A Lot Of New Traffic Forces FutureAdPro To Upgrade Servers, Dubai

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Stephan LIVE here from Dubai. I want to give you a quick update for our new situation here in Dubai and I wanted to tell you a little bit about our challenges in FutureAdPro and our new servers.

Let me start with Dubai: I was here for a few days, together with Roman, we opened a few companies, opened here bank accounts we are still looking for different offices here in Dubai and we want to share these informations all about Dubai very soon with you in all details.

Maybe you saw it or maybe you get the information about we have some challenges with FutureAdPro server and the reason for this very easy we have so much new traffic that means that our old server was too small and we are switching now to new servers our IT team is hard working on that our server specialists are working hard on that and be patient it’s no problem, everything is fine in a few hours you will see that everything is working well fantastic like you expect it all the time. Yeah? So don’t worry about it! This was Stephan from Dubai. See you soon!  Buy-Bye!!




Ads.Cash: The Whole World Is Waking-Up To The Potential Of CryptoCurrency

Which All Languages You Guys Would Like To See Ads.Cash Power Point Presentation Translated Into ?

At this point in time we are getting them translated into Arabic , Chinese , Spanish , Italian , German , French , Japanese , Tagalog , Hindi , Greek

Let me know if we are missing out here on any languages where you guys will like to see presentation material translated into

Unlike Other companies who focus on one country and then expand , we want to do this at speed of light

I know its going to be complex and will take way more efforts but looking at the global momentum in the crypto currency world, we just want to play this game fast and create wealth for everyone involved here beyond their wildest imagination

Imagine each one of you getting 100k coins for about $2500 at ICO pricing and each coin hitting $10 in next 6 months when we will go to exchange with our own blockchain , thats right there a million $$$ for each one of you with just $2500 investment

As leaders if you want to start local meetings in your area and need them to be listed on company’s website , let us know

We will be shortly creating a meeting calendar section where we would be adding global meetings country by country

We are also working towards opening 5 global offices to begin with and keep adding more every month

Most probably we will start with Singapore , Dubai , India , UK And USA and expand from there

If you want to see our office in your country and you have a big team already starting to build up , let me know in the comments below and the country name will be added in consideration list….

The whole world is waking up to the potential of cryptocurrency

Whether it’s UK , HK , India ,Dubai , Singapore , USA , anywhere and everywhere – everyone is talking about bitcoins , altcoins , the fortunes being made etc etc

This is the opportunity folks

Lets get focussed like we have never been before , work like we have never worked before in our lifes and create wealth like we have never done before

Opportunties don’t come for ever and now once you have got one , make the best use of it

Spread your ads.cash links everywhere , tell your teams mates to do the same and get ready to pick as many ads.cash coins as you can on launch day

Lets do this

Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

P.S Tag everyone in your post so they are in loop with developments

FN/FAP Management Team

FutureNet/FutureAdPro – FN/FAP  Management Team

Stephan Morgenstern

Founder & CEO

With FutureNet all my business dreams come true. We are building a platform for people from all over the world.

Many people like to waste their time by searching for a FutureNet or a FutureAdPro review – this is usually a waste of time. It is easiest to just register for a program for free and check it our for yourself.. as no two people are alike..

From the author of this blog.. I have my own team for Future Net and Future Ad Pro. In fact, we are part of the biggest team in the company.

Join my FutureNet/FutureAdPro team.at FutureAdPros.com

Roman Ziemian

Founder & CEO

Roman was born in 1973 in Jelenia Góra and is a father of three children aged: 9, 21 and 23. He had lived in Poland until he was 19 years old. Roman is a graduate of a music school in Jelenia Gora and the School of Arts and Craft.

Our Vision
We create the first social network platform that has innovative tools for communicating and our own products to help people around the world realize their full potential on the Internet.
Our Mission
We are the most innovative social networking platform that connects and inspires people around the world to pursue their potential on the Internet, providing them with constantly new products and creative solutions.
“Action without vision is a nightmare”
Japanese proverb
Our Values
The passion with which we create
Provision of products and services that they use with pleasure
The profesionalism, continuous development and commitment to excellence
The constant search for new and better solutions
Open communication with partners, customers and employers
Co-operation and trust
Honesty and credibility

BeonPush – Join BeonPush Free Here

Great interview which shows what BeonPush plans to do in the future and where they are at right now. Very promising company full of potential. They realize that competition is stiff and they plan to stay on top of their game.

One of their goals is to have 3 million BeonTel users around the world.

When I first seen this company I laughed at it because the back office looked less than spectacular and they use the word “investment” right on the front page of their website.  I can definitely tell you now – that I’m totally impressed with what they have accomplished in the last month or two.

Join my BeonPush team