10AdsPay “Active AdPacks Purchased” Update From Very Happy Affiliate

Never ever, EVER give up.. you’ll always get there!! Keep your eyes on your goals!! When you are consistent in your activities in a rev share program, you see results on regular basis, which you can share with others. People like to see progress in a program before they decide to get involved, usually!!   🙂  Here is one member’s progress in 10AdsPay:

“>>> Up-date – 27.08.2016: 34 Active AdPacks(A AP’ s)… and…
>>> Very happy !
= 32 Active AdPacks purchased with Payza( 6 Non AP’s).
= 2 Active AdPack purchased with CoinPayments.
= 2 Active Adpack purchased with SolidTrustPay.
6 Paid members in my small team at #10AdsPay.
2 Free members.”   — Jo Uyttendaele

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Thank you very much for your business. We have received $2 USD from you for the AdPack purchase(s).
Support Team
10AdsPay Advertising and Digital Solutions Limited

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