New MultiBuyWorld Office In City Of London


35 New Broad St. House, London, EC2M 1NH (I believe this is right outside Liverpool St Station)

The office will be available for meetings, presentations and Trainings and will be available 7 days a week (by Appointment). The UK Office Coordinator is Paul Burnett who will be assisted by Andrea. A Launch event and date for it is to be announced.

Free To Attend London Meeting For ClickIntensity

Just 1 day to go to the next London Meeting for ClickIntensity, I hope you will attend and bring along a few prospects.
This is a free to attend meeting so make the most of it.
If you are in the south east London area then this is a must for you.
the details are below so click on the link

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Official Launch Of 10AdsPay Happens

10AdsPay Officially Launched…Official Launch Of 10AdsPay Happens – 10AdsPay Advertising and Digital Solutions Limited was officially launched on 8th June 2016 at London with the presence of many well known revshare leaders and online marketers. Guest of honor for the official launch event was Payza’s Executive Vice President Mr. Firoz Patel.

Backend Tech Optimization, Developments Updates

Backend tech optimizations and development…

1) We were expecting to launch FB share product earlier this week but just when we were ready to go live , there were few last minute updates from Facebook on their API’s and hence the whole thing got delayed…

We are closed to integrating those updates and I am hopeful of the release this coming week….

2) We also started integration of live chat support inside your backoffice this week and should be live in this coming week anytime….

Imagine having the ability to simply drive traffic to your CI links , getting signups and then having the corporate chat support team answer all their questions and close sales for you 🙂

once fully implemented , it will take us about 30 days to optimize it from technology perspective and training of agents and you will have a lean mean selling machine 🙂

Drive traffic , get signups and let us do the rest for you !

3) STP withdrawls also going live coming week

4) We have been getting very awesome feedback regarding instant bitcoin withdrawls which were implemented last week and It just goes to show the level of transparency we want to maintain here so you can be confident of your future here with CI….

5) More stats coming in your backoffice in my wallet so you can see your total commissions and how much is that from profit sharing and how much is from referrals..

Its all done – tech team just needs to make it live…

Will get implemented earlier in this coming week..

I can already see successful CI meetings slowly and slowly starting all around the world ( ex : Singapore , London , India , Vietnam etc) and as leaders I highly encourage all of you to take the initiative and start weekly/monthly presentation and training events in your area..

For any help on format and how to conduct them in best possible way , connect with Tara Mish and some of our top leaders like Mr. Ankur Agarwal, Trevor Miller, Daniel Elliot and others and they will be able to give useful tips..

Have a great weekend – work hard and party harder 🙂

Exciting week ahead..

See you all on top

Nick Johnson

First London Click Intensity Business Opportunity Meeting

I would like to invite you to our first London Click Intensity Business opportunity meeting. This is going to be a regular free event to learn about our fantastic business.

If you are already a part of the CI family feel free to bring along your prospects.

This is an informal meeting so grab a drink from the bar before we sit down and go through a power point presentation,
hopefully here from real people, and their CI journey.
Learn from each other and share valuable tip and tricks.

With some luck we might get a few words from Tara Mish, Daniel Elliot via and Ankur Agarwal video link.

The time is 7pm to 9pm on the Monday 18th 2 minutes walk from south Bromley station

Henrys cafe Bar…/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcc65ee49e0…

Not to be missed, space is limited so be on time….
Reply below if you are coming

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