Don’t Waste Time – Talk To People About MultiBuy

Yesterday we had leaders meeting here in Poland with owners of Multibuy. All of them was here: Kirbyy, Giancarlo and Gianluca. They answer for many questions and all guests was satisfy. After meeting we spend together few hours in restaurant.

Definitly Poland will on fire. I’m sure we will beside UK strongest market on the World. Comitment is done:) Also I did interview with Kirby what will be online soon.

15 February we start so dont waste time, talk to people and make this biz BIG 🙂

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AdPackPro: Where does the majority of your revenue come from?

Published on Dec 6, 2016

During this interview I covered a big question regarding payment…the response from Peter Worz is extremely impressive!

You can also learn more about Adpack Pro here http://buyadpack.adpackpro-interna…

To see the full interview please click here

Below is a list of questions covered in the full interview:-

Who are the owners / CEOs of Adpack Pro / One Vision Holding AG
What security measures have been taken for your site?
How susceptible are you to SEC or other government regulatory issues?
Are you using a purchased script or a custom script to run your system?
When was One Vision Holding registered?
When was Adpack Pro registered?
Is there is physical location? Where?
Is One Vision Holding / Adpack Pro available in every country?
How are support issues handled? Can the company handle growth?

What are some of your external revenue sources that make this company sustainable?
Are there plans for future revenue sources?
What do you believe makes the company sustainable for the long term?
How many people are in the system?
What tutorial resources are available to help new users become efficient at using the system with ease?
Does this company require KYC?
Can you have multiple accounts?
How often are the maintenance down times and how do they work?
Has the system ever been down? If so why? How did it get resolved?
Can you tell me more about the charity vision you have?
Any plans to change the payment structure or the click structure?
Can you tell me more about the wallet?
How do I pay? How do I get paid?
Why choose Adpack Pro? How is this different from any other rev share?

Many thanks for watching this interview, should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to connect with me direct

AdPackPro/OneVision Holding AG Promotion Interview Video

And the interview is done!
Also as a youtube link to the ship.
The promotion video in length of about 90 seconds is a work in progress, only it takes a little longer, because it is more demanding.

BeonPush – Join BeonPush Free Here

Great interview which shows what BeonPush plans to do in the future and where they are at right now. Very promising company full of potential. They realize that competition is stiff and they plan to stay on top of their game.

One of their goals is to have 3 million BeonTel users around the world.

When I first seen this company I laughed at it because the back office looked less than spectacular and they use the word “investment” right on the front page of their website.  I can definitely tell you now – that I’m totally impressed with what they have accomplished in the last month or two.

Join my BeonPush team