FuturoCoin To Launch Soon: Here’s Launch Party Speech From Ryan Conley

FuturoCoin launch party speech

FuturoCoin launches soon – and Ryan Conley wanted to celebrate and introduce to the world what is about to happen. Not only with #FuturoCoin but also with #Stemcellcoin

If you are not yet a member you’ll want to register. This way you can position yourself better than if you wait.

FutureNet will be giving up to 90% of all of its income back to us, the members. FaceBook will never do that for us.


Anybody can register free and earn just from interacting on the social platform, as well as in the Future VoIP.

You all already see what is happening in the cryptocurrency world, specifically with Bitcoin. FuturoCoin will be right up there doing the same thing, and better, on THIS TIME you can be on the ground floor.

Getting Your MultiBuy MasterCard Sent To You, Plus Bank Account Opened

MultiBuy: How to get your MasterCard sent to you and Bank Account opened

1. Log in to www.multibuy.cloud with your new Pin Code sent to you with your Voucher.

2. Upload a Colour SCANNED picture of your photo Govt ID (Passport / Driving Licence)

3. Place a message into the Chat Support Box (bottom right side of page) “Hello, I would like to activate my Master Card and Bank Account please”

Wait for response from the Support. This took me 20 minutes to wait for them to respond so make sure you have time aside to wait.

4. Support will then confirm amd verify your details and send you an Acitvation code to your phone.

5. Confirm Code with Support in the Chat box.

6. Support will then send you a Contract in PDF for you to sign and agree. It highlights all the card fees etc.

7. Print off the Contract, sign it, send it back within 24hrs and then the Card will be sent and the Bank Account opened.

The Print out that you sign should be photographed and then uploaded to your Files/Uploaded Documents section in the Back Office (where your passport is) and then re-contact support via the Chat Box to verify you have done this so they can then check it.

I would take MASSIVE action now while the markets are still wide open

Dear AdpackPro partners,

2016 was a year for PIONEERS. And I mean pioneers with big P. Let me walk you through some important facts.

In December 2015 OneVision Holding AG opened up selling advertising space. The advertising product was called AdpackPro and was open for German speaking countries only.

In February 2016 we started to sign up international partners, but OneVision had not planned or was ready for any international expansion yet. The management saw however the huge interest for this advertising product and decided to translate the German site into English, resulting in adpackpro-international.com.

At this point the international pioneer year started. We stressed to the new partners two things when joining that they had to know nothing was completely ready and they had to accept the pain being in a pioneer year with all the tests and errors that would include.

The management however did a marvelous job and enabled us to buy the advertising packages so international partners could enjoy the opportunity. But it was not perfect. The payment page was still in German due to technicalities on the Concardis payment gateway side. The database info is also in German, but quite everything else is in English and working. So, everyone can enjoy the system, even in the pioneer year. By the way, it’s up to everyone, who want to become a partner this early or wait until everything is complete.

In my opinion everyone should be happy that we could even sign up in 2016 and start building our business, even if the international focus is not started yet.

And there will be some partners complaining about why the website is 85% in English. I had actually no problems explaining to NON-German partners how they should buy adpacks. I also made some step by step videos that could be duplicated in the teams to make building easier. The management had many BIG projects going on in 2016. AdpackPro was so-to-speak 100% working for German speaking countries and their priority was not to perfect the international site. That will come in 2017.

Their projects are big. Remember AdpackPro is just ONE of many products and there are even products that you don’t know about yet coming to the market in the next few years. OneVision World is one of the big projects and was launched this autumn enabling us to tap into a unique Business-In-A-Box with 13+ massive 5 levels affiliate products. This ensure you and the company multiple income streams and not only one. Most of us are looking for diversifying our markets and that’s what you get with OneVision World.

Imagine if you try to sponsor a marketer but not interested in one product but perhaps he is interested in one or two others YOU HAVE in your OneVision World business suite!

With AdpackPro you have a business that EVERYONE can do and step by step building up. When you have come to a certain level you can also afford joining OneVision World. And what happens then? You multiply your earning potentials and you can enjoy alot more income opportunities than only AdpackPro. I will make some more info about this on the new year, so you will understand this is a “no brainer”. You should really look at it but OneVision let you start with AdpackPro and you can go the steps to a more serious and bigger business when you are ready.

