Withdraw Adscash Tokens Yet? Trading To Start Soon

Have you managed to withdraw your Adscash tokens
into your ERC 20 wallets yet ?

I am asking this because trading is going to start soon from March and over 2500+
people have already done so

Here is the latest stats which you can verify on ethereum blockchain


I suggest you to do so asap and be ready for trading soon

Apart from this all pending icoinmarket payouts will be shortly released in your
adscash wallets and then u can withdraw them to your ERC 20 wallets for trading

Also behind the scenes we have managed to finalize 3 partnerships now with advertising
companies and one of them is worth 100 million dollars right now and 2 over 50 million

They are excited to partner up with us because of the tech behind us , our long term vision
and of course of our awesome big community

Names will be revealed 90 days after trading as then token integration will start

Our entire focus for 2018 is to increase the utility of adscash tokens there by helping
in the natural price increase and help all of you make a ton of money and get
token benefits

Thanks for the support

Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

MXWorld’s Next Level Of Success: Membership Levels

Message to MX.WORLD Members from James Lee Valentine


For the past 13 months, since November 2016, with the former MXREVSHARE (now the ADVERTISING platform of MX.WORLD), we have been compounding money on a daily basis within the system through our Advertising Budget (former name: Repurchase Balance) and this money has NEVER been covered by real money into our company. This is like a balloon that is getting larger and larger every day.

My mission as the owner of MX WORLD is to never let this balloon get so huge that it explodes one day in the future. However, every day for 13 months our company has been giving 1.25% of all revenue shares (if they are real funds or not, and most is NOT REAL MONEY) on a daily basis into this balloon. It is for this reason why we recently reduced the commissions on the Adpacks Repurchases from 10% on 3 levels to just 2% on 3 levels.

Now I want to let this balloon reduce in size slowly, for the long term sustainability of the ads platform and the future success of MX WORLD as a whole.

Plus, and this is a very important point, because I check the real money IN and the real money OUT of our corporation on a DAILY basis, I am able to spot trends. The most alarming trend ever since we started the API (automated cashouts) 3 months ago is that “mystery money” seemed to be disappearing on a regular basis, much more money than should be going out with our existing pay plan, but this money trail is not always so easy to follow with 500 to 1000 cashouts per day, every day. Plus I am naïve and not experienced in this revshares business, so I was not active in researching the missing monies UNTIL THIS PAST WEEK together with the ID verifications. What Janus and his TERMINATOR TEAM has uncovered is amazing!

Janus and his team have so far uncovered over 30 individuals operating in a mafia-style way to steal our online reserves, with more than 30 bogus cashouts per day. The total LOSS to our company appears to be around quarter of a million USD since September when API was introduced. This is NOT a problem for us long term because we still have around one million USD in reserves AND we have now found these scammers and they have been TERMINATED from our systems. At this time, early Sunday morning for me in Philippines, and late Saturday night for Janus in Germany, we are still searching our database and records for more fraudsters. I do apologize if our ID verification seems intrusive and incorrect to some members, but we MUST stop the scammers from stealing our corporate money, which is also the members money.

Our corporation has lost around USD 250,000 during the past 3 months to scammers with fake IDs and hackers with multiple accounts. This is why we MUST be firm in our ONE ACCOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD policy. Sorry if this is not good for some innocent individuals, but I cannot allow my corporation to go down because of the scammers and hackers! Honest individuals can work together within one household account.

So the explanation above is WHY we must do this. And this below is HOW we will do it starting from Monday 28 November to Thursday December 1:

1. Monday 28 November will be the LAST day to buy adpacks from the Advertising Budget. So if you do not have enough money there for an adpack, then transfer some from your MAIN balance or just deposit a little sum, so after your purchase this balance is at ZERO.

2. All active adpacks that were purchased via Advertising Budget will still run until their 110%.

3. The Advertising Budget will be a PURE advertising balance for companies, marketers, entrepreneurs and other members that want to buy fixed banner-ads and text-ads, PTC ads, login-ads, logout-ads, (like it already is), but NO MORE for adpacks only. Members can also receive commissions there on 3 levels with up to 10% | 5% | 5% again, but this money can only be used to buy advertising services, NO adpacks.

