Mark Your Calendars And Set A Reminder For CI Biz Opp Webby

Mark Your Calendars And Set A Reminder For CI Biz Opp Webby

Hey CI family! Please mark your calendars and set a reminder in your phone for our weekly webinar! We meet every Thursday at 1 pm EST.

As the CI family grows we can help one another more and more to reach higher goals and bigger dreams! So bring your prospects and new members to the weekly webinar to learn more and grow your team and theirs!

Please join me tomorrow on the weekly Business Opportunity Webinar (Click Intensity) at 1 pm EST. Check your time conversions and set a reminder in your phone! Don’t miss it!!

See you there!!

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Join Me In Reddit – Username: FutureAdPro


I have been a member of Reddit for many years with a different username, I don’t even know which username, as I claim good ones for companies as they come along, before other people get to them

With FutureAdPro I was a slacker, and didn’t even go to Reddit to join with that username until now. I was absolutely sure that by now somebody would have already gotten it and would already be using it to their advantage. I was wrong, though.

Here is my new account in Reddit:  FutureAdPro

In Reddit I’ll be talking to people about the various rev share programs that I’m involved in and they are doing, as well. It is a cool place to interact.