AdPackPro – Company Rotator, Get Referrals On Automatic

For 49 EUR per year, a person can build their AdPackPro business on automatic. The more level 1 referrals you can get, the better, obviously. Why not speed-up your business-building ability because this way you can get your team to do the same thing, so that your income can explode.

You will be placed in the company rotator – on highly search engine optimized company websites. Corporate website is top-performing, receiving tons of hits every day. Random referrals come from the company website, in rotation, and land on your first level of the compensation plan, where you’ll receive 11% commissions on them. If you get your 1st level referrals to use the rotator and they get sign-ups because of it.. these new people will fall into your second level. From second level you’ll earn 7% on them.

Imagine getting paid on both levels, and having your first level earning from their first level. True compounding, at its finest!!