Don’t Be Fooled By FutureNet Imitators – And Don’t Promote Them, Either

For the sake of security of our users, we warn against programs that try to imitate FutureNet and therefore misleading our users. Please pay special attention to the address in the browser, which should start with https: // and target domains such as and Promoting and encouraging participation in programs imitating FutureNet which are a threat to financial losses of our users will result in permanent ban of the FutureNet, FutureAdPro and FuturoNetwork accounts.

Activities that will be considered as incompatible with our terms of services are:
Encouraging participation in the above-mentioned programs;
Promotion of links and content related to the programs on FutureNet and FutureAdPro platforms;
Logging in and having accounts with usernames similar to the usernames on the FutureNet platform;
Promotion of mentioned programs on the web (websites, personal blogs, profiles and groups Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc);

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New Email About FutureNet’s Partnership With BMW

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Yes BMW and FutureNet formed a partnership/deal and we will now have FutureNet Leasing division added into the company and feeding-into our profitshare that we, the affiliates, get to share in.

I created a new email about BMW partnership with FutureNet and I like to have links pointing to this email from my blogs, this way the online version of my email can be more searchable to the search engines.

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