4. There will STILL be 1.25% revenues going into the MAIN balance, same as it is since 13 months.

5. Because there will be still the SAME amount of money going into the MAIN balance there will be no negative influence of this “balloon-shrinking” to our members, regarding the payouts, etc.

6. In the first stage of the revised pay plan, the adpacks will mature slower. This is the nature when you want to let air out of a balloon slowly.

7. In the second stage, starting on Thursday 1 December, we will introduce 5 membership levels within each currency wallet, as we now have three MX Advertising platforms (revenue share programs) at MX WORLD.

These MEMBERSHIP LEVELS are explained here:

FREE MEMBERSHIP — active USD adpacks 10/15/25 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout $ 25/day | cost $0 per month.
BRONZE — active USD adpacks 100/150/200 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 75/day | cost $25 per month.
SILVER — active USD adpacks 150/200/500 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 150/day | cost $50 per month.
GOLD — active USD adpacks 150/250/1000 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 200/day | cost $75 per month.
MILLIONAIRE — active USD adpacks 150/250/1500 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout $ 350/day | cost $150 per month.

FREE MEMBERSHIP — active EUR adpacks 5/10/15/25/50 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout € 25/day | cost €0 per month.
BRONZE — active EUR adpacks 50/100/200/250 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout € 75/day | cost €25 per month.
SILVER — active EUR adpacks 100/150/200/500/750 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout € 150/day | cost €50 per month.
GOLD — active EUR adpacks 100/150/250/1000/1500 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout € 200/day | cost €75 per month.
MILLIONAIRE — active EUR adpacks 100/150/250/1500/2000 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout € 350/day | cost €150 per month.

FREE MEMBERSHIP — active BTC adpacks 5/10/15/25/50 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout B 0.035/day | cost B0 per month.
BRONZE — active BTC adpacks 50/100/200/250 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.10/day per wallet | cost B0.03 per month.
SILVER — active BTC adpacks 100/150/200/500/750 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.20/day | cost B0.06 per month.
GOLD — active BTC adpacks 100/150/250/1000/1500 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.30/day | cost B0.1 per month.
MILLIONAIRE — active BTC adpacks 100/150/250/1500/2000 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout B 0.50/day per wallet | cost B0.2 per month.

Notes: The members pay these Membership Levels with REAL MONEY, like they pay for their ID Verifications (real money IN is the only way that any business can sustain long term until the year 2020 and beyond). After every payment the time for the membership expiry is set to one month. These are individual monthly payments without any subscription. If the member pays, he/she will extend the membership level. If not, the membership falls down to FREE.

8. The sponsor earns 10% REFERRAL COMMISSION on the monthly membership fee which goes to the sponsor’s AMBASSADOR BALANCE, which can be withdrawn as a daily cashout. There are NO DAILY LIMITS on withdrawals for commissions.

9. Our aim is to get more REAL MONEY from our advertising services, our resources (Generizer launching December, and our other tools), our MX GAME (coming early next year) and share the money with all verified members up to 2.5% in Main Balance (depends on the membership level), not 1.25% in Main Balance plus 1.25% in Advertising Budget as it is currently.

10. The daily share in your Main Balance is withdrawable as daily cashouts SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK (Monday to Sunday) 24 hours per day.

11. From MONDAY 28 NOVEMBER for just 3 days, for security reasons while we purge our membership of the fraudsters, and while we implement the new software scripts for all these pay plan revisions, the maximum payout is reduced to just USD50 per day, for just 3 days only!

12. From THURSDAY 1 DECEMBER the maximum cash payout per day per member is increased to USD1,100 equivalent total from the 3 currencies/wallets combined. This means USD is 350 maximum cash withdrawal per day, EURO is 350 maximum cash withdrawal per day (approx USD375), and BITCOIN is 0.500 BTC maximum cash withdrawal per day (approx USD375). This is for the long term stability of MX WORLD and it is something that the most sustainable revshare companies do. Later I can always approve higher daily cashouts limits, but let us first make the MX Advertising platforms profitable for the corporation long term.

13. No more AMBASSADOR BONUS from Monday 28 November. This is something we tried and it was successful. It will be re-implemented or replaced with a new bonus sometime next year.

