MPA – MPCA Striving To Deliver Stronger Platform Almost Ready

Spoke to Shaf and the Programmers just now.

1. MPA is running at 99%
Surfing adverts in the Traffic Exchange is STILL DISABLED.
It is the last thing on the list to solve – Working on it now.
Will advise in BIG LETTERS when you can surf again. 🙂

2. MPCA is running at 100%

3. Support is working through all the tickets from members as fast as they can. You will be looked after.


Thank you for the positive support you have shown to the team,
as they strive to deliver a strong platform for the
long term success of all our members, new and old.

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ClikDelivery – Doing Our Best To Deal With Current Reserves To Increase Them

Hello all members,

We inform you that we are still doing our best to deal with the current reserves to increase them.

Actually, we are working on cryptocurrencies to recover our loss from the Trafficmonsoon case.

In order for us to use the remaining funds, we have to keep withdrawals disabled as if we enable it again, it will drain our reserve and we will not be able to pay more than two or three weeks at the best.

So we decided to disable withdrawals temporarily and when we make some good profit, we will enable it to pay members in loss.

Keep an eye on the group please and wait for an update.

Withdrawals can be opened at any time starting from next Monday.

Thank you all for your patience, i know you all are worrying about your seed money but this needs to be done for the benefit of every member and the long live of the program!