50 Days After Prelaunch Starts AdsCash Hits Top 17000 Sites In World

We just entered in top 17,000 sites globally in a matter of 50 days since Prelaunch Started !

And entering into in top 1000-2000 websites in many countries around the world

Just goes to show what can be achieved when a group of people get together, focus on a idea and make it happen

Can’t wait to see we hitting top 15,000 sites and then top 10,000 sites and create a global revolution in crypto currency market !

With Japan And Philippines Legalizing bitcoins, with lot of south american countries adopting to bitcoins fast because of internal government capital control issues , future of bitcoins and alt coins is looking very promising !

What bitcoin is to the finance world , we will be to online advertising world

With over 400K + strong member community growing by 1000-2000 members a day , with strong tech team and with products in place – we got what it takes to be the next big coin and together help many of you retire millionaires and multi-millionaires

Lets do this – get focussed – buy more coins before the next price increase of 3.3 cents per coin and help your teams do the same

Big week ahead – Lets capitalize

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AdsCash Global Expanding Into Indonesian Market

Time To Expand In Indonesia Market In A Big Way

Today Our 4th Global Office IN Jakarta , Indonesia Goes Live !

Address details

AdsCash Global ,
Level 33,
International Financial Centre Tower 2
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 22-23
Kota Jakarta Selatan 12920

Tel : +62 21 8086 9597

About the location

One of the best commercial buildings in the city, the building
boasts magnificent views of the city and harbor.

Imposing skyscrapers, elegant malls and fine restaurants
all form part of the cityscape.

How to get there

Airport: 45 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Train: 1 minute walk to Setiabudi MRT station (Opening in August 2017)

Bus: Two minutes’ walk to Karet TransJakarta bus rapid transit station.

Taxi : Taxi is available for hire outside International Financial Centre Tower 2

With This Now we have 4 Ads Cash Global Offices in Asia
Covering Singapore , Malaysia , Philippines And Indonesia

4 Fastest Growing Markets In The World When It Comes
To Crypto Currency Usage !

Shortly you will hear from our zonal managers in Indonesia And
other places also !

With few more days in launch , its all about being focussed on
things which matter and they are

1) Funding your USD wallets to maximum with bitcoins so you can pick
up as many adscash as possible after 10th and benefit from the price
increase as we go from 2.5 cents to $4.5 usd or more in near future

2) Telling your teams to do the same and working with them
and helping them fund

See you all on top
Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

New Zealand Market Registered: Office Details Soon To Be Published

We just finished our Registration In New Zealand as a major step to cater to Powerful Fast Growing New Zealand Market !

Shortly New Zealand Office Details Will Also Be Published !

For those of you skeptics who think we might be using a photo shop image as our competitors who are scared of our growth now make you believe , here is the link on government website where you can cross verify this information -:)


This is just the start of what is about to come

Shortly we will be having our presence in Abu Dhabi , Bahrain , Russia , South Africa , Indonesia , Philippines , India , USA , Australia And Entire World Basically !

In History of crypto currency industry , this has never happened before where 400,000 people have joined hands together to show love and support for one crypto currency

I guess reason it is happening is because of our awesome leadership team who believe in this vision of creating world’s first cryptocurrency dedicated for the online advertising world ..

What bitcoin is for the finance world , we will be for trillion $$ online advertising world

If bitcoins can be over $1100 a coin as of now , we will be easily over $100 a coin in next few years …..

We already have people buying a million coins and more everyday now……

Investment in Ads Cash right now at 2.5 cents a coin is an investment which can retire you as potential and multi-millionaires in next 12- 24 months

Of course nothing can be guarateed as there are lot of external factors here but with the technology we have , the kind of numbers we have ( 400k done and heading shortly to 500k people) and the kind of advertising product suite we are building – lets just say there is 99.9 % chance that we will change the way online advertising is done for ever and hit the target price of $4.5 in next 12 months once we enter exchange in early 2018 and hence help many of you who are investing with us right now retire as millionaires and multi millionaires

This is the time to focus and fund your USD wallets ASAP with as much bitcoins as you can so you are ready after 10th to purchase the coins

Then call everyone in your team and help them do the same

10th April approximately you will be able to purchase Ads Cash coins using your USD wallet balance at 2.5 cents a coin

12th April will be first commission release of team building in USD which can be withdrawn in BTC once every 72 hours

1st May is when you will be able to withdraw your Ads Cash coins in your online ethereum wallets etc

Plus you can see the whole development roadmap in yoru backoffice and expected price increase at every stage of development

We believe in maintaining 100 % transparency right from the start so guys and gals can see the entire process of coin launch to coin development to everything else happening right in front of your eyes

Excited for the future – Excited for what’s coming ahead

See you all on top

Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

P.S We have cleared 95 % of all payments received and USD wallet balances updated

As per my chat with my support head just now – we are just left with 50 support tickets regarding balances not reflecting in USD wallets and they will be solved before end of the day

If you have made the payment and due to some reason your USD balance is not reflecting – kindly wait for 24 hours and if it still does not reflect , then just raise a support ticket and it will be dealt on priority

Lets make it big !