14. BITCOIN daily cash withdrawals start from January 1 to allow the corporation to first build BTC reserves.

15. We now have three currencies and six pay processors for our members to more effectively expand their MX.WORLD business around the globe: USD-EURO-BITCOIN via Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Advcash, BitBay, Coinpay. Even more pay processors will be added next year. Plus we may add GOLD as a fourth currency to the MX Advertising platforms next year if enough members also want to earn and save in GOLD reserves.

16. Today you should join and promote every one of our eight MX MATRIX programs. Some members have been earning from these matrix programs for more than five years already. Why earn just one income with MX WORLD when you can earn up to eleven incomes: 3 with MX Ads (USD-EURO-BTC) and 8 with the MX MATRIX programs (MX1-MX3-MX7-MX9-MXF-MX20-MX500-MXM). THINK BIG and earn ELEVEN incomes EVERY DAY.

Thank you for your understanding and your help in making MX WORLD stronger and more prosperous for all members as we strive to reach our target of one million happy members by the year 2020.

Say yes to success!

James Lee Valentine

GMA Online Business Opportunity Very Easy To Share

It is very easy to share the GMA online business opportunity. Unlike most companies, GMA already has videos for several different languages. Be sure to join free and use this to your advantage.

Having referral links for different languages is a powerful tool for a company to use if they want to be able to grow world-wide at the fastest rate of speed. I’m guessing there are more languages in the works, as well!!

GetMyAds offers 12% commission on referrals for levels 1 and 2. This is a really powerful compensation plan to get you working and building your GMA team. Each person that you sponsor will be earning you 12% on THEIR first level as they begin to share the GMA business with their friends and families.

You could model what I’m doing here. Create a blog post – or on your website – and put all of YOUR GMA referral links (one for each language) onto a page. This way your link will be “out there” forever for people to join from.

Use this personalized link to invite your friends to GetMyAds – Invite your friends to watch the video in the different languages:

GetMyAds Video In English    GetMyAds Video In Spanish

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GetMyAds Video In Turkish

CI Updates: Pending Payouts, Migration To China, Corporate Product Launches, Meetings

=== 5 Minutes Read – Updates ==

1. Yesterday alone over $100k in pending payouts were cleared and more getting cleared as I write this step by step

The reason there is a slight delay in clearing out payouts is not becuase we don’t have funds lol but it’s becuase we are extra cautious in clearing every payout even though it is as small as $100….

Simple small things but they matter a lot in long term in terms of making the system secure , hack free and keeping scammers away from the system…

After a $2 million hack , 99 % of companies in this industry would have just closed their doors and ran away but the reason we are able to survive is becuase we are not just a 6 months old company but a 6 year old company with enough cash reserves and hence when it is needed , we don’t mind pumping in our own reserves to ensure the system is strong , healthy and solidified in a way so that we can be around for next 5, 10 and 20 years from now..

At times we at corporate have to think a little bit differently from affiliates as we have the responsibility of over 120k+ People now versus just few affiliates who might be getting a little impatient with withdrawals…

Our IT team has done a excellent job when it comes to implementing KYC features , unique user id verification process and whole lot of stuff..

At this point in time we are busy building a manual verification team which goes through every withdrawal request and goes through the history of your wallet to make sure you are not being paid less or more….

And in next 30 days we are hopeful of automating this process as our tech team is already working on background codes for this ..

Hence for next 30 days withdrawal cycles will remain same approx – 5 to 10 days but if you keep placing daily withdrawal requests , it actually becomes a daily or every other day withdrawal which I think is pretty cool…

Also limits will be revised somewhere in middle of october and we will be bringing it to $300/day and then increase from there every month….

Hope this helps

2. On migration to Hongkong , we have done our first leg of migration in terms of company registration and setting up a corporate base in HK….

Next we are working on shifting our banking processes

This is to ensure that we are able to work in a hassle free environment for many years to come

3.As you can already notice , we are very focussed towards corporate product launches now !

Sales of daily login ads product has already started very well and at the time of writing this we are already sold out for next few days and more and more enquiries coming in..

I believe in 30 days from now we will start selling next 30 days in advance and these numbers will only improve from here on…

Orders for email solo ads are also coming in and we have already sold out next 2 weeks of email solo ads and more enquiries are being handled as we speak

Next in line is FB shares product , banner ads and ppc ads……

So yeah exciting times ahead

4.We have excellent leadership with us as always and regular meetings in Singapore And Philippines have already started which are company sponsored !

