CI: Ethereum Block Chain Based Ads Coin

*** Most Important Update In History Of Click Intensity ********

– So Now Finally After Hours And Hours Of Brainstorming with core management team and board of directors Here in Hongkong , I have some concrete data to share with you lovely folks here in CI family on what’s coming !

I am happy to announce that shortly in the next 1-2 weeks we will start the prelaunch of world’s first Secure and Decentralized Ethereum Blockchain based Crypto Currency for advertising world…….

With our current member base of over 142,000 members and awesome advertising products such as Facebook shares , Facebook Likes , Email Solo Ads , Text Ad Exchange Ads , Login ads and many more coming , this will be really first time that a Crypto coin in prelaunch will have such a major userbase already ready !

Think about it this way – 140,000 members promoting it and another 200k joining this in prelaunch , by the time we will reach launch time ( tentatively scheduled around 1st March) we would be somewhere in the range of 300k to 400k users right from day 1 and readymade advertising products where the coin can be used
What Bitcoin Is to the finance world , will be This Advertising Coin to the Online Advertising .

Bitcoin went from 0.01 cents 8 years back to now over $900 per bitcoin…

Imagine if we even do 1/10th of that in the next 12-24 months and go from few cents to even $100 considering online advertising is a trillion dollar market …….

This coin is being built as we speak right now on ethereum block chain which is already the backbone of major smart contracts happening around the world in real estate niche , insurance niche and many other places…..

The way this advertising smart contract will work will be that advertising coins will be released only when a advertisers starts delivering results to customers..

Imagine you ordering a solo ad of 500 clicks and doing a money transfer and then the seller scamming you and running away …

Now with our ethereum block chain based ads coin – this will be a thing of the past as coins == money will be released to advertisers only once they start delivering clicks / views or whatever actions you have choosen and hence making it a fareplay ……

Hope you guys getting the big picture already and can see what me and CI management board is seeing…

With a trillion $$ advertising market and our strong member base and products ready to leverage the coin from Day 1 , we can cause major dramatic shift in the online advertising space….

Our corporate marketing teams have already started the process of negotation wit major online advertising players to start accepting this coin and by the launch you will be surprised with the number of players coming on board

For those of you who have stayed with CI through thick and thin , this will present an amazing window of opportunity which If you properly utilize will retire you rich for generations to come..
Especially during the prelaunch

I expect your referral links to be ready in about 7 days from now approx so you can start building your teams in prelaunch for free
All your existing genealogy ( teams) from Click Intensity will be transferred as it is in this new prelaunch and hence for those of you who have build big teams in Ci so far , will have a headstart provided you choose to promote this and take advantage of the prelaunch momentum

Hope this explains to you what all we have been working behind the scenes and you can see our sincere efforts to kick off 2017 with big big stuff………

More updates in coming days ….

Nick Johnson

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Comment below and let me know your thoughts also and if you are ready and also share this post on your wall…

P.S.S 10 % of the profits from this brand new launch will also go in stabilizing the old CI platform and taking care of withdrawals while our legal team is working with payment processors to get the funds released in 90-180 days time window…

Time for action guys/gals – Lets get busy

What we will do collectively in the next 30-90 days will change the advertising world for ever and will also help all future advertising coin members plus existing CI members….

I always believe in a do or die strategy when it comes to work and I promise you till the time I am alive , we will not let our billion $$ dream die and together will build things back up again and this time only 10x bigger or 100x bigger and better……….

Time for a new revolution