Withdrawls In Crypto Currencies Will Start Using Crypto API’s

Happy Sunday To All CI Family !

I am working non stop right now with tech and accounting team to ensure that we are ready for next phase of growth here in CI and i.e to grow from 100,000 members to 200,000 members in next 90 days

Here is what you can expect in this coming week….

1) Withdrawls In Crypto Currencies Will Start Using Crypto API’s

We will start with bitcoin withdrawls and later on add withdrawls using other crypto currencies such as ether , dash , etc

This will be way forward as managing Crypto Based Api’s are much more easier than dealing with merchant accounts like Payza , Paypal , STP who can prove to be a nightmare when it comes to releasing funds and withdrawls…….

We also realized that some of our users have been having issues with advcash as they ran out of balance with bitcoins and hence creating unnecessary issues for users..

So we will be clearing out existing balance in advcash one by one slowly but all new withdrawal requests will be made using Crypto API’s

Note : Kindly don’t send any cancellation requests as they will not be honoured..

once we streamline the new withdrawls using Crypto Api’s , we will get back to clearing all old withdrawls one by one …..

This will systemize and streamline everything..

2) Our tech team is working tirelessly to launch our next product in line which is FB Likes

Advertisers will be able to buy targeted FB likes to their FB fan pages at peanuts of a cost

Our beta launch of FB shares has been highly successful and the feedback from our advertisers is very very encouraging…

Some of our advertisers are spending already $500-$1000 a day in ad spend already and increasing everyday

Will like to encourage all of you to focus on advertising product sales also as it is straight 10 % referral commissions to you and another 5 % on 7 levels …

A product like FB share is non existent in the biz opp world and if all of you start showing the demo of the product to your contacts / connections in the biz opp world , you all will end up increasing your referral commissions alone by few thousand $$ every month

3) Also in next 7 -14 days hourly login ads product will also go live which will enable you and your advertisers to buy login ads on a hourly basis inside Click Intensity

4) Once we are done with successful launch of these 2 products and implementation of crypto payout API’s , we will be moving towards launch of Banner ads and PPC ads..

So yes we will finish 2016 with a bang and enter 2017 strong…

Lots of new stuff in line…

As I always say , keep doing what you are supposed to do i.e clicking your 10 ad daily, repurchasing till you hit 4000 ad packs and sharing the message of Ci with the world and we will do what we are supposed to do

Nick Johnson

P.S Apologies on the delay when it comes to withdrawl requests

We are initially hoping to speed it up by 15th of this month but because of my unexpected ill health , it got delayed

I am recovering fast now and will do whatever it takes to get it on full speed

Lets have a big 2016 and 2017

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