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MXWorld’s Next Level Of Success: Membership Levels

Message to MX.WORLD Members from James Lee Valentine


For the past 13 months, since November 2016, with the former MXREVSHARE (now the ADVERTISING platform of MX.WORLD), we have been compounding money on a daily basis within the system through our Advertising Budget (former name: Repurchase Balance) and this money has NEVER been covered by real money into our company. This is like a balloon that is getting larger and larger every day.

My mission as the owner of MX WORLD is to never let this balloon get so huge that it explodes one day in the future. However, every day for 13 months our company has been giving 1.25% of all revenue shares (if they are real funds or not, and most is NOT REAL MONEY) on a daily basis into this balloon. It is for this reason why we recently reduced the commissions on the Adpacks Repurchases from 10% on 3 levels to just 2% on 3 levels.

Now I want to let this balloon reduce in size slowly, for the long term sustainability of the ads platform and the future success of MX WORLD as a whole.

Plus, and this is a very important point, because I check the real money IN and the real money OUT of our corporation on a DAILY basis, I am able to spot trends. The most alarming trend ever since we started the API (automated cashouts) 3 months ago is that “mystery money” seemed to be disappearing on a regular basis, much more money than should be going out with our existing pay plan, but this money trail is not always so easy to follow with 500 to 1000 cashouts per day, every day. Plus I am naïve and not experienced in this revshares business, so I was not active in researching the missing monies UNTIL THIS PAST WEEK together with the ID verifications. What Janus and his TERMINATOR TEAM has uncovered is amazing!

Janus and his team have so far uncovered over 30 individuals operating in a mafia-style way to steal our online reserves, with more than 30 bogus cashouts per day. The total LOSS to our company appears to be around quarter of a million USD since September when API was introduced. This is NOT a problem for us long term because we still have around one million USD in reserves AND we have now found these scammers and they have been TERMINATED from our systems. At this time, early Sunday morning for me in Philippines, and late Saturday night for Janus in Germany, we are still searching our database and records for more fraudsters. I do apologize if our ID verification seems intrusive and incorrect to some members, but we MUST stop the scammers from stealing our corporate money, which is also the members money.

Our corporation has lost around USD 250,000 during the past 3 months to scammers with fake IDs and hackers with multiple accounts. This is why we MUST be firm in our ONE ACCOUNT PER HOUSEHOLD policy. Sorry if this is not good for some innocent individuals, but I cannot allow my corporation to go down because of the scammers and hackers! Honest individuals can work together within one household account.

So the explanation above is WHY we must do this. And this below is HOW we will do it starting from Monday 28 November to Thursday December 1:

1. Monday 28 November will be the LAST day to buy adpacks from the Advertising Budget. So if you do not have enough money there for an adpack, then transfer some from your MAIN balance or just deposit a little sum, so after your purchase this balance is at ZERO.

2. All active adpacks that were purchased via Advertising Budget will still run until their 110%.

3. The Advertising Budget will be a PURE advertising balance for companies, marketers, entrepreneurs and other members that want to buy fixed banner-ads and text-ads, PTC ads, login-ads, logout-ads, (like it already is), but NO MORE for adpacks only. Members can also receive commissions there on 3 levels with up to 10% | 5% | 5% again, but this money can only be used to buy advertising services, NO adpacks.

4. There will STILL be 1.25% revenues going into the MAIN balance, same as it is since 13 months.

5. Because there will be still the SAME amount of money going into the MAIN balance there will be no negative influence of this “balloon-shrinking” to our members, regarding the payouts, etc.

6. In the first stage of the revised pay plan, the adpacks will mature slower. This is the nature when you want to let air out of a balloon slowly.

7. In the second stage, starting on Thursday 1 December, we will introduce 5 membership levels within each currency wallet, as we now have three MX Advertising platforms (revenue share programs) at MX WORLD.

