New Statement On Current AdPackPro Situation

Dear Partners,

I think it’s time here a new statement on the current situation.
Yes, we have made significant changes – and yes, this is first for a lot of very unpleasant. The measures were necessary, however, from the above reasons.

The 25/75 has a lot of shocked. This was a shock but maybe necessary to all a little awake to shake. But it is – and no one knows – temporary thought.
We would like to now but finally break up with negative news and unpopular changes and following step by step to implement again, planning and a positive “climate” in our dealings with one another:

1. 25/75 rule will remain for the advertising credits up on further, because there are already approx. ¾ of the credits in order to use the pack number remains constant.
2. Today 17:00 pm, the following amendment has been consummated in app. Commissions (11/7) real new purchases of advertising packages to 100 % on the specific details. This applies to existing partners and of course for new partner. Purchases from “Rebuy & safe” until further notice are still treated as if they were in the past.
3. We are working as fast as possible via a smart shop concept for clubs, associations with the smart shop by for free. This we are getting many new multipliers and smart shop per user
4. We will be around until Wednesday. 20 to 30 new landing pages for the application of smart shoppers and click easy now available. These LP’s always include the pers. Reflectance Ink.
5. for faster and easier communication do we want to set up a mail system in the short term and quickly informed about events.
6. Membership for the world and the products of the world are also to buy from the app, we’re still working on it and it is already programmed api further optimized.
7. We will be doing everything, give the payment to accelerate the speed, the team has been extended.
8. Payouts already in January have been submitted in the editing, or already done by today.

We are preparing in the background, new ideas, and improve the existing, the many partners new income and by the way a solid basis for adpackpro. These concepts are in the implementation – and there are almost daily new solutions to the much larger market of e-Commerce for all of us. We can all support, but also for bad.
Everyone has a choice.

All of these measures we can not use one finger snap due to implement programmierleistung is required. We are working hard.
My request: grants us a little time to get things done.

The Senior Management Of AdPackPro