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Automate Your Team-Building Process, Buy Referrals

We all know that the people that can sponsor others into programs never have a problem making money in network marketing.. particularly in rev share programs. Actually – many of these “gurus” jump from program to program and drag their people right along with them.. not caring if any of them makes or loses money each step along the way.

Knowing how to sponsor is great for earning money online – but there are alternatives to get referrals, in case you don’t want to do any of the heavy lifting. You COULD totally just automate your team-building process by buying referrals.

Ok – here’s the thing. Yes, people can earn from almost any revshare site without getting referrals (the importance of having referrals). This will always be the case. These programs wouldn’t last too long at all if they weren’t able to say that to people and let it be that way.

The truth is – the majority of people out there are afraid to recruit or simply don’t know “how” to get people to register into their program. I can totally understand this.

Heck – I remember my first experience of seeing network marketing in action.. and believe me, I was not interested in it, at all. Not even like one-half of one-half of one percent. haha

It was a big turn-off. There was no internet and people were actually out there walking around talking to people, in person!!  “I would never do that”, I told myself.

Fast-forward 24 years and things are completely different. Nobody needs to go out there and do it face to face with people. The internet makes it so so simple. The internet, combined with network marketing – was a match made in heaven.

Anyways, yes, people can earn money without sponsoring others. The problem is, it isn’t much money. In a typical revshare program an adpack will get you back 110% to 120% as long as you do your daily activities (ad clicking) to remain qualified for that 24-hour time period.

That fact, above, is what appeals to the masses. The thing is.. unless you can either recruit OR you come in and purchase a bunch of adpacks, there won’t be a whole lot of earning going on.

I recommend that you find a way to get referrals for your revshare business. It will make your life much easier. Become a people person, even if you don’t actually go out and find these recruits yourself. No matter which revshare program you are involved in, you could find a site out there and actually buy referrals from that website. Some of these sites are highly sought-after and recommended by many.

Do whatever you can to get some teammates and then to work with these teammates. The entire network marketing industry is build-upon helping others to get what THEY want. Once you devote yourself to others, you can write your own check.

Is Click Intensity Going To Be Around In The Future? Legitimate Question

“Is CI going to be around in the future?”

Thought I should go ahead and share this with you…. It came as a response to the question about CI’s longevity, which is a legitimate question for anyone who is serious about sticking with us for long term results. So here is my answer to “Is CI going to be around in the future?”
“A successful business is built on 2 things, innovation and exploitation.
A business has got to be able to take the knowledge of the industry and use it to it’s advantage. CI has this very well cornered in that we have the knowledge and years of experience in advertising, revenue shares, and network marketing and we know very well how to operate those 3 key aspects of the business.
Innovation is very important as well because a business has to change and grow with the times and the ever changing needs of the customer and e-commerce landscape. CI has planned out new and innovative products and services for 24 months at a time, always growing and expanding to 2 years ahead. This ensures that we always have something new for the marketplace and that we are always standing on a firm foundation. We anticipate that within a very short time we will be a household name in advertising and be on par with the likes of Google adsense and adwords.
As a company we do not see ourselves as competing with other revshare companies because we know with what we have in the works we will very quickly dominate the industry and others will be trying to compete with us. That may sound bold but truly it is the design of this company to dominate, not compete.
We will, without a doubt, be seeing CI well into a very prosperous future!”