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Today we are 22 days away from the most anticipated launch – ever – in all of network marketing and the cryptocurrency space, as well.

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One Vision World – Handbook for resellers

Is it worth the 95 EUR – for a membership at the onevision world?
In talks with my partners, this is a question that is often asked. Will deepen. Then the issue is, in most cases, it appears that it is not primarily about the height of the amount, but rather the understanding and the real question is: ” what do I get that’s what and what can I do with it Do?”
This question is legitimate and, of course not only the management but also from the inner circle and we want to ensure that you do not only understands but also recognize the huge potential, which is behind this.
Reduced to a common denominator, it’s super simple. We have a “bank”. this bank is made up of the 22.500 largest affiliate companies, who are ready, commissions for the sale of those products to pay. The Ovh was and is so smart, this in different products to “install” so that both the ovh itself and we as a partner in order to make a lot of money right. By the way, it will improve our lead machine adpackpro playing conditions.
What is “right” a lot of money?
Nielsen corporation, a market research has provided evidence that every year every german federal budget per year for 3.270 EUR,- of basic consumer goods in the internet. This Christmas will be alone in the German retail in this year 90 billion euros in the coffers. Do you remember anything? This is a gigantic cake, on which we can use us like royalty.
Example: the smart shop via you can give as a gift. Just imagine, if you give away the shopper over the course of time, to 1.000 people – no matter what. Social Media, email, acquaintances, friends, or to the clubs (which often alone have over 1.000 members). According to the Nielsen corporation study these 1.000 consumers create an annual turnover of more than 3,27 million. EUR. This gets the ovh commissions in height between 2 % (e.g. Amazon) and 15 %. on the basis of an average of only 5 % are the CA. EUR 163.000 commissions for the ovh. This you get more than 5 levels each 10 %, i.e. 16.350 EUR,- for the 1. Level, 16.350 EUR,- for the 2. Level, etc. Alone for the 1. Level are the EUR 1.362,50 per month totally passive income. You just need the bag to give away. You take care of all community policies. If your partner, then you’ll get this money up to 5 x!!!! Do you remember anything else? At the moment you click on advertising every day from 25 EUR,- after approx. 4-6 months of 30,- to make. Let’s be honest, it’s boring, isn’t it?
The Smart Shop via is only an income model of many other who in the world.
So here is a tip: get in touch about your mentor in the world. You build for 95 EUR,- per month to start their own business. The shop will be fully established in you from the ovh provided. You have to just open the door for you and even the opening hours.
For all of this to run smoothly and you know how everything works, there is now this
One Vision World – Handbook for resellers. It’s gonna be editorial maintained and updated regularly. Much success with the creation of your own business for online marketing and e-Commerce
Frank Winkler
You have to read it, of course – is a lot of stuff
The Navigation through the 100 pages, however, is very comfortable.

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What IS FutureNet? Get PAID For Being Active In Social Media?

What IS FutureNet? Getting Benefits For Posting And Chatting?

How many posts did you add/public on your wall? How many times did you chat in messenger with your facebook friends? Now, imagine somebody could give you benefits for that. Impossible? Not really!

Why NOT get paid for being active in social media?

More info: https://www.futurenet.club

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James Lee Valentine’s Birthday Inspirations Book Free

In celebration of James birthday today (it is his birthday every day) and because our Europe MX.WORLD tour was so successful, he wants you to have this book he created a few years ago called BIRTHDAY INSPIRATIONS. Please share this giftbook with your friends, your family and your prospects to show that James is a multi-talented author, not just of empowerment books but books of many kinds. From next month, inside your new MX.WORLD back office you will find other giftbooks in this INSPIRATIONS series and many other books authored by James, and all for free. Say yes to success! Janus.


GMA Online Business Opportunity Very Easy To Share

It is very easy to share the GMA online business opportunity. Unlike most companies, GMA already has videos for several different languages. Be sure to join free and use this to your advantage.

Having referral links for different languages is a powerful tool for a company to use if they want to be able to grow world-wide at the fastest rate of speed. I’m guessing there are more languages in the works, as well!!

GetMyAds offers 12% commission on referrals for levels 1 and 2. This is a really powerful compensation plan to get you working and building your GMA team. Each person that you sponsor will be earning you 12% on THEIR first level as they begin to share the GMA business with their friends and families.

You could model what I’m doing here. Create a blog post – or on your website – and put all of YOUR GMA referral links (one for each language) onto a page. This way your link will be “out there” forever for people to join from.

Use this personalized link to invite your friends to GetMyAds – Invite your friends to watch the video in the different languages:

GetMyAds Video In English    GetMyAds Video In Spanish

GetMyAds Video In Russian    GetMyAds Video In French

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GetMyAds Video In Turkish

APP: We Will Now Start The Relocation Of Databases

This afternoon it’s time!
Dear friends and partners,
The final preparations of the new high-performance servers are completed. We will now start the relocation of databases in the late afternoon. According to our tests and calculations, the whole process will take about 2 hours to complete. During this time, our servers are unreachable. There are very large databases to copy and it must take place during this process no change to the databases.
This is purely a security measure.

Major Challenges For AdPackPro To Overcome – We Win Every Week Several Hundred New Partners

The events of the last 2 days.
Dear friends,
We had in the last 2 days some of the major challenges to be overcome. We win every week several hundred new partners, so that a complete restructuring of the serverlandschaft was required so that the sides of the back office continues to build up quickly. This had to several live updates to be committed, the advertising will reimburse have adversely affected, because during the running of this system.
If we as admins informed and not always exactly in view, when these processes are finally completed, it is in no way appropriate, if some people of this group the overall concept adpackpro in question and other partners with this uncertainty. Posts like “that’s it with adpackpro” is completely unfounded and sense and we reserve the right, the authors of such contributions to remove here. This has nothing to do with censorship. We just don’t make it to that our visions and our fantastic business that here the majority of the members want to build with adpackpro, completely unwarranted bad they talk about.
Those who do not understand this, think about it, should be another “home” to search.
A nice greeting in the round