FutureNet Masters 2018 – International Tennis Table Tournament

FutureNet Masters 2018 – International Tennis Table Tournament behind us! As we believe that a sound mind is in a sound body, we had decided to support this tournament by becoming the title sponsor.

This year, the field of participants consisted of eight players who demonstrated their extraordinary skills in the competition on the plate. The current number 1 of the world rankings, Timo Boll, also competed in Merzig.
In addition, the third in the world rankings, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, the seventh in the world rankings, Simon Gauzy, and the multiple worlds and European champion Jörgen Persson took part in the tournament.

Winners of the tournament:
1st Timo Boll.
2nd Kirill Gerassimenko
3rd Chen Weixing.
3rd Jakub Dyjas

We will not forget emotions accompanying matches for a long time!

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