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Helping Boy Get To United States For Operation

FutureNet Foundation – Mikołaj

4-letni Mikołaj urodził się z brakiem kości strzałkowej, krótszą kością piszczelową i zdeformowaną stopą, bez 3 paluszków.Ze względu na złożoność schorzenia, żadna placówka w Polsce nie zgodziła się na operację, a jedyną formą pomocy miała być amputacja nogi.Dzięki wsparciu Fundacji FutureNet udało się zmniejszyć kwotę potrzebną na sfinansowanie wyjazdu do Stanów Zjednoczonych i operacji, która przybliży chłopca do spełnienia marzenia o postawieniu pierwszego samodzielnego kroku. Zostań darczyńcą Fundacji FutureNet – przekaż darowiznę, która zasili kolejne projekty: | #NetworkThatHelps | #FutureNet

Posted by FutureNet Foundation on Thursday, May 17, 2018

4-Year-Old Santa was born with a lack of bone, a shorter bone and a deformed foot, without 3 fingers.
Due to the complexity of the disease, no facility in Poland agreed to surgery, and the only form of aid was to amputate the leg.
Thanks to the support of the foundation foundation, we have managed to reduce the amount needed to finance the trip to the United States and the operation that will bring the boy closer to his dream

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BeonPush, Message From The CEO – Dated July 2

Dear members,

As you all know Beopush evolution is in the process, in less than one year we have managed to gather the sufficient members of people that we can become self-sufficient community.

This have been my vision form that start and I have share this vision with you in several occasions. Yes it was planned to be done later this year but because of the events in our network we took this step earlier.

Since day one my vision has been to gather community of people I have always spoke to my leaders and members that for me its more important to have more clients with 20$ pack than one client with 5000$ pack. As the time was passing and we where obliged to do verification and external auditing we got the information that many people have been violating our terms and condition by owning or managing multi accounts.

In order to prevent this people form making significant damage to our company we have taken the decision to clear the house and take tha company to the next lever earlier than planed and now we will:

1. Offer life time pack to all our verified members that have unique payment processor or Beonpush debit card. This pack will last forever and give you the opportunity to take shared profit from all Beonpush present and future projects. This pack will be as your capital.
2. Start BEONTEL as our new product that was promoted during our leadership meeting in Aplril in Dubai.
3. Organize leadership meeting in Macedonia from 8 to 10 July where we will discuss all maters and the conditions four our future grouth.

After 10th July just after our leadership meeting we will reactivate the balances to all verified members of Beonpush and based on the formula that we will define with our leaders you will be offered life time pack. For all the persons that will not want to be part of our society and refuse our life time pack we will pay them back the invested money in Beonpush.

After 10th July we will also start Beontel and open the orders of our Beontel phone.

Dear friends I want to inform you all that Beonpsh its stronger than ever and we took this experience as a lesion for our future success. We are here and will continue pushing the limits.