers and information you see in your back office. In most cases you will not recognize the updates at all.

2. Premium Partner Program basic Infos

Together with the major update we are also testing a version of the Premium Partner Program in a Beta Version with a few leaders.

We are planning to give customers with 500 and 750 a limited access to the Premium Partner Program and an unlimited access for customers with more than 1000 active Tokens.

The Premium Partner Program will be more connected with direct campaigns in GetMyAds with a high probability of much better results. We don´t make any promises about the expected results but from our experience we are convinced that everyone will be amazed by the outcome. A Token will cost the same but to maximize the results, it will pay less Affiliate commissions then on a regular Token. All Details will follow within the next 4 weeks but we are excited that we can finally announce that the Premium Partner Program is in progress and will be ready soon.

3. Content related to Investments on the Internet

VERY IMPORTANT: Many Affiliates promote GetMyAds as an investment through Videos on Youtube, Websites, Blogs and on various Social Media platforms.

If you have any content that promises any percentage per day/month/year or calculators or anything that could make GetMyAds look like an Investment Program, you have to remove the respective content from the internet.

We are putting a team together of specialist researchers who will search for exactly this kind of content and any GetMyAds accounts that violate our rules has to calculate with consequences and in worst case with the suspension of the account.

Please review all your websites, videos, blogs and social media posts and remove anything that could make GetMyAds look like an investment! Content about Advertising, Affiliate Commissions, Business Opportunity, real Testimonials and Reports are abosolutely fine and welcome!

This is a serious matter! If we are not absolutely strict about it, our great business could get in trouble. We have to do everything to avoid that.

Keep in Mind: We are selling traffic and get paid as affiliates. Anything else you earn is a bonus and you can´t make any promises on this bonus.

4. Credit Card Payments

We are facing many Credit Card fraud transactions from Europe at the moment and our processing company raised the transaction fees due to that issue. We are trying to raise the security standards to avoid even higher fees but it will take some time to develop it.

If you use a Credit Card to buy token, there will be an extra service fee of 6% charged.

We strongly recommend to use the other payment options – they are all free of charge and without any fee. Wire Transfer, BitCoin and Payeer are working worldwide. Sofort-Payment works in most of the european countries – and they are all free of charge.

Have a great day


GetMyAds Team

Congrats To Mathana.. Team Member Of

One of my teammates, Mathana, will be blogging about from her own blog, which is a sub-domain of the website. She will be doing her blog in Thai.

I, myself have never toyed with the different design possibilities of these WordPress blogs and hers is the first one that I’ve seen that actually looks like a real website and not a blog.

Here is Mathana’s website:

Join Some RevShares, Share With Others – Earn Some Great Residual Income Online With Your Computer

With each passing day, some revshares are proving more and more that they are a great way to earn some great residual income online with your computer.

This is only a list of 10 of some of the hottest ones. There are lots more. Now I’m not saying that you should invest a lot of money into any of these. I’m only telling you that if you do what I’m doing here (sharing them with others) you can leverage your ability to earn income tremendously.

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I also took the table above and put it into a couple of blogs that I have.. you know, WordPress and Blogger (Blogspot)

The idea is to get my referral links out there as much as possible into cyberspace so my odds of getting clicks and signups (referrals) increases over time.

With minimal money into each program and a big desire to get your links out there.. you can do wonders. Of course, you want to work the programs and get your daily results in each one so that you can show people that it works.