Now, back to AdpackPro.. In this online business niche many sign up because of the money. I sincerely hope you don’t think this is a get-rich-quick scheme or an investment. Because it’s not. Many mis-understand this. I often get complaints that the earnings are too low and the adpacks last too long etc. If you come from the revshare industry you need to change your mindset here. In AdpackPro the advertising credits are incentives as an extra attraction to use OUR products over others. And we are not dependent on sales on adpacks. We have many external products with residual income to the company and a part of the marketing budget is spent to cover all the expenses in AdpackPro. The management also sees AdpackPro as their way of getting leads to the other products, now worldwide, so this product is important to them, also long term of course.

Talking about “making money” niche. Many are precoccupied how to get their payouts. In Europe, there are many options, bankwires, OneVision VIP Master and Maestro card. Outside Europe there are also bankwires but bank fees can be high and also transaction times can vary (very much) from country to country. Therefore we had an amazing deal with HSBC and the ewallet PAYAP connected.

Now, this is a new product so we need to show a bit patience. You can now sign up with Payap http://ewallet.adpackproteam.com and you can connect your bank account and excisting card. During Q1/2017 there will be possible to order Payap debitcard and virtual card. (Virtual card is specially interesting for Indian partners as the Indian government doesnt accept foreign debit cards).

So we had some issues partners waiting for their payouts but these are all individual cases. You never know how long time it will take from Europe to another local bank. It’s actually not in our control but that’s a bank-issue. Hopefully Payap will be better to use with international transactions. By the way, the fee from AdpackPro to Payap is only 0.09 Eurocent. I think when we meet the spring of 2017 we will be very happy with this international solution. For now, I ask everyone to be a bit patient, as this is a developing product.

Now another thing which is important, the support tickets. Unfortunately it has not been working as we expected. So the management will build a brand new SUPPORT department with a new ticket software during January/February. They have even employed a couple of persons who will be responsible to answer in German and ENGLISH. This support site will be categorized and hopefully this will be a immense improvement from our pioneer year.

I know there have been many frustrating hours when our webserver has been down or being upgraded. In fact it’s been up while many upgrades have been done without you noticing it. Now I think the webserver and the software will be even more upgraded and security is taken care of. The pioneer year has given us some lessons that will be improved in 2017.

There are still some issues about adpacks given as gifts being returned to the sponsor who has given the adpacks. We still wait for some information on this in the coming days. We know about this.. No NEED to comment or ask about this.

And for the French and Spanish communities. We told you last spring something would happen but it didnt. There is a plan now for multilingual website! Thanks for your patience.

So, let me tell what I think the roadmap is…

January/February – NEW Support department installed
February/March/ – Multilingual website
February/March – Completion of Payap features
April/May – International event (You need to be there!)
June – Building momentum
September/October – International momentum
December – Many happy partners

We make a positive change to many peoples life all around the world.

So the choice is yours, if you are a person who doesnt understand this step by step long term plan and expect this to happen yesterday, then maybe you should wait.

But.. if you now start seeing the big picture with OneVision Holding, I would highly recommend you to consider becoming an active and loyal partner and I would gladly personally include you to my new “leader team 2017” which is a team going “all in”.

So, as you can see 2017 is the big year for international expansion. It was not 2016 which was a PIONEER YEAR. We will improve so many things you will be amazed over the next 6 months. This is a business for life!

In closing, OneVision Holding is a serious company. They have long term vision and desire to benefit everyone.

If I were you, I would take MASSIVE action now while the markets are still wide open, worldwide.

After new year I will update you even more. Stay tuned!

Have a great new years weekend !

Marius Pedersen

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How Does MXRevShare (MXRS) Work?

MXREVSHARE – How does it work?

You can, of course, join MXRevShare for free and start earning small money simply by clicking on ads, you will get a half cent per ad you click.

But that is not the reason most people join a program

The way this program works (and pretty much all rev shares) is very simple. You buy one (or many) shares or more correct, ad packs. Then you click on 10 ads every day and wait for your ad packs to mature. When they have matured you have made a profit.

“The Packs”

You have 3 different ad pack options to choose from. Below you see how much they cost and how much they will earn you when matured, you can also see how many you are allowed to have at the same time.

