FutureNet Foundation: PWRocket

The FutureNet Foundation will fly into space.
Industry and technology are also areas in which we have decided to be present and create a better future together with you. This time we supported students from PoliWrocket who work on the project and construction of the rocket! These young people will be the first Poles to take part in the prestigious Spaceport America Cup competition.

New Traffic Blog – HurricaneTraffic – To Promote TrafficHurricane.plus Among Other RevShares

I’ll be doing a new blog, in addition to the two that I currently post onto. It will be at HurricaneTraffic.info This blog will allow me to touch-down on the “traffic” keyword moreso than I’ve been able to do with just these 2 blogs, alone.

Yes – the biggest reason is because of the new traffic exchange rev share program out there, TrafficHurricane.Plus.  I’m am pretty convinced that people will take to this program in great numbers and I wanted to get my piece of that action, as it goes-down. You don’t blame me, do ya?

I also secured HurricaneTraffic.com but I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do with that domain quite yet. It is great to have the dot com so that I can rank high in Google for those words… as I’ll have lots of competition for them.

Yeah – so what I did was I took “Traffic Hurricane” and reversed it to “Hurricane Traffic” so that I could lock-up those 3 domains all the same. This will allow me to get lots of link juice because nobody thought to get any of them and it’ll work the same for the social profiles that I go after. The odds of them being available are very good.

Plus, since the blog is just be a general, generic blog I can post on it just like I already am on this blog and my other one, BuyAdPacks.info.

BeonPush – Join BeonPush Free Here

Great interview which shows what BeonPush plans to do in the future and where they are at right now. Very promising company full of potential. They realize that competition is stiff and they plan to stay on top of their game.

One of their goals is to have 3 million BeonTel users around the world.

When I first seen this company I laughed at it because the back office looked less than spectacular and they use the word “investment” right on the front page of their website.  I can definitely tell you now – that I’m totally impressed with what they have accomplished in the last month or two.

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