Ideas, Extensions Soon To Be Added To APP Product Range

Dear partners, customers, friends

Two weeks ago, we arrived in Hong Kong. In our luggage many good ideas for product extensions and sensational new products. Last Saturday we came back, all these good ideas and extensions are under development and will soon be added to our product range.
But stop.
In the meantime, much has happened. Many, many false reports and assumptions were put into circulation. Secret groups were rumored to give each other advice to disappear as soon as possible. None of this is true.
There are a few people who give our customers advice that is beyond good and evil that are harmful to us all, for the customers and for the company.
Suddenly, a huge wave of payout requests came in in unprecedented proportions, the tone became ruddy, the telephone rang a hundred times.

We have decided to put a whole new emphasis on the implementations of these innovations very quickly. That’s why we’ve installed a new payout plan. All pay-out requests have been reset in favor of the real and loyal customers. This plan will continue until we are online with the new features.

Now we will hear again the loud wailing of the grasshoppers, the fields can no longer be eaten.

Here are the news:
• We will issue regular news about the state of affairs every week
• Once a month, we organize a production day in Basel and an affiliate day once a month as well
• In a few weeks we will offer automatic email marketing campaigns in which partners can participate.
• From now on, partners with their own website can apply for inclusion in our site, a huge opportunity to sell on the same website as for example
• In a short time, we will provide PDF flyers for each product. This can be seen at a glance: target group, distribution, links, support material, installation instructions, business model, marketing for partners … wherever possible of course clickable. For SMEs and self-employed, we continue to offer Done4you offers at attractive prices
What do we need to do all that? Simply time and rest. We will not answer any tickets, e-mails, phone calls, whatsapp, PN, etc. The existing tickets will be closed. Questions about the structure of the new products are answered when they are finished. Our KYC is reorganized. Double accounts are now also checked with an automatic system.

Well, now everything is clear. No of course not. We are in an elaborate development process. Different teams work together, which needs good coordination. This is precisely where we focus our attention.

We have always said: AdPackPro is an advertising platform and we are selling advertising space. Even with the new products we will not leave this philosophy. We will offer very good earnings.

All the best from Oberwil in Switzerland – you know, the capital of internet marketing.

Peter H. Müller Peter Wörz Christine Mohn Jeroen Smid Wolfgang Wenzel

Philippines FutureNet Office – And The BIG Picture

Hey Guys… i really need some help here…

We are going to open a FutureNet office in the Philippines.
And my wife come up with a idea, making 1 wall with one BIG picture, where people can stand, and we can take picture, every time there is a new member..
( but we can not agree what kind of picture ) LOL

or even just take a picture for its looking cool for them to put on their facebook profile….

you know what i mean.. just like if you go see the tower in italy, then you take picture like you are the one pushing the tower. or the eiffel tower where you also can make fun with the picture..

please post some ideas with pictures we can use as background. the wall is 3 meter long, and 2,4 high. –– Mikker Peterson

Without A Team, And Team Work There Is No Growth

Without a team & team work you can never grow..!!
We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity. We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.

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Don’t Let Them “Scam” You Out Of Joining A Great Opportunity

There are boatloads of great opportunities out there and it can sometimes be hard to tell which ones are worth your time. But never never never let other’s affect your judgement on what you feel about things.

Scam! Scam! Scam! It’s a Scam!! He’s a scammer!! You Getting Scammed By Scammers? Everything Seems To Be A Scam For Some People

It is quite understandable to not know what a lot of programs are doing out there. There are a bunch of them to try to keep up with. Not hundreds, but thousands of them. To try and understand many of them is truly a waste of time if you are a goal-oriented person.. unless to do JUST THAT happens to be your goal, which I highly doubt…

Not knowing how a specific program or opportunity works, though, isn’t a good reason to put it down. Most people tend to criticize that which they don’t understand. I know, that is a quote from somebody, somewhere.

The definition of a scam, by my own recollection, is when there is intent to rip people off.. like when you get an e-mail from somebody in Nigeria telling you that you only need to pay for processing fees so that they can wire you the millions of dollars that you are now entitled to.

A scam is designed to take money out of people’s pockets – not intending to give them anything in return… and then to disappear so that you can maybe do it all over again.

Here in the online marketing world the term “scam” has come to be defined as something a tiny bit different. Anytime a person puts money into a program and they don’t get their money out, the business automatically becomes a “scam”.

What about you? Have you ever been scammed? I mean, there ARE a lot of scammers out there in the world… and most scamming is now done on the internet since that is the easiest way to do it.

Don’t believe everything you see or hear online when people refer to a program as a scam. Do your own due diligence, for sure. Some of the best ideas that made people worth millions were at one time probably thought to be a scam.

Out there in the “real world” people use the word “pyramid scheme” in such a way that it automatically sounds bad. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a scheme that is shaped like a pyramid.

Your job is probably a pyramid scheme. If you don’t think that it is, tell your boss that you want trade positions or paychecks for a month. You have a far better chance of getting your dreams accomplished if you are in a situation where you can build for yourself, without any limitations.

Of course – to simply join an mlm or network marketing company it isn’t easy to make money. You need to stick around and learn how others are able to rise above all of the “noise” and separate themselves from the masses.

People use the word scam so much that nobody pays much attention the the real scams that ARE out there getting money out of people’s pocketbooks.

Most revshare programs are not intentional scams but they don’t have a way to actually pay the members any real profits. Therefore they need to make different rules, start charging membership fees, or even close their doors totally.

If your are serious about building your CI business

If your are serious about building your CI business then help me create momentum of our first London Meeting, Leaders, Sponsors bring your prospects tell your team to do the same.
Share ideas, create a buzz pass on experiences.
Exact date and venue TBC..
Message me if you are interested…..‪#‎FOCUSED‬

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