AdPackers – New Payment Methods


Dear Adpackers - we grow inexorably and want to make the quality of the payments for you, of course, always in a timely manner. We have decided to proceed as follows - please strictly observe this from the next payment period!

We apologize for the inconvenience, that we will be happy to serve you from Monday - Friday 15:00 (business hours)

Process your payout request, prepare it for the Monday and Tuesday Banktagen instructions. Depending on your bank and your payment methods, your withdrawals should be booked accordingly in your account or card.

At the weekend, no more payments are processed! Please do not cancel any support tickets and always wait until Thursday evening! Only if you have until Friday in the payout week no money in the account / Card, please let us know!
It is either the wrong data in your dashboard or bank.

This week will be paid as usual all payouts, requirements until Sunday, August 14, 2016 on Monday or Tuesday! Then the requirement is Friday 15:00

Support For Mo Brabus Will Now Be Closed Midnight Friday Until Midnight Sunday

Support will close now at weekends (midnight Friday until midnight Sunday) so you will not be able to send support tickets during this time. Verification documents can still be uploaded 24/7 but please allow extra time for these to be approved at weekends.