Address and details on that coming shortly

If you would like to take the first step of organizing meetings in your city/country and you think you can have minimum 25-50 people every week/2 weeks/monthly , then kindly email at coo@clickintensity.us with ur proporal and Jason will be in touch with you to help you finalize things..

First 6 months for every company are most challenging and I am happy to say that we have emerged victorious after these first tough 6 months

We have been tested at every corner right from banking processes failure to technology failure to hackers hacking us for over $2 million but here we are still standing strong and growing bit by bit every single day

Now i strongly believe that the next wave will be way bigger and better and more and more lifes are going to be changed…

It feels good to be instrumental in changing lifes across the world and super pumped up to 10x this number in the next 6 months

Keep the good work up family

CI for life

Nick Johnson

P.S This is a important post and hence kindly tag everyone in ur team here so they are in the loop and aware of what’s happening and where we are going in near future….

First E-Mail Written For “Buy AdPacks” Email Series

My first email for BuyAdPacks, my new email series, is practically completed and I’m already working on the second one now. These will be my “funnel” that people get to go through to see who I am and what I do, here in this online space.

I have 3 main blogs that I run. Each day I try to put-out content into each of them.. multiple times. This content will be stuff that I find inside of FaceBook, usually in the FB groups or on a FB fan page for any of the various revshare companies that are out there.

You see – each of these companies has to interact with its members on a continual basis. That is the only way to make it happen. Well, I’m there to gladly use some of that content for these blogs.

The hater websites, out there, have the same concept. I mean, they only write bad stuff about rev share companies. But yeah they will get it from FB or anywhere else they can find it. And because there are so many companies out there, these hater sites never run out of fresh content to use. This content will get them traffic to THEIR hate sites.

No matter which of my 3 blogs a person uses to opt-in, they will go into the same list.. it is the “Buy AdPacks” list. This is just a series of emails that automatically go out in certain intervals of time.

I’m working on those emails now. The 1st one is already completed and that is the reason I created this post. So that I can link to it from here and get it indexed into the search engines. This gets it seen much more.. and the one-way backlinks going to my websites will then strengthen my cause.

My first email in the series is titled Welcome to the world of Ad Packs. In my series I’ll take people by the hand and walk them through what it means to get involved in revshares.. the risks and the rewards.

The idea of my series is to build some trust among my followers and let them get to know me and my teammates.

They say that the size of your email list will, in direct proportion, determine the amount of money you can make on the internet. I’m not sure I buy that, but it sure sounds good!

If you’d like to register for my email series, by all means, find the registration box on this page and put your email (and possible name, depending on which blog you are on). From there, I’ll “see ya” on the inside.

You And Your MPA Team Must Watch This – Uday Nara Outlines Current Situation And Future Ahead

There will be a whole lot of rev share growth happening now in all companies because of the recent happenings of Traffic Monsoon.

Uday Nara outlines the current situation and the fantastic future ahead for My Paying Ads and YOU, it’s members.
To understand their direction, you and your MPA team must watch this.

Send this YouTube link to your team!!!


No Easier Way To Make Money Online Than FutureAdPro?

“There quite simply is no easier way to make money online than with FutureADPro!

You make money every 15 minutes when you purchase an AdPack..

Yes you have to purchase AdPacks in order to earn but just like any company you have to purchase something..

But here is the BIG DIFFERENCE !!

See this example:

If you purchased a marketing training product for let’s say $250 and that then gave you the opportunity to resell that product and make a 50% commission then you would make $125.. Of course you would be happy to make that money.

But what happens if you don’t make a sale do you still get paid ? Well the answer is NO !

Now If you purchased $250 of AdPacks and clicked on your 10 ads every day then your AdPacks will earn you a % of the companies revenue every 15 minutes until your $250 becomes $300 making you a $50 profit..

But if you went and sold the business to someone and they purchased $250 of AdPacks too then you would also make an additional commission on that persons purchase.

So in my 4 years of experience working online there is simply no easier way to make money.

So buy AdPacks and start growing a passive income for only 10 minutes per day on the site..

It’s a no brainer”

— Steve Lawson