High-Performance Routservers Arrived At AdPackPro – Short Downtime Early In The Week

Important Message !

At the weekend the new high-performance Routservers arrived. The Tec’s are just about to configure these servers and prepare the move to this new Power machines. These technical measures are necessary in order to achieve stability, performance and a significant increase of the advertising service.
The actual move will take place (Monday / Tuesday) early next week and will be connected to a short downtime, because there should be no changes to the database during the Move.
We will inform you.
Then we can look forward to a very happy performance never seen before.

The Executive

TSG Official – IP verification update

Official – IP verification update
1. From now on TSG technical team can turn off IP verification on request in case you are not able to receive emails sent from TopShare or you don’t want to use this feature. Please keep in mind that turning off this feature will make your account less secure. Submit a support ticket to turn it off. We might ask for a little info.

2. We have received a couple of Refund requests from some members who are not smart enough to explore and understand the platform. Their funds will be returned by tomorrow EOD.

3. I am sorry I have a super slow internet connection here or else I would have updated the graphs on the Dashboard as well. I will make that all automatic tomorrow itself.

4. All support tickets (258+ and 200+ of them duplicates) will be answered tomorrow.

and that’s all for today!