What Is Temp Bonus Fund In TrafficPowerLine (TPL)?

Temp (Temporary) Bonus Fund

There seems to be some confusion over what this is, so I thought I would explain.

The (temporary) temp bonus fund can be found under income centre overview. All bonuses that are paid to you that are highlighted in red will be paid into this fund.

Bonuses that are highlighted green will be paid into your main wallet balance.

You can purchase traffic packs with your Temp Bonus Fund by selecting this wallet from the drop down menu when purchasing your packs.

Last Two Days, Ad Packs From Old System Already Expired

Dear Members,

The last two days, packs from the old system already expired. Some users already saw a decrease in the account overview and we also made some manual corrections, because some got too much money and some to little money. This was manually corrected and some bugs on the calculation of packs expiring will be fixed very soon. Also there will be a synchronization run between the packs history and account overview. Some of you might have seen that the data are out of sync, this is still because of some odd data when importing everything from Mobrabus version 1. The only accurate data is in packs history, this is also the source for calculation. A synchronization run will be performed this night to have all data in sync and increase transparency

Kind regards