$5 Packs (Matures at $5.50) (Maximum packs allowed at the same time 100)
$25 Packs (Matures at $27.5) (Maximum packs allowed at the same time 500)
$50 Packs (Matures at $55) (Maximum packs allowed at the same time unlimited)

Here are your opportunities :

Instant Cashout
You Can Get massive Traffic for your Business
Buy Traffic, Tools & other services
Click on up to 100 Ads and earn $0.50 daily
$5 Mini AdPack + $25 Medium AdPack for easy, riskfree start
Earn 10% Referral Commissions + 5% on Level 2 and 5% on Level 3 !
Earn 100% Matching Bonus for Cashlink-Clicks

Facebook official MXRevShare group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/mxre…ref=ts&fref=ts

Suggestions To Keep ClikDelivery Still Alive

“Hello everyone as you all know the current situation is being fixed by Ilyas and other admins to increase the reserve left in CD account but with a simple calculations no matter earnings Ilyas makes with the reserve left as long as the crone job is still running even with a low % it will not cover the seed + earnings that everyone is making at the system so here is what’s going to happen if we keep like this for a while : Ilyas will make a good reserve back again after a while and the CD members too are making earnings at the same time inside the program ,Ilyas will open withdrawal and a huge insane withdrawals requests will b made from almost 90% of the members and will destroy the reserve we waited to be built because no one will be interested to repurchase and I’m sure that at this moments the majority of the members are not making any compounding and most of them are building there earning Ballance just to withdraw it at once if possible then voila we will have another TT3 situation we will wait for a week to get another withdrawal if any funds left , so people to be honest after what happened to the rev-share industry by TM being shut down on millions of people and the amount of scam programs 2016 knew ,with some of them were a chock to the people like TSG and recently VPT and many many others ,rev-share industry lost 50% of its members and we have now just a few selected programs standing in front of the wave i can say 4 at the most so we don’t want the rev-share to loose one of its strongest Legs so to avoid such thing i would like to make a few suggestion for the admins to improve the continuity of CD
1- stop the crone job until admin makes enough earnings for everyone to withdraw then we continue our journey with new sales
2- reset the packs to zero and add seed – withdrew money to repurchase Ballance to guarantee that no insane withdrawals is going to happen in in one week then we continue journey with the existing Ballance and new sales . and no need to fear because a good reserve is exist and would be like a fresh start
3 – we do both of them we stop the crone job and give seed – withdrawals in repurchase like MPA and wait a little until the system is up again
4 – we do both of them but instead of stoping the crone job we let it active but whit no earnings which means earnings will stop at 100% instead of 110% and porpuse of this is to not freeze the program completly instead we will let members be able to purchase adpacks or any other other sevice over over and advertise for their programs with their initial seed and to keep our Alexa rank up
5- mind my business and let things the way it is”  — Hamza

“I Strongly Believe That CD After This Temporary Story Came At A Old Glory”

“I strongly believe that CD after this temporary story came
at a old glory!
Nobody, even some “green” marketer can destroy good image of Ilyas Noukaila!
Obviously, all this with disputes begins when our ex. big leader names like scared ‘sc…” started a call for disputes. Today we can only see consequence thereof.
Dear all,
we know us from some different programs in a Revshare Industry and probably some of you had a similar example. I am feeling free to tell you my story:
Clikdelivery started in the same time as a also another program named: IMAP Revshare.
IMAP started with about $100.000,00 deposit and was also very well. BUT from a begining we had:
– not a cheap monthly membership from $30 and
– 50% repurchase rule.
Comparing to that, Clikdelivery was better, but I invested in both program the same amount.
Admin was also like Ilyas very honest and well known in Europe.

After short time, some processors were hacked, but still stayed at Payza about $70.000,00.
Admin told us:’ he is going to stop withdrawal only for 4 days (from Thursday to Monday) and in the following week we will continue.
At this Monday was all normal. I was personally
in contact with Admin who opens the withdrawal
and had no clue that people are uncontrolled crowd!!! At starting of cashout he saw a lot of disputes! Only for one weekend waiting time lot of them opened a dispute at Payza.

Whats happend after that?
In the following 1 hour (!), we received only one Post in fb group
about this story, after that group was closed and website went offline.
End of story. The Members are, who destroyed all!

After opening a dispute at Payza, people have to wait about 40 days for resolving a conflict and following
receive ONLY 40% of payment.
I urge all members to cancel disputes ASAP!
Please, compare the story! Does Ilyas has made similar steps? Do you want that?

Support for our Admin!”

— Zorica