Rebuild MX Revenue Sharings Instead Of Waiting For Miracles

February 3, 2017, 3:59 am

To increase the daily sharings AND to honor all NEW members and all AMAZING, ACTIVE members that want to rebuild the Revenue Sharings, instead of waiting for miracles, there will be two important changes. Those changes will be active until all adpacks from Restart Balances will mature at 110%. WE ALL decide how long this will be.

From NOW on:
1. Only 1 sponsor level for all adpack purchases (USD/EUR/BTC)
This saves 10% commissions and this 10% go to the revenue shares.

2. 90% of all money that can be shared goes now to the NEW adpacks that were/will be bought via processors or Main Balances.
10% will go to all adpacks that were bought from “Restart Balances”.

This will make the “game” more fair. New members and those who want to support MX.WORLD with their actions (bringing fresh funds) will have 90% of all sharings. All PASSIVE members can and must wait. (If you want to have more money in a shorter time – just take ACTION and START WORKING on the PHOENIX PROJECT.)

We want to go to the TOP and we will not WAIT for MIRACLES. We CREATE a World of WONDERS!

Doing Daily WithDraws Between $75 And $100 Since 2 Months

A good day 552 packs, closing in my goal of 30K Total rev shared

Doing daily withdraws between $75 and $100 since 2 months.

Keep building
keep compounding
and don’t forget to click those ads.. thats it..

Have a great day/evening

— Angelo

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LikesXL is an online advertising platform that was launched on October 19, 2015. The purpose of LikesXL is to make it possible for anyone to advertise online and to create a monthly income with minimal effort.

The minimum requirements to start are:

  1. Create an account
  2. Purchase PR packages
  3. View 10 ads per day

Anybody can do this! Doing more is possible and gets you a higher revenue.

LikesXL has revenues from advertisers and participants. The profit that LikesXL makes is shared every 30 minutes with the participating members.

Among the advertisers are many large well-known international companies and corporations.

1 PR package buys you 800 advertising views to the website or page of your choice. This is valuable advertising space to promote your own products and services.

An advertisement runs for 20 seconds, so to view 10 ads takes about 3,5 minutes.