No More “Daily AdPack Lottery” At MXR

Note: Due to strange malfunctions / manipulations within the ‘Win Adpack’ script (some members have won multiple times and even I was twice a winner) we decided to stop the daily adpack ‘lottery’ in MXR.
We will gave now a special drawing with James Lee Valentine once a month where James will pick some members from the pot and let them win special prizes.
100 ad clickers will still have better chances, but of course all adpack buyers will have chances to win as well. Inactive members cannot win anything.
More info about it during the next week.

Mo Brabus: Scrip Ran Incorrectly But Has Just Been Re-Run Successfully

Dear Members

It seems the script to correct withdrawal limits did not run correctly at the weekend, this enabled some members to requests withdrawals over and above revised amounts.

We have just re-run this correction script successfully. Rather than cancel all of the withdrawals we have had the script correct the amounts that are currently pending. Any amounts requested over and above your weekly limit has been returned to your wallet.

This will only affect members who have Virtual referrals as the qualification level for withdrawals is only linked to real referrals.

Apologies for the confusion.