These MEMBERSHIP LEVELS are explained here:

FREE MEMBERSHIP — active USD adpacks 10/15/25 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout $ 25/day | cost $0 per month.
BRONZE — active USD adpacks 100/150/200 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 75/day | cost $25 per month.
SILVER — active USD adpacks 150/200/500 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 150/day | cost $50 per month.
GOLD — active USD adpacks 150/250/1000 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 200/day | cost $75 per month.
MILLIONAIRE — active USD adpacks 150/250/1500 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout $ 350/day | cost $150 per month.

FREE MEMBERSHIP — active EUR adpacks 5/10/15/25/50 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout € 25/day | cost €0 per month.
BRONZE — active EUR adpacks 50/100/200/250 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout € 75/day | cost €25 per month.
SILVER — active EUR adpacks 100/150/200/500/750 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout € 150/day | cost €50 per month.
GOLD — active EUR adpacks 100/150/250/1000/1500 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout € 200/day | cost €75 per month.
MILLIONAIRE — active EUR adpacks 100/150/250/1500/2000 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout € 350/day | cost €150 per month.

FREE MEMBERSHIP — active BTC adpacks 5/10/15/25/50 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout B 0.035/day | cost B0 per month.
BRONZE — active BTC adpacks 50/100/200/250 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.10/day per wallet | cost B0.03 per month.
SILVER — active BTC adpacks 100/150/200/500/750 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.20/day | cost B0.06 per month.
GOLD — active BTC adpacks 100/150/250/1000/1500 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.30/day | cost B0.1 per month.
MILLIONAIRE — active BTC adpacks 100/150/250/1500/2000 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout B 0.50/day per wallet | cost B0.2 per month.

Notes: The members pay these Membership Levels with REAL MONEY, like they pay for their ID Verifications (real money IN is the only way that any business can sustain long term until the year 2020 and beyond). After every payment the time for the membership expiry is set to one month. These are individual monthly payments without any subscription. If the member pays, he/she will extend the membership level. If not, the membership falls down to FREE.

8. The sponsor earns 10% REFERRAL COMMISSION on the monthly membership fee which goes to the sponsor’s AMBASSADOR BALANCE, which can be withdrawn as a daily cashout. There are NO DAILY LIMITS on withdrawals for commissions.

9. Our aim is to get more REAL MONEY from our advertising services, our resources (Generizer launching December, and our other tools), our MX GAME (coming early next year) and share the money with all verified members up to 2.5% in Main Balance (depends on the membership level), not 1.25% in Main Balance plus 1.25% in Advertising Budget as it is currently.

10. The daily share in your Main Balance is withdrawable as daily cashouts SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK (Monday to Sunday) 24 hours per day.

11. From MONDAY 28 NOVEMBER for just 3 days, for security reasons while we purge our membership of the fraudsters, and while we implement the new software scripts for all these pay plan revisions, the maximum payout is reduced to just USD50 per day, for just 3 days only!

12. From THURSDAY 1 DECEMBER the maximum cash payout per day per member is increased to USD1,100 equivalent total from the 3 currencies/wallets combined. This means USD is 350 maximum cash withdrawal per day, EURO is 350 maximum cash withdrawal per day (approx USD375), and BITCOIN is 0.500 BTC maximum cash withdrawal per day (approx USD375). This is for the long term stability of MX WORLD and it is something that the most sustainable revshare companies do. Later I can always approve higher daily cashouts limits, but let us first make the MX Advertising platforms profitable for the corporation long term.

13. No more AMBASSADOR BONUS from Monday 28 November. This is something we tried and it was successful. It will be re-implemented or replaced with a new bonus sometime next year.

14. BITCOIN daily cash withdrawals start from January 1 to allow the corporation to first build BTC reserves.

15. We now have three currencies and six pay processors for our members to more effectively expand their MX.WORLD business around the globe: USD-EURO-BITCOIN via Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Advcash, BitBay, Coinpay. Even more pay processors will be added next year. Plus we may add GOLD as a fourth currency to the MX Advertising platforms next year if enough members also want to earn and save in GOLD reserves.

16. Today you should join and promote every one of our eight MX MATRIX programs. Some members have been earning from these matrix programs for more than five years already. Why earn just one income with MX WORLD when you can earn up to eleven incomes: 3 with MX Ads (USD-EURO-BTC) and 8 with the MX MATRIX programs (MX1-MX3-MX7-MX9-MXF-MX20-MX500-MXM). THINK BIG and earn ELEVEN incomes EVERY DAY.

Thank you for your understanding and your help in making MX WORLD stronger and more prosperous for all members as we strive to reach our target of one million happy members by the year 2020.

Say yes to success!

James Lee Valentine