Mypayingcryptoads ads group referral link, In ClikDelivery

Mypayingcryptoads ads group referral link is genius. Uday is 100% successful/trustworthy. MPCA will be 100% long term success for years same as MPA. Every MPA member has cash to take out/put in and will do so. Doing some maths here:

*If only 500 CD members put in $50 (many will put in far more!) at 10% group commissions that’s $2500 on DAY 1!!

*DAY 1: we’ve maxed out $5/ $10 packs!

*DAY 2: compounding plus more commission!

*DAY 3 compounding plus more commission!

*DAY 4,5,6,7 …… repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Plus we use we generate our own downlines!

*Plus we compound/repurchase from our downline commissions!

(If I can take $1000 out of CD… far far less than I put in btw… then I will put $1000 into MPCA). Plus new CD packs of course.

*as CD recovers we can all afford to buy new CD packs. It’s win-win win.

This is the future (if only people get it!) and it started here with CD! Let’s do this folks. Stop accusing Illyas of negativity (whilst being negative yourself). This is pure genius. He’s trying to help us recover.

My24 Double Paid Some Members Withdrawals About $40,000

Update 9/15/2016 ***important***

Hello my24 members please read below.

There has been a human error in the system which is my error 100% I have double paid some members withdrawals about $40,000 on the 11th and 12th.

I’ve decided to take on the responsibility of covering this out of own pocket.

But if I could please ask members that have been double paid for their withdrawal request….if you could please message me so we can retrieve the payment that was double paid to you…

I reinsure you the system is in no trouble because of this. The MY24 reserve fund is rapidly growing day by day 🙂

Thanks Drew 🙂

PS. To make up for The double payment funds what I’ve decided to do is use the referral commission pool earnings seeing those are the admin’s earnings in the system…Referral commission pool earnings will be applied to Saturdays and Sundays now tell the double payment loss is made up.

I truly believe this is the fairest decision… Referral commission pool earnings is just bonus money for the members coming from Account # 1 (admin earnings in the system)

…If you have a problem with this you need to sit back and really analyze the situation you’re in. And be thankful for it 🙂

Hope this makes complete sense…

If I see negativity stemming from this update… we can take other measures for instance to put a withdrawal fee of 4% into the system…
but I would really not want to do this to our member base. Seeing that we made a group decision not to have system withdrawal fees in my24.

I feel having referral commission pool distributed on Saturdays and Sundays is our best solution for our members positivity towards the system…

If you’ve received a double payment could you please message me 🙂thanks