Uplines: Please Take Care Of Your Downlines

The sunny – Friday:

I would like to get rid of something that is very close to my heart. Today I have a total of 4 people have called for help, the help and support, both in technical problems as well as the product-related questions.

Result: successful

All 4 people that could help until further notice, with two of these people I even personally almost every 40 minutes on the phone and via remote-control me in addition to the current pcs to logged in can intervene, none of these 4 people is In my down-let alone upline and if I get 4 people said that the current upline not really help because this just the dollar signs in a big way. There goes me so easy the bile upstairs, as this is extremely bad!

I’m happy to help, what is in my power, even if I don’t get a single cent. But some upline, please check out a little more to take care of your downline, there is also such a thing as phone and remote-control – it is something you can also use it.
I know it’s exhausting sometime it same again to explain and to answer, but a direct personal support without many participants, you can reach a lot more than you think.

And another thing!
It helps anyone who asks for help – when including one comment to read is like:

“I’m ok not long now”
‘too expensive’
“too little” pool


“ridiculous” is the time where you spend here for this comment
“I’m ok not long now” – maybe more than you think
“too expensive” when you do nothing yes
“too little pool” there are again in the ovh sidebar the travel agency

I’m now a can of “Cider” on and enjoy my successful day, and